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Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy China

Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy teaches both external and internal martial arts and kungfu styles to inernational students of all levels.If you want to train under highly distinguished masters, join us!

Meditation Retreats (3)

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Instructors (5)

Shi Xing Jian

Master Shi Xing Jian is a 32nd generation Shaolin warrior monk from the original Shaolin Temple in Henan province. He is an outstanding martial artist, a national first level coach, and successor of Yi Jin Jing. He has many years of experience in teaching foreign students from around the world. He started to train traditional Chinese martial arts when he was seven years old. At the age of 12 years, he went to the Shaolin Temple and stayed there until 19. He has participated in national and international martial arts championships and got many awards and high praises.

Shi Xing Peng

Shi Xing Peng is a secular disciple of the Shaolin Temple, the national first-level sportsman, and warrior. He was born in the birthplace of Yang-style Tai Chi, Yong Nian County, Handan City in Hebei Province. Influenced by the family when he was young, he learned the traditional folk martial arts under his grandfather who used to be a protection monk in Shaolin Temple and a Kung Fu brother of one-figure Zen Master Hai Deng. He is skilled at traditional Shaolin fist forms, regulated fist forms, broadsword, straight sword, staff, and spear. He is an outstanding master in terms of his skills.

Shi Xing Bo

Master Shi Xing Bo is a 32-generation Shaolin warrior monk. He is a traditional martial artist with high morality and a gentle personality who has been teaching traditional Chinese martial arts for over five years. Master Li started to learn traditional Chinese Kung Fu in his hometown when he was ten. He mainly learned Chang Fist, Dacheng Fist, and Liangyi Fist from his uncle who is also a respectable martial artist. He went to a Shaolin temple to learn Shaolin Kung Fu when he turned 14. Traditional Shaolin Fist, Qigong, and Sanda were what he mainly learned in the temple.

Shi Yan Can

Master Shi Yan Can was born and raised in Dengfeng (birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu). He's a 34th generation warrior monk of the Shaolin Temple. He has been practicing Kung Fu since 1999. After many years of trials and competitions, he achieved the title of National Master Sportsman. Like many other people who were influenced by this art, Master Can began to develop a deeper love for Kung Fu. After many years of training and hardship, he decided to pass on his knowledge.

Shi Yan Jian

Master Shi Yan Jian is a 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk. He started to learn martial art at a young age. He graduated from Tianjin University of Sport, Martial Arts School. He learned from the famous Shaolin Grandmaster Shi De Gen and also trained many years by the renowned martial artist Li Decheng and Zhang Shijie. As the first and last disciple of Grandmaster Shi Yong Jie, he is proficient in Shaolin fist and weapons. With rich teaching experience and self-encouragement, he’s never stopped perfecting himself. He is determined to carry forward the great spirit of martial arts.

Reviews (12)

Leong Darren

from Hong Kong, October 2017

"Dedicated and passionate training experience"

From the start of the booking process to the training, all went very smoothly. I left with lifelong skills and lessons taught by Master Bao who is a master in the arts of Shaolin. In my humble opinion, was extremely patient as it was my first time experiencing tai chi and qi gong, he would explain the philosophy behind every move and how everything is connected from body, mind and environment. This made the training a very intimate experience which allowed me to fully immerse in the arts and the spiritual side of mind body and soul working in total harmony. I've also had the great opportunity to meet amazing practitioners from all over the world, who not only shared their learnings but their life stories. It was never boring at the Ma Ling training academy, the Masters and fellow practitioners were always open for a chat and willing to share, it was indeed a very nice and warm environment to be in a positive environment. The training space is also really ideal to focus, no city buzz and distractions; when practicing, it was so beautiful to feel the sun rise, birds chirping and the windy breeze. I would definitely return and share this experience with friends and family who are looking for a retreat to reset their lives from the hectic city life.

Tessa Kendrick-brown

from United Kingdom, August 2018

It was friendly .

Daniel Webster

from United Kingdom, June 2018

"Wish I was there longer "

This school was amazing, the quality of Kung fu learnt, the push on your body and mind. Any person training here is lucky due to the knowledge of all the masters. My only regret is I went for weeks rather than months.

Steve Gorel

from Belgium, May 2018

"Steve s review"

The classes, the students, the food, the big bedrooms, the teachers their attitude

Sylvia Ferreira

from United Kingdom, March 2018

The students there were amazing and the ones who trained me

Sergejs Andrijevskis

from Latvia, August 2017

"Best holliday ever"

I liked everything. In this family run business created very friendly and unique atmosphere of 'home'. Shifu are very helpful and understanding accomodating different levels. Perfect way of spending vacation with kids to become lean and fit in a short time span.

Victoria Bakhmutova

from United States, July 2017

"Great School"

Very good school, lots of different activities, good food, nice instructors.

Dallas El-hage

from South Africa, June 2017

"Life enhancing "

I like practically everything and everyone. It was an extremely enjoyable stay. My duration may of been short but the more you put in here, the more you get out. The masters here are beyond awesome.

Testimonials (3)

Lisbeth Killer United States

Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy website

My first thought is that three weeks is nowhere near long enough!  It was far too short of time for a stay.  This is what I expected going into the program as I read the training plan online which clearly states it takes a minimum of 1 month to learn the first first form but it was still surprising to actually experience this time structure. I definitely wished I had more time. I enjoyed the classes where very small, but I believe this also had to do with the fact there were not many students enrolled at the time. It was nice to be part of a small group. It made it easy to get to know everyone. 

I was most concerned with the food actually. I am an incredibly picky eater. An extremely picky eater! However, I loved the food! At every meal there was at least one dish that I ate.  This was a very very nice surprise for me. I was prepared to survive off of granola bars for the full three weeks and didn't need to dig into my supply I brought with me. I can tell the training under normal circumstances would be very good. During one of my weeks the Master I was assigned to had to travel home for a wedding. I still trained everyday and reviewed what I had learned, however, the other Master did not teach us anything new as they seem to each have a little bit different style.This was 4 days of training that I felt quite stagnate.

If I had been a longer term student I feel this would not have been a problem at all.  But, since I was only there for three weeks I do feel it made an impact.  I am hopeful that in the future I will be able to stay for a full 6 months so small disruptions in the daily training will not effect me. All the Masters were incredibly knowledgeable and supportive of my training.  I came in as an absolute beginner and felt accepted by all the Masters and students alike.  It was truly a wonderful experience and I can't wait to be able to return.

Elchanan Lewis Israel

Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy website

i stayed at the maling shaolin kung fu academy for 8 months. i had been training shaolin back home for a few years but only a few evening classes a week, and it definitely does not compare to full time round the clock training every day! it takes a few weeks for the body to get used to it but once it does you're usually only in pain during classes and not after (-; (usually...) the academy offers training in a variety of styles the main ones being shaolin and sanda, which is like boxing with kicks and takedowns. other than that there are optional classes for other styles you can read about on the website. I chose to focus on the shaolin mainly, and of course did the sanda classes. I feel that my understanding of the style of movement that characterizes shaolin kung fu really improved and that i am able to implement in my forms a lot better than i did before, master Du worked with me step by step going through how to generate force and power properly, then how to coordinate the different movements and finally how to put the whole thing together. in sanda I improved a whole lot, seeing as when i first came i had all the wrong instincts such as turning my head the other way and closing my eyes etc. after getting punched in the head and face a few times i really learned to keep my guard up and not look away.

There's still a long way to go by my sparring abilities are way better than what they were 8 months ago! in the mornings there's an early tai ji class with headmaster Bao which is great. i learned a chen tai ji form (which is absolutely beautiful to watch when master Bao performs it) and it's one of my all time favorites hands down. Other than that you'll find as you get used to the training schedule that there is a lot of free time you can use for personal training and i think it's imperative to use it. if you really want to get better, and not just learn more things you need to practice in your spare time and go over the different skills you're learning. 

All in all i had a good experience and will miss this place. maybe I'll be back someday (-:

Dallas EL-Hage South Africa

Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy website

I have trained one month here at Maling Shaolin Kungfu Academy, because i questioned how much one could learn in a month. I questioned how much change was possible in only a month’s training. I was honestly, miraculously surprised. I came with an attitude to push my limits, but it was the masters that inspired more limits to be broken. I found my experiences to be absolutely life changing. I can stretch further than ever before, i can run further and faster than ever before. I learned an entire 24 step Tai Chi form in a month and was graded on it- proving to be not bad at all. I have had previous martial arts training but found that one month here is equivalent to a full year’s work of training back home.

This experience is one i plan to never forget, to build on as it has been the most amazing life altering and foundation setting for my new, disciplined, motivated and spiritual life style. A lifestyle guided and with no physical limits thanks to martial arts- Thanks to Maling, thanks to 3 of the most awesome and respected masters. I thank this place for in one month its given me strength and direction for the rest of my life. I also met life long friend here- it is a place where respect, honor and love flourish. Thank you Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy.

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