Margherita Dal Pra

Margherita Dal Pra offers Hatha flow and aligns yoga retreats, classes, and workshops.

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Jacqueline United Kingdom

Yoga M website

Dear Margherita, I am so happy to have come to another retreat, it has done the world of good for me! I liked the diversity between the days and how you draw on each day to build blocks for the next. You are incredibly patient and loving and it has been instrumental in creating a healing environment. Thank you so much!

Alexandra Spain

Yoga M website

One of the nicest experiences in my life. I feel my family has extended and you take part of it! I am very happy to have met you and I know this is just the beginning of something even greater.

Rosy United Kingdom

Yoga M website

Yet another beautiful chosen space on the hills of Umbria. The energy Margherita dearest that you manage to create in each place and in each heart is just magical! Fun and love are just what I felt in each class, time to reflect during the week, all has given me such an inspiration! I really hope I will be able to practice with you more often. Thank you so much for making me part of your family, I love you!

Sue Philbey

Yoga M website

Felt positively radiant after such a wonderful retreat. Great yoga, food, people, and surroundings.

Sarah United Kingdom

Yoga M website

Margherita's course far surpassed anything I could have expected. I joined this course because my energy levels were low and I felt sluggish, but the course fixed that and also gave me so much more. By taking Margherita's advice and making the changes she suggested, I have completely changed my lifestyle and am now feeling more joy, have more energy, more purposeful, take better care of myself, and feeling more centered.

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