Marianne Wells Yoga School

Cahuita, Limón, Costa Rica

Marianne Wells Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance-registered school offering one of the most comprehensive yoga teacher certification programs today.

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  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    This experience helped me to grow and change personally! I will use the teachings for the rest of my life.

    I was unprepared for the amount of sitting on hardwood flooring we endured for hours daily during the Philisophy and Anatomy classes. I understand the basic principal but feel it was more physically damaging than beneficial. We had soft bolsters and small cushions to help but after a couple of hours it got to be unbearable. This for 14 days straight was the hardest part of the experience. If I could make one change I would say part of the class work could've been done in the restaurant area seated on chairs.

  • Christina O'Meara Md. USA


    Marianne Wells school was the perfect blend of both the spirituality and physicality of yoga. Although the days are long and rigorous ( it is an intensive ,after all)

    They were soul filled and soul nourishing days with time even for sunrise beach walks and early morning chanting.

    Marianne and Ron Wells are a great yin/ yang team providing excellent and experienced yoga teaching guidance and the best yoga classes I've ever had , as well as a scientific approach to anatomy and clear philosophical approach to the sutras.

    The school attracted beautiful souls from around the world as classmates , making the class especially enjoyable and fun , meeting new friends.

    Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

    I highly recommend it especially if you have limited time available to be away.

  • Dylan Petrin Ontario, Canada


    Marianne Wells' Yoga School was an amazing life-changing experience! I met 42 wonderful people (also taking the course), learned a tremendous amount about Yoga Asanas and philosophy and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the 200 hours of teacher training. I am a high-performance athlete and I also was eager to try incorporating vegetarian meals into my weekly diet- the vegetarian meals at the Goddess Garden opened my eyes to just how healthy, delicious and cleansing this diet can be. I'm looking forward to using my newfound knowledge and perspectives to be a healing force in the world through Yoga and many other aspects of my life.

  • Stephanie Verdin


    I would absolutely rate my experience at the Goddess Gardens with Marianne Wells Yoga School as a 10! If you are looking for a training that concentrates on how to get into hundreds of different poses, this isn’t the training for you. But if you want a deep spiritual experience and an authentic exploration into yoga philosophy and lifestyle along with learning from a teacher who believes in helping everyone safely find their own expression of a pose, then this is without a doubt the training for you. I am deeply grateful to Marianne and Ron for their guidance and the knowledge and insight I gained from them.

  • Bonnie Cywinski

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The training I received surpassed my expectations in several ways. Although the correct transitioning into and out of poses, the sequencing of movements and the knowledge of safely aligning anatomy with placement was exceptionally taught and experienced, I was pleasantly surprised by the training of the other limbs of yoga. Breathing, meditation and sutra instruction helped me develop a deeper passion for yoga and gave me the tools to pursue a teaching career grounded in authenticity and mindfulness. The introduction of chakras and Ayurveda provided a breadth and depth of information allowing for future study. Marianne teaches with a compassion that makes me proud to be her student.

  • Rolando Amorim


    Simply one of the best experiences I ever had.

    From the accommodations being humble yet comfortable in the middle of an amazing well-taken care gardens...the pool super refreshing and an amazing healthy food freshly cooked every time, made staying there really easy...An amazing staff at the resort who always went beyond their way to help me with any questions or problems I had.

    The yoga course itself is almost impossible to of the things that everyone most experience it to understand it...not only for the physical side of yoga, but intellectual and spiritual...Marianne and Ron are amazing on what they do, loving, caring, and giving us all the knowledge and confidence to practice this amazing craft...with the help of their three teacher assistants, Cortney, Meagan, and Breda...made the whole learning curb really well balanced to capture all we need to know.

    It is fair to say that the whole experience for me already has put me on a better path in every single angle that I see in my life from now and forward.

    I am very grateful for the experience I had and I feel like I have made new friends and family forever.

  • Bre Sanassarian


    Marianne Wells Yoga School is so much more than a teacher training. Marianne has built a community on love, kindness, and the teachings of really real yoga. On the first day, I learned that everything I thought I knew about yoga was wrong and was quickly taught that the asana's are much more than a pretty picture. Here I made a family that showed me nothing but support, I learned from teachers that gave me wisdom and guidance, and I realized more about myself than I ever thought to be possible. This experience was amazing and I know that I'll be able to use each and every resource that I was given to help spread Marianne's way of #ReallyRealYoga.

  • Diego and Elena Italy


    Well, we just finished our YTT in Cahuita (Costa Rica) with Marianne Wells. It was our first experience with this typology and we can say it was great!

  • Julia Sweden


    Theory (I would give a 10): Well prepared and easy to read. Some more presentations shall be sent via email, in order for us to concentrate on listening and not writing at the same time. Practice including the possibility to practice yoga as students and possibility to hold sessions as teacher (I would give a 7): For practicing ourselves I would put a 10 as there was a lot of practice, different yoga types, creative and fun, some of them totally new to me. I specially enjoyed the meditation as it was challenging for most of us to meditate for long. For possibilities to hold sessions, I would like to have more, even if it was just a mini session for 10 minutes but daily, starting from day 5 maybe.Professionalism (I would give a 10): Simply very high. I really like how Marianne's worked with us. Proficiency (I would give a 10): Even though it is really hard to evaluate as I only met Marianne during the teacher training, but I liked it very much that she is really very observant of every person, adjusts and spends time finding the best suitable position, no fancy staff, but healthy alignment, and grace in every posture. Education style (I would give a 9): Personally I did not mind many remarks about our behavior and rules. I fully understand that discipline was crucial in a group of over 40 people. I also am used to being in a school with high discipline from my ballet past. However, maybe its worth mentioning that in Europe especially Scandinavians would oppose, because they are not used being told what to do. I think that Marianne was positive, warm-hearted, and had a very nice humor which for me balanced the 'strict talks'. I appreciated hearing many personal stories and examples which Marianne strongly contributed to. Maybe all of this can be solved just by having a slightly smaller group of 30 persons maybe.Training layout/daily schedule (I would give an 8) - It was a tough start with very long hours. Good in a way for us to get accustomed. Later on we had few days with some free time around 5-5.30 p.m. and I would have preferred to have this extra half hour during the lunch break or some times during the day. Arriving from rainy cold Scandinavia with just a few hours of daylight, I starved for the light and sunshine. I went swimming every lunch break to stay awake. Personally that would help me to stay alert and do more yoga even practically in the evening. Venue (I would give a 10): very charming and nice people, fantastic food, good placement in the rooms, good with the absence of all distractions such as TV, bars, night life etc. Transportation (I would give a 10): everything was very smooth. Materials (I would give a 10): There could be just one example of a ready class, but on the other hand this is homework, because we got so much information about how to build sequences! Assistance and support (I would give a 10): It was nice to have Ron and two supporting teachers, always a possibility to ask some extra things. They all are very pleasant and knowledgeable people. I would definitely recommend this training to a friend if I was asked!

  • Kiera United States


    Marianne Wells 200-hour yoga teacher training is the real deal. It is what it says, intensive. The day starts at 6 a.m. and finishes at 7 p.m. You will be tired, sore, emotionally drained, and your brain will be on overload with anatomy and the sutras. Suddenly two weeks have flown by and you and your new yogi family will be crying like babies when Ron and Marianne cut the apron strings and send you on your way. This training was amazing. Marianne has studied under Iyengar himself, and passes on the tradition of yoga to us, a tradition that is being lost as yoga trends in gyms and elsewhere throughout the United States, the UK, and Europe. I feel honored I discovered this training. It has transformed me in a way I was not expecting, and I look forward to what this journey will continue to manifest in my life.

  • Francesca

    BookYogaRetreats website

    Marianne and Ron Wells are wonderful, beautiful people.I wanted to review the school due to my absolute huge gratitude, appreciation and thanks for everything they taught me and brought into my life over the past two weeks in the beautiful rainforest resort of the Godess Garden in Cahuita, Costa Rica, and for providing me with one of the most unique, uplifting and special experiences I know that I will always treasure. There are not even the words with how happy I am that I completed my training with Marianne and Ron, and the experience has set my life up perfectly to honour myself confidently and happily to embrace the yogi lifestyle.I felt such love, trust, belief and understanding from both of them, all qualities that I wish to pursue in my life; and it is truly inspiring to have learnt and got to know them both, amazing how much positivity and acceptance that they both radiate, this also goes for the teacher assistants I had, Ashley Stewart and Alli Koski.I Have arrived home with a stronger, more positive mind, with the greatest love for myself and confidence I've ever had, and have many ambitions and excitement to constantly improve my personal practice and have lots of ideas to get teaching yoga.All the thankyous in the world to a wonderful yoga school and experience!

  • Amy Fl USA

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The best lesson I learned from Marianne Wells: be sure you know your teacher and take her class before you sign up for yoga school.

Testimonials 21

  • Ryan La Bonte

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    Marianne’s training gave me everything I needed to become who I want to be: a successful, genuine yoga in-structor. The program is incredibly well rounded and gives you the benefit of exploring the vast universe of yogic thought, practice, and industry. The intensive schedule is most conducive to the learning process; you are separated from the push/pull of your typical life and you get to fully immerse yourself and learn what is truly possible. Marianne is the center of all of this. Her extensive knowledge and experience rolls off her tongue with no pretense. I was personally stretched in every aspect: physically, mentally, and spiritually. I had to check my ego at the door and that to me, is what yoga is all about. And Marianne fully embodies that idea and practice.

  • Sabine Arning

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    I truly and thoroughly recommend Marianne Wells Yoga School. I attended my first training (200h) in August 2013 and my second training (300h, Yogatherapy) in April 2014 in Costa Rica. Marianne is an incredible, amaz-ing, and inspirational teacher. She teaches with professionalism, and is full of knowledge, wisdom, love and compassion. She guides, supports, and challenges every student to her/his needs, within their capabilities. Her intuitive and sensitive way allows everybody to grow – on and off the mat. Together with her husband, Ron, and their TAs, they make a great team. In Anatomy and Sutra lessons, Ron’s teachings are comprehensive, relative, adaptable, and allow for deep philosophical discussions. The TAs provide great assistance, organization, and help in every way possible. Both trainings were deeply inspirational experiences and I could not be prepared any better to make my own yoga path!

  • Maribel Melendez

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    Marianne helped me uncover insight into myself and discover a voice I’ve never had before. She showed me all the ways to use yoga as a healing tool and how to effectively integrate props into a practice. During training, I became deeply connected to the universe and had one of the deepest spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. Mari-anne’s curriculum made for an unforgettable experience that made clear for me my purpose on this earth. I will highly recommend their program to anyone who would ask.

  • Alison Cantrill

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    Marianne Wells Yoga School is more than just getting a “certification”. I truly was able to explore myself on and off the mat. I learned so much about yoga aside from the physical practice and how to incorporate those spiritual aspects into my teaching. Marianne is truly a Godsend. I have done many trainings, workshops, etc. But, I have never felt the genuineness from anyone that I felt with Marianne. She honestly cares for every one of her students and she sees the potential in everyone. In just the short time of getting to know her, I can hon-estly say she is one of the strongest people I know. I love her passion for what she does and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

  • Rochell Gifford

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    Marianne’s training left me refreshed, centered, energized, and with a clearer mind. Her depth of knowledge amazes me; she is always coming up with something fresh and new to add to the class. She has a real talent for accommodating those who like a more vigorous practice, as well as those who need to be gentler on their bodies – this is seamlessly done all in the same class. Marianne has a special way of including the spiritual aspect of yoga into her classes that accommodates all individuals, wherever they are on their spiritual journey. A significant amount of Marianne’s training is devoted to moving beyond the physical asana practice of yoga, which prepared me immensely as a teacher. And now, the feedback I receive from my students is incredibly positive and encouraging.

  • Sam Roman

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    I came into Marianne’s training looking for the roots, the philosophy, the rituals, and the understanding of yoga’s historical influence. I came looking to become a teacher that has something to offer students beyond a gym class or a five-minute, misguided meditation. I found all of that and more. During the two weeks spent in Costa Rica, my philosophies of leading a more conscious lifestyle, mind body and spirit, were finally more fruitfully exercised. Marianne provided the groundwork of teaching really real yoga to take home with me. I have such gratitude for the teaching methods and curriculum she introduced us to. I’ve found my spirit’s fire, and I’ve reconnected with the parts of myself that are often ignored. I never want to let that flame die out and I hope to cultivate these teachings until my ripe old age. I will always be grateful to Marianne for what she’s given me.

  • Abigail United States

    Yogatrail website

    You get one chance to attend your 200-hour teacher training. It's expensive. It requires weeks of time, away from careers and family. You need to make sure you're picking a solid program that you will connect with, that will bring out your inner teacher, give you the confidence to teach others, and most of all, in my opinion, shape you as an ambassador of yoga culture and community. Look no further. Marianne and Ron's teacher training is both classroom and nature-based. I had to cram for anatomy lessons, vibrate for chanting circles, and unleash my inner artist for chakra sessions. The program touches upon every aspect of yoga, beginning, and ending with an emphasis on safety and alignment, but exploring at least six different styles of yoga, daily sutra discussions, and more. Marianne's internationally renowned teaching is well-deserved. It is a pleasure to take her classes and intense to learn how to teach from her. She is so talented. Ron is instrumental to the program. I was impressed most of all with his take on yoga culture, how it has changed, and our roles within it - to learn its history and philosophy, and the importance of living yogic lives both inside and outside of the studio. The Wells yoga school takes full advantage of the jungle and beach surroundings, both encouraging and requiring quiet immersions in nature both solo and with others. It is impossible for one to not feel spiritually shifted after attending this school. I am so grateful I chose correctly for my 200-hour teacher training. Best of luck on your yoga journey, and enjoy this special time!

  • Maribel

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    l learned so much from your program. Things I never heard, much less even considered, especially when it comes to using yoga for healing and the use of props. Ron's knowledge of anatomy was mind blowing and I know I've only begun to scratch the surface. In addition to all this, I also gained an insight into myself and a voice that I never had before. I became deeply connected to the universe and had one of the deepest spiritual experiences. I thank you for all that.At first I thought that the unpleasantries that occurred were an unfortunate outcome of a perfect storm (intense learning program, probably one of the rainiest seasons Goddess Garden has known, a larger than usual group, unspecified & unmet expectations), but I've changed my mind. Everything was a lesson. Everything you (consciously) put together and even those things the Universe (unbeknownst to you) decided should be part of the curriculum, made for an unforgettable experience that made clear for me my purpose on this earth, as well as taught me things I can't yet even name.I will highly recommend your program to anyone who would ask.

  • Denise

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    I feel honored to have had the opportunity to be your student and I finished the training with so much knowledge and a deeper understanding of myself on all levels. As I sit typing this message, I am in a restorative pose working on opening my hips! This is the very beginning of a life long journey for me which I believe will be greatly enhanced by the knowledge which you so kindly and openly shared.I am truly inspired by your openness and your sharing of deep and intimate aspects of your life and your journey as well as your practical teachings. I will teach my first class on Thursday 14th August (following some practice runs with my close friends). I will let you know how I get on and will keep you posted as my journey progresses.I really appreciate everything you have done and provided and I look forward to sharing the light which you have shone on me as I move forward in life.Wishing you a day full of wonderful moments, enjoy each one.

  • Lydia Petoskey United States

    Yoga Trail website

    Marianne is an incredible teacher and meets each student where they are at. She emphasizes the safety, alignment, and yoga basics while integrating the subtle and spiritual aspects of yoga as each student is ready. She is a deeply spiritual teacher and integrates compassion and humor in the most genuine heartfelt way. She has made me into a better student, a more educated yogi, and an aspiring teacher.

  • Reana Maitland

    Yoga Trail website

    My time in Costa Rica with Marianne was very inspiring. I felt strong and confident in my own practice and excited to get home to continue working on what I learned to then be able to share that knowledge with my dancers and yoga students. She was a very well versed in her teaching practices and I felt like I was learning something every day. She was an experienced teacher and I learned so much from her and all of my time with her!

  • Lianik Borlasca

    Yoga Trail website

    Marianne is an excellent yoga teacher who make you to remember what's yoga and to be in balance and harmony with oneself and in comfort with the asanas. I highly recommend her teachings and vast knowledge.

  • Ashley Stewart

    Yoga Trail website

    Marianne is an extremely knowledgable teacher and passionate about yoga. Yoga is more than an hour class, it is a lifestyle and you can clearly see that Marianne is authentic to the lifestyle. She has a strong open heart and shares very personal experiences to make deeper connections with her students.

  • Xinia Izel Gonzalez

    Yoga Trail website

    One important thing I learned from Marianne was that we should listen to our body and start from where we are. Even when we have the desire to demand more of ourselves, we must respect our own process, understanding that at the point where we are is where we can learn about ourselves and to serve others.Marianne taught me that a smile is also a powerful asana, which can raise the mood and bring a sparkle to the practice. Her voice gives confidence to the student. And is a great voice to relax in savasana!With her wisdom takes us on a journey beyond the muscles and bones, as the holistic being who we are, and so, after a practice with Marianne, we feel alive and full of strength, joy and love.

  • Jamie Fox Canada

    Yoga Trail website

    As a new yogi, I was apprehensive about taking a teacher training, but Marianne respected and accepted me with where I was. The training was so thorough, I left feeling full of knowledge and ready to explore deeper. Marianne has a long history with yoga, which allows her training to be based on experience. She truly lives what she teaches and believes. She offers exceptional guidance and has great compassion for her students. The love you feel during her training is overwhelming in a wonderful way. All of the dots connected when I left her training. She is a wonderful teacher and someone I will thank for a lifetime for changing my life! Although I have little practical experience with yoga, I left the training confident in my ability to teach when the time comes for me. Highly recommend this training. Before you sign up for any other training program, take the 5 minutes to call Marianne and have a conversation. You will be glad you did!

  • Barbara Gail United States

    Yoga Trail website

    I'm a graduate of Marianne Wells Yoga School, and will be forever grateful that I am! Her wealth of experience, generosity in passing on critical and usable information to students, support and faith in us as yoga instructors. She and her husband, Ron, are both outstanding teachers and present the material at a pace that is attainable and in a fashion that is accessible. As a freelance instructor in the arts for over 20 years, I know a professional teacher when I meet one. She expects the best from her students, and gives the best of herself. I can highly recommend her training.

  • Josie Sherwood United States

    Yoga Trail website

    I have received both my 200 RYT and 300 RYT certifications through Marianne Wells Yoga School. Marianne has the knowledge, expertise, and experience in yoga to teach anyone. She not only knows and understands how to teach, but is a prime example of how to live the yogic lifestyle, she is a true yogini! Her trainings have changed my life and has inspired me to want to teach and change lives of others.

  • Colleen Verton United States

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    Mariannes own in-depth studies of the multi-layered subject of yoga creates a curriculum that flows seamlessly from one day to the next, one subject to the next and one experience to the next. Her approach to the yoga sutras of Patanjali takes an ancient text and applies it without effort to the modern world. Beyond the teacher is an amazing and compassionate mentor and friend. In the four years since I graduated, Marianne has continued to help me on my path. With the knowledge I gained I have opened two yoga studios since 2008. This dream was made possible through Mariannes training. She taught me to trust myself and find the strength to live the life I was meant to live.

  • Jeff Boardley United States

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    Marianne Wells helped me uncover the teacher within. I never thought I would be able to teach but found the courage during her training. She provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to teach a yoga class without losing that deeper level of what Yoga has always been for me, a spiritual practice. Many blessings to Marianne for all she has awakened in me.

  • Chris Lane United States

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    For anyone considering another training program, please research carefully. Marianne is, without question, one of the brightest lights in today's yoga teaching community. Her teaching is inspiring and challenging, providing her students with unmatched training. We leave her program forever changed with the confidence and knowledge to make a genuine impact in people's lives. In a time when there are countless fly-by-night certification mills pushing out poorly skilled "teachers," Marianne's graduates play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and dignity of our rich yogic heritage. Thank you so much Marianne for your love, wisdom, honesty, and passion!

  • Joe Sarti

    Marianne Wells Yoga School website

    Words will never do justice for the experience I had learning from this master of yoga. Marianne Wells will forever be my teacher, my master, and guide on my journey in yoga and beyond. Attending her school changed my life on levels beyond ones eyes. Marianne taught me what it was to be yoga, to teach yoga, to live yoga, and to guide others on their yoga journey. The key is that the lessons are beyond 'how to do poses' and they are a microcosm of life. I can say with confidence and through personal experience that what you learn during your time with Marianne will forever live in your heart, practice, and actions. I am beyond gratitude and every time I practice or teach I reflect what I learned and continue to learn from my time spent with Marianne and our training group. You will do yourself a favor, personally, professionally, spiritually or whatever it is you seek to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to practice with a living Master who is what she practices and teaches.

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