200 hr & 300 hr Hawaii yoga teacher training on Maui.

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Julie Hsieh


I have been interested with the idea of becoming a yoga teacher for some time and I wanted an excuse to go to Hawaii. So I said to myself: If there's a yoga teacher training program somewhere in the state of Hawaii, in the month of August, with a reasonable price, I should go. Sure enough, I found Maui Yoga Shala's 200-hour YTT program for that August! It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

The island was gorgeous as I remembered, the YTT program rigorous and perfect (I knew I wanted to be trained in Vinyasa yoga, and I already had some grounding in Sanskrit, meditation, and anatomy). Most of the other girls were half my age, but I kept up. And we went to the beach every day between class and homework. Ahh... that was the life! I also loved the culture in the area of healthy, creative eating.

Since then I've taught a bunch of donation-based classes at my local Hindu retreat center, at a co-working space, and I produced a "Seated Posture" YouTube video. I hope to teach more. Yoga is a gift that I want to give to all!

Leah Hemmings


My training with the Maui Yoga Shala was nothing short of magical. Being from the UK I’d felt an intense pull to do my training on Maui and having never been there, I really couldn’t explain why. However as soon as I met my teachers and the other trainees I instinctively knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

I’d go as far as saying my training with the Maui Yoga Shala was the best month of my life. The teachers have so much experience and hold genuine interest, love and space for you. It was a dream to connect with them and also to connect with the other ladies on the course too. Being around so many like minded people was an eye opening transformational experience for me, and has changed me so deeply in the best way and none of this growth would have been a possibility without Nadia, Jennifer, Shakta, Christina & Lee.

Being fairly new to yoga at that time I had a small worry that I’d not know enough comparatively to the other students but I didn’t need to worry at all, I learnt so much as the training covers all of foundational & fundamental information that you need.

I came out of my training with my eyes wide open and a deep rooted love for yoga, all of the ladies on my course, my teachers (and maui!!) I also started teaching 5 classes a week just 2 months after my course.

Overall this was an incredible journey for me, and Nadia and her team hold space for that to happen. I strongly believe that everyone should attend a training even if they don’t plan on teaching, it’s been the best experience of my life so far. They really do teach the true essence of yoga, love & ahimsa.

Brittany Demeter

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I am so grateful for my transformational experience at Maui Yoga Shala. One of my favorite parts of the teacher training was having a few different instructors. Shakta, Lee and Jennifer we're amazing, just to name a few. Several different yoga and teaching styles were offered which made it a well rounded experience. Three weeks is not a ton of time, but these teachers were able to offer a widespread wealth of knowledge concisely.

Island fresh Cafe is a must! The most delicious food and incredible atmosphere!! It was really convenient having it next door to the shala during the training. Both are situated in the perfect quiet location surroundded by flowers and art makes the shala very welcoming and cozy.

I was lucky enough to practice with an amazing and inspiring group of girls who traveled from all over the world. Every training is different but the chance to meet incredible souls is very high here!

Overall it was a wonderful time at Maui Yoga Shala. Nadia is a great teacher and she will do whatever it takes to make sure it is a happy experience. Mahalo mahalo mahalo!!!!!