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Serpentine, Western Australia, Australia

MDP Wellness gives you the skills to increase mental focus, clarity, balance, relaxation, and creativity with years of experience in mindfulness training.

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  • Donna Gahan

    MDP Wellness website

    This weekend is very important for physical and mental wellbeing. A sense of space is created away from the busy world. It is quiet, value, in a beautiful setting and Michael and Dania are splendid facilitators. Thank you

  • Tanya Bose

    MDP Wellness website

    The retreat was so wonderful, I have come back with a much clearer and calmer mind. I have begun using some of the tools you taught during the week and I am looking forward to continue with this and share my experience with my loved ones. The weekend really warmed my heart

  • Shirley Wynne

    MDP Wellness website

    The weekend retreat is so relevant and user friendly. Excellent educating but in layman’s terms. So very grateful. Dania’s sessions were excellent, beyond measure, so giving, so much quality and learning. Thank you. Michael’s sessions were excellent too. Dania and Michael provided a good balance.

  • Briana Wingfield

    MDP Wellness website

    This weekend retreat is one of the best things I’ve ever done. The food was delicious, the retreat setting was so beautiful and the guided meditation create a state of peace within me. Thank you so much.

  • Sarah Van VLodrop

    MDP Wellness website

    Thank you to Dania and Michael for creating such a warm and welcoming retreat. The accommodation is spotless and proves all you need. the food was outstanding. The setting is so peaceful and relaxing. The program has a nice balance of sessions and down time.

  • Jane Pearsons

    MDP Wellness website

    A huge thank you again to Dania & MIke for an insightful, relaxing and most enjoyable weekend. With great knowledge and harmony from you both.

  • Rachel White

    MDP Wellness website

    I have enjoyed my own company this weekend which has been a pleasant surprise! Im looking forward to achieving more stillness, clarity and peace in my life!

  • Sandy B.

    MDP Wellness website

    Dania and Mike provided an excellent retreat for both mind and body. Its for everybody regardless of background, religion, or meditation experience.

  • Jenny S.

    MDP Wellness website

    It was so amazing to have two full days of such serenity! The retreat experience was everything I hoped for. The rooms were simple and comfortable, the food was nourishing, the surroundings were peaceful, and there were absolutely no other distractions. I found the silence to be a revelation. It was a time to finally breathe, to listen quietly, and to just be for once. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, it was completely freeing of any obligations or distractions. The pace of the schedule was perfect, and Dania and Michael were wise and sensitive hosts. I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity to take time away from my life and get some perspective. Its hard for me to meditate at home, but the retreat really helped to get my focus back and overcome a couple of issues Id been struggling with. What I learned about myself in the silence of this weekend will have a lasting impact. Thank you so much Dania and Mike for providing this opportunity. What you are doing at Jhana Grove is amazingly important and valuable.

  • Amanda B.

    MDP Wellness website

    My marriage had recently ended so I was angry, sad, confused, and lost. For the first time in twenty years, I was on my own with seemingly no future or happiness in sight. Using the tools and practices I have learnt over the weekend at MDP Wellness, my future is now bright! I feel nourished and filled with hope, love, joy, and peace. Thank you for what you have created. What you teach is powerful and life-changing.

  • Carrie

    MDP Wellness website

    Every time I visit MDP Wellness, I feel that I am coming home to my true self. The retreat was filled with unconditional love, acceptance, and support that helped me grow towards the light. Thank you

  • Lesley E.

    MDP Wellness website

    I attended the retreat at short notice as I was visiting Perth from New Zealand. It was the best way to spend two days. It was beautiful and run by two amazingly loving people. Food and accommodation is top class. Thank you very much.

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