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Meredith Cameron Yoga

Meredith Cameron Yoga is led by Meredith, an experienced yoga teacher offering rejuvenating yoga retreats in Mexico, USA, Panama, Morocco, and Switzerland.

Instructors 2

Meredith Cameron

Meredith Cameron travels the globe with her yoga offerings. A firm believer that it is necessary to get quiet in order to find your freedom and live a fulfilling life. Using the hour or two on your yoga mat and translating that to the real world is a grand gesture. Meredith inspires others to gain the clarity needed to navigate through life with ease. She is trained and inspired by Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Katonah, Restorative, and SUP yoga. She also offers "sound-off" yoga experiences.

Rose Shattell

Rose Shattell will be a yoga instructor during this retreat.

Testimonials 3

Sarah Lowenstein

Meredith Cameron Yoga website

Meredith is a powerful, knowledgeable and just all around amazing teacher and human being. She creates spaces that feel nourishing to the body, mind and soul. She skillfully designs classes and retreats that are challenging, but still remain healing, accessible and fun – I never feel worn out after one of her classes – I feel happy. Meredith is one of most hard-working, intelligent and warm-hearted teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from and I know anyone who takes her classes, will feel the same. She is just plain awesome!

Kris Sornson

Meredith Cameron Yoga website

Meredith is a living example that choices change life. She lives and teaches with intention, integrity, honoring the self and soul. Her words are as yummy and nourishing for the mind as her yoga technique is for the body!

Kirsten Periolat

Meredith Cameron Yoga website

Meredith's teachings go far beyond asana - they are nurturing and delightfully thought provoking. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge. Her classes are always fun, inspirational and sprinkled with a sense of humor. She encourages her students to never take ourselves too seriously. She truly lives her yoga both on and off the mat and encourages others to do the same!

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