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Online Mindfulness Teacher Training

Teach mindfulness. Make a difference. Become a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and make a meaningful difference in people's lives. Join the over 500 people who use this flexible training program to teach mindfulness in business, therapy, coaching, wellness, and education.

Meet the instructors

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  • Online meditation teacher training
  • 2 hours of online personalized group coaching calls per week
  • Live online sessions will be held over Zoom
  • Online sessions time zone: PDT (GMT-7) during summer and GMT-8 before March 14th, 2021 and after November 7th, 2021
  • Self-paced: you can join and finish the course at your own pace
  • Internationally accredited certification
  • 6 bonuses (limited time)
  • 10 sessions of brandable mindfulness teaching curriculum


30 days with instruction
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Upon completion of the certification program requirements, you will receive a certification from The Continuing Professional Development Certification Service (CPD). Mindfulness Exercises worked with the CPD Certification Service for several months to meet and exceed their strict requirements for international accreditation of a course like this. This certification has been approved by leaders of Fortune 500 companies, large healthcare providers, yoga studios, and school districts around the world. Earn your internationally accredited certification by completing the following at your own pace from anywhere in the world:

  • Record 40 hours of formal mindfulness practice in your mindfulness meditation log
  • Complete the 'Mindfulness teaching fundamentals video' course and its accompanying workbook
  • Review the 'How to guide mindfulness meditations video' course and its accompanying workbook
  • Submit audio and video of yourself teaching the foundational principles of mindfulness (non-judgmental, moment-to-moment awareness of experience)

How the training works

This program is self-paced, there are no mandatory live sessions. You must complete the requirements to obtain the certification, and the weekly sessions are based on the participants joining, what topics do they have questions about (from the readings and assignments), etc. Access your self-paced online video training courses on 'Mindfulness teaching fundamentals' and 'How to guide mindfulness meditations for well-being and resilience'. Download your own step-by-step pdf study guides and workbooks to track your learning and progress.

Also receive 10 'Deep Dive' premium bonus trainings. Workshops with Sean Fargo will be hosted live on weekdays. Each live group workshop is approximately two hours long, though there is no need to stay the whole time. Sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. Each live workshop will include trainings on how to teach mindfulness and meditation with others in personal and professional settings. This is an opportunity to ask your questions, receive custom support, and meet other mindfulness teachers from around the world.

You will review mindfulness teaching fundamentals, practice a variety of meditations together, and encourage each other along the way. These are optional calls, with no pressure or dogma. Mindfulness Exercises will often incorporate hot-seat coaching, community sharing, and group reflections to help strengthen your skills and to learn from each other. Zoom links to the next upcoming online workshops are posted in the member's dashboard. Attend the workshops you want and no need to RSVP or attend any particular session.

Recordings are posted in the member's section for you to access and practice at any time. Completing this mindfulness teacher training program will benefit your continuing education, strengthen your resume, and serve as a beneficial stepping stone for further professional training. If in doubt, check with your prospective clients or students to be certain this is acceptable.

Timing of sessions (GMT-7/GMT-8)

Timing of sessions of online workshops will be announced later.

Course information

This program is an affordable, accessible, and efficient option for you to become a certified mindfulness teacher and is free of dogma, pressure, and competitiveness. Learn at your own pace. You can review course content and resources anytime, anywhere. Focus your training on what is most relevant to your students and your industry.

They do not require you to teach a specifically branded curriculum. If you have been thinking of becoming a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, if you have been practicing mindfulness for at least two years, and if you have completed mindfulness meditation retreats, welcome to register for this program.

This program can help you

  • Enhance your mindfulness and meditation abilities
  • Gain confidence as a mindfulness and meditation teacher
  • Integrate mindfulness and meditation within your professional role
  • Build credibility by sharing evidence-based research and time-tested practices
  • Emphasize safe, responsible ways that support long-term growth and resilience
  • Increase trust, engagement, and relevancy with the people you serve
  • Find your own voice as a mindfulness meditation teacher

For real-world outcomes that make a meaningful impact

  • Create your own classes, courses, or workshops
  • Lead business wellness programs
  • Coach individuals to their highest potential
  • Record and share your own guided meditations
  • Help heal trauma, addiction, grief, depression, and anxiety
  • Integrate with yoga, Reiki, hypnotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and other modalities
  • Support families, parents, teachers, and kids
  • Increase self-care and resilience for burned-out caregivers

Brandable 10-session teaching curriculum (added fee)

Create your own mindfulness classes, courses, and workshops with this customizable 10-session curriculum, complete with 10 student handbooks, 10 teacher guides, and over 200 brandable slides. Use online or in-person. (Normally priced at 995 USD).

Sample topics covered

Mindfulness teaching fundamentals

  • How to define mindfulness
  • Research on mindfulness
  • Attitudinal foundations for teaching
  • Four foundations for mindfulness
  • Understanding compassion
  • Mindfulness and self-compassion
  • Loving-kindness meditation
  • Mindfulness of breathing
  • Body scans
  • Guiding mindful movement
  • Getting started teaching mindfulness
  • Common questions
  • Managing group processes
  • Relational skills
  • Mindfulness exercises for teachers
  • Embodiment of mindfulness
  • Guiding a variety of meditations
  • Inquiry and didactic teaching
  • Curriculum pacing coverage
  • Teaching self-assessments

How to guide meditations

  • What is mindfulness exactly?
  • There is nothing quite like mindfulness
  • Being and doing modes
  • The importance of a mindfulness teacher's presence
  • The power of trust
  • Guiding mindfulness practices
  • What students bring
  • Three elements to skillfully guide practices
  • Creating a mindful environment
  • Language matters
  • Mastering mindful teaching
  • Balance is key to masterful teaching
  • Inviting versus directing
  • Nurturing process, rather than results
  • Helping students notice their experience
  • Leave nothing out
  • Use of metaphors
  • Allowing difficulty
  • What is and what could be
  • Bringing a problem to mindfulness practice
  • Addressing misunderstandings
  • I should not have thoughts
  • If I am being mindful, I should feel
  • Thinking is my only way of knowing
  • I am distracted all the time (I cannot do this)
  • Mindfulness is pretty serious, is not it?
  • Create a consistent structure
  • Transitioning into a session
  • Transitioning in and out of a practice
  • Transitioning out of a session

Teaching with integrity

1. Help people from diverse walks of life

No need to focus on teaching one kind of person with one prescriptive point of view. This program can be tailored for you, based on your experience, values, and goals. Learn how to teach mindfulness meditation to the people you care about, in a way that feels authentic and natural to you.

2. Encourage gentle curiosity

Explore ways of opening to pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral experiences with kind, gentle curiosity for how it actually feels, moment to moment to moment. Identify safe, healing ways of relating with intense experiences internally and externally.

3. Authentically share your wisdom

Develop strategies, tools, and resources to effectively and authentically share your own experiential understanding with others. Learn how to guide individuals and groups, whether in-person or online, in a wide variety of contexts.

4. Increase people's mindfulness in daily life

This is not only about what you do with your eyes closed. It is about how you integrate mindfulness with your relationships, your families, how you eat, how you move, and what you think. Mindfulness is about an integrated way of being.

5. Share mindfulness with confidence

Explore the role of a mindfulness meditation teacher as a guide versus preacher. Learn how you can invite people to notice their own embodied experience, without the judgment, fear, or selfish goals that often get in the way.

6. Help heal people's bodies, hearts, and minds

Safely help people with their deepest challenges. Learn how you can heal old wounds, shed light on hidden shadows, and promote real change in your world in large, heartfelt, meaningful ways - one loving breath at a time.

Six limited-time bonuses

1. Bonus one - 330 mindfulness worksheets

  • Over 330 premium pdf mindfulness worksheets that you can download, save to your computer, print for others, or fill out electronically
  • Step-by-step guidance for integrating mindfulness in all areas of your life, including sleep, embodied presence, emotional regulation, concentration, mental clarity, relationships skills, life purpose, and mindful performance
  • Sections for typing or handwriting your answers, recording your thoughts and ideas, tracking your progress, and optionally sharing your worksheets with others
  • Evidence-based techniques and methods for increasing mindfulness while decreasing stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm

2. Bonus two - 200 guided mindfulness meditation scripts

  • Over 200 guided mindfulness meditation scripts that you can download, save to your computer, and verbally guide for others
  • Step-by-step guidance for leading mindfulness meditations for less stress, anxiety, depression, unworthiness, and insomnia
  • Meditations for embodiment, resilience, self-compassion, and ways of applying non-judgmental awareness to your full range of moment-to-moment experience
  • Evidence-based techniques and methods for increasing mindfulness while decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm

3. Bonus three - Mindfulness of eating online course (not available anywhere else online)

  • Enhance your mindfulness meditation with the 30-part FitMind program, taught at Fortune 500 companies, addiction centers, schools, and government organizations
  • Receive this custom blend of ancient practices and research-based instruction
  • Review meditation fundamentals, concentration, metacognition, deconstruction, and integration

4. Bonus four - Exclusive online access to FitMind program (not available anywhere else online)

  • Enhance your mindfulness meditation with the 30-part FitMind program, taught at Fortune 500 companies, addiction centers, schools, and government organizations
  • Receive this custom blend of ancient practices and research-based instruction
  • Review meditation fundamentals, concentration, metacognition, deconstruction, and integration

5. Bonus five - 'Sleep meditations' online course

  • Learn how to use a variety of guided meditations to fall asleep with more ease and relaxation
  • Includes strategy sessions using the latest evidence-based research
  • Help guide others to a more restful sleep

6. Bonus six - Private online community

  • Connect with hundreds of other mindfulness teachers from around the world
  • Share encouragement, support, and accountability
  • Access dedicated forums for mindfulness and meditation teachings
  • Join subgroups for specific professional contexts like a business, healthcare, coaching, education, and more

Please note that if you have unhealed trauma or psychiatric challenges, mindfulness can be a powerful addition to psychotherapy and psychiatric care. However, this training is not a substitute or replacement for psychiatric care or therapy. Please speak with a mental health professional about whether this program is right for you and follow the guidance in Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness before joining the program.


Sean Fargo


This teacher training is held online. Mindfulness Exercises is based in Berkeley, California, USA and they will live stream sessions via Zoom based on PDT (GMT-7) during Summer and GMT-8 for sessions before March 14, 2021 and after November 7th, 2021.

What's included

  • Self-paced courses and live online classes on how to teach mindfulness meditation
  • Up to two hours of personalized group coaching calls every week
  • Internationally accredited mindfulness meditation teacher certification
  • All 6 bonuses (for a limited time)
  • 10 sessions of brandable mindfulness teaching curriculum

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Food

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
30 days / 29 nights
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Flexible duration

This online teacher training is available all year round and you can choose to finish the course at your own pace from anywhere in the world. However, you will only earn your internationally accredited certification by completing the requirements.

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