Museflower Retreat and Spa is an all-inclusive retreat and spa center in Chiang Rai, that offers yoga, meditation, healing retreats, and spa holidays.

Meditation Retreats (3)

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Instructors (3)

Tania Ho

Watchararat Srichamroen

Kanlayanee Martthuean (Jang)

Reviews (9)


from Bangladesh, March 2019

Nature, bird songs, organic food, spa, flowers, yoga classes,mineral

water pool service generally, all the little attentions that make the retreat a perfect getaway from the stress of work and the city. Bliss is simple. One of my best retreats.

Hui Yu Wu

from Taiwan, November 2018


It's a refresh,reward,restore and renew journey.

Judy Harmer

from Australia, May 2018

"Great Yoga and spa, Jang and A were top class!"

I most enjoyed the yoga and massage, the instructors were amazing and all the girls in the spa first class.

Juliana Char

from Hong Kong, December 2017

"I found another way to deal with life problems. "

Food: I never know vegetarian food can be with that many varieties! I have stayed with Museflower for a week and they never repeat any dishes.

Yoga classes: Yoga teachers adjust her teaching base on different levels of students! I enjoyed 7am yoga the most as it gave me the positive energy to live the day.

There are also a varieties of meditation classes to choose from! Museflower also allows flexibility in swapping classes! If you found yoga boring, you can always swap it to something else.

I enjoyed so much talking to the residents here., sharing happiness and sorrows.

We all came here for a reason and I believed everyone has gained something after staying at Museflower. ...starting to miss the girls now :P

I came home tougher and happier.

Thanks so much! I will definitely come back.

Viktoriia Tarasenko

from Thailand, June 2017

"Great "

I loved everything at that place.there special lovely healthy atmosphere which I suggest try to everyone who try found culm and happiness inside.


from United States, February 2019

Small Paradise. Staff amazing. Food absolutly great. Spa and different classes perfect. Dont hesitate book it...

Vera Ochsenbein

from United States, December 2018

"Sehr gute Qualität"

Die Yogastunden haben mir sehr gefallen: das Tempo, die Asanas und die beruhigende und professionelle Art der Yogalehrerinnen.

Emmanuelle Baillais

from Myanmar [Burma], June 2018

"Pratique de yoga adaptée"

Ella a adaptée son enseignement au niveau de chaque pratiquant et m'a permis d'aller plus loin dans ma pratique. Elle m'a notamment aidé à monter les équilibres !

Chloe Dufau

from France, June 2017

"Loved every moment"

- i dont really like nature in general and i had never really practiced yoga.

-it was my first trip traveling alone too.

-i did as i was told; leave all my thoughts behind and let the magic happens and it happened.

The place is so serene and beautiful; the yoga classes were outstanding ( thank you "A") and the massages amongst the best i ever had ( thanks Ada).

-my only regret: i wished i could have stayed a whole week:)