Nalu Yoga Retreats

Hawaii, United States

Nalu Yoga Retreats delivers a kind of yoga that detoxifies the body and lets you sink deeper into the practice to embrace more the benefits of yoga.

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    • Ethan Herschenfeld

      BookYogaRetreats website


      we did not have a good experience at all. the advertised house on your website was not the house where the retreat took place, so we left an hour after arriving and seeing that it was not a nice or acceptable house. we later discovered that the advertised house we saw on the website in december was the beautiful kuau inn but the retreat was taking place in the very dumpy 35 luna lane.

      we have received a partial refund but we are demanding a full refund. we are still owed $800. we gave the organizer until the end of the week (3/5) to complete the refund before taking this up with the credit card company and the better business bureau, but she emailed back today and said she refuses to refund us the $800. we will not rest until we have gotten the full refund which we deserve.


      Nalu Yoga Retreats reply

      I did have a different location then my last retreat, which were the photos on my site and the ones I approved for

      The new location was of comparable price, with a less desirable yard, but a much more desirable location. I sent Ethan pictures of his actual room and bathroom before the retreat. I offered him a different room in the retreat house, very comparable to the photos originally posted. They left without any attempt to experience any of what we offer at our retreats; yoga, food, excursions. He also happened to know one of the other retreat goers, and the abruptness of his wanting to leave left me wondering if their previous engagement had anything to do with their withdrawal from the retreat. I offered him a refund, minus the nonrefundable deposit as stated in our policy, and he accepted.

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    • Desiree M.

      Nalu Yoga Retreats website

      The Nalu Yoga Retreat transported us to another world - an island paradise where we left the daily grind behind and allowed ourselves to play. Our hosts provided an ideal setting for inner and outer exploration. We set our daily motivation with yoga, breathing and meditations punctuated by ever present morning rainbows. The excursions quenched our appetites for physical exercise (hiking, swimming, snorkeling) while enjoying the ocean, beaches and mountain views. We also explored the unique towns and cultural offerings of Maui and shared healthy, home cooked meals with local ingredients including granola and breads made from scratch. The best part of the experience was the feeling that we were welcomed among long lost friends. We're already planning our next retreat with Elena, Cindy, and Bart!

    • John M.

      Nalu Yoga Retreats website

      At the Maui Nalu Yoga Retreat, Elena passionately and seamlessly blended yoga, science and meditation, then interspersed interesting hikes, town excursions and beach adventures, so we soon felt deeply connected both to each other and the island. Bart's home cooked, healthy and locally-based meals ensured a family attitude quickly engulfed us as we enjoyed the retreat house. Cindy's evening yoga sessions integrated the day's activities and always started with some gentle, refreshing and invigorating movement called the Qi Gong. Elena also effectively assuaged a 10 month-old shoulder injury I had with a therapeutic massage. This is a complete retreat, I'd like to repeat!

    • Taylor C.

      Nalu Yoga Retreats website

      Your yoga classes brought a beautiful energy to the students who attended. You were an inspiration to go more fully into the yoga practice myself.

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