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Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat

Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat is a residential martial arts training, offering Kung Fu for combat and self-defense and Qigong and meditation for health.

Meditation Retreats (10)

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Instructors (6)

Master Iain Armstrong

Master Iain is a Kung Fu philosopher and author with 36 years of living Kung Fu. Trained personally by Grand Master Tan Soh Tin in Singapore, he’s a two-time world champion and veteran of real street battles. Famous for his high-quality Kung Fu teaching, his instructional films and magazine articles, and for his demonstrations of Iron Shirt Qigong, Master Iain is a mine of information but retains a very practical, down to earth, and realistic approach. Most people who meet him are struck by his air of calm, patience, and wisdom.


Marion is very serious about her martial arts. She has experience in BJJ, Muay Thai, kickboxing, but found her true passion in Shaolin Kung Fu. Marion loves sharing her kung fu with her students who find her very thorough, attentive and methodical. Marion is interested in applying her kung fu skills in competition fighting; She is one of our San Da (Chinese boxing) teachers and is a competitive Thai boxer. She is also a certified yoga teacher and horse riding instructor. Hailing from Switzerland she speaks French and German as well as English. Marion is based full time at the Kung fu Retreat


Dave's initial success in Kung Fu drew from his experience as a karate teacher and a strong determination to constantly work hard to improve. He has a background in personal training and specializes in strength against body exercises. Dave became attracted to the Kung Fu Retreat as he wanted to get away from modern commercial martial arts and commit his life to the study of genuine Kung Fu. He further wants to explore the spiritual aspects of traditional Chinese martial arts and its associated culture. Dave is based full time at the Kung Fu Retreat.


Michael is an enthusiastic teacher whilst at the same time maintaining a very relaxed attitude. He first came to the Kung Fu Retreat in 2015 and loved what he found so much that he returned home and worked hard until he had saved enough money to return and join the instructor training program. He intends in the future to open his own kung fu school. Although he has lived most of his life in the US Michael is originally from Guatemala and speaks Spanish as well as English. He is very interested in the history of Shaolin Kung Fu and Nam Yang Pugilistic Association.


Emily is passionate about her kung fu training. She began training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu in the USA which she enjoyed greatly but was attracted to Nam Yang because of the history and integrity of its arts. Rather than a mix of styles and routines what she found at the Kung Fu Retreat was a tightly connected system of internal kung fu, external kung fu and weapons supported by the practice several styles of chi kung and the study of Chinese philosophy, strategy and culture. She also values greatly the chance to train full time and dedicate herself fully to the arts which she studies.


James is a diligent student of Kung Fu and an easy going teacher. He connects well with his students which really helps their learning. James had been in the same line of work for 15 years and eventually wanted a different way of life. He began travelling and found his way to our Kung Fu Retreat. He loves how at Nam Yang we challenge ourselves mentally as well as physically. This enables him to learn more about himself every day which is reflected in his teaching. He is a good example to our students and leads from this ethos of self-development.

Reviews (22)


from Laos, January 2019

We came with our toddler and they were very accommodating and even found us a babysitter that could come on site.

We really liked our main life-balance instructors: Thomas, Sofia, and Scott.

The retreat location is amazing.

Everyone was very welcoming, open, kind, approachable and helpful.

We learnt a lot even in such a short visit and have lots to take home with us.

Stefan Dotter

from Germany, January 2019

"Incredible Experience"

The atmosphere was just perfect for the cause. When you enter Nam Yang you're not only entering a beautiful retreat with highly skilled instructors, you're entering a little family. They make you feel at home immediately and your practice is benefitting highly from this. You leave with a range of new skills and new Kung Fu brothers and sisters. Each instructor has their own specific character and style of teaching. I also highly recommend the intensive introduction course, which can speed up your progress and development highly.


from Singapore, December 2018

"Unique and Enlightening Experience"

I would like to thank Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat for this unique and enlightening experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I am motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle of healthy eating, yoga, qi gong and meditation. The location was perfect. Teachers were warm, patient, helpful and accommodating. Special mention goes to both excellent Instructors, Master Iian and Thomas(please note that the name of Thomas is not found on the list of Instructors here). Both Master Iian and Thomas ‘walk the talk’ and carry the kind presence, dedication, composure, knowledge and experience truly deserving of respect. Much gratitude!


from Australia, December 2018

"The experience of a lifetime!"

Came here thinking it will be a very hard experience, but it was life changing! The training, people and scenery make it really outstanding. I'm coming back for sure and will recommend it to everyone I meet!


from Thailand, December 2018

"Good mix of classes"

Probably had 12 - 14 hours of lessons over the two days, really good variety to them, from building blocks of Kung fu to some practical applications.

Where necessary the new starters were split off in the mornings sessions to give us tuition In a smaller group which worked really well


from United Arab Emirates, December 2018

"Great Experience"

I took my family (3 Kids aged 10, 8 and 3, but only the older ones took the classes) to the 4 day Kung Fu and Qui Gong retreat and we had an amazing experience.

The accommodations are simple, but clean and comfortable, the food was home cooked, fresh and delicious.

All instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful. While classes are definitely geared toward an adult group (ours were the only children,) we all learned so much!

We would definitely come back.

Fernando Bernardelli

from Germany, December 2018

"Unique experience"

Extremely friendly people, creating a safe environment and focusing on personal development. The scenario could not be better, there are zero distractions and everything around contribute to keep you focused.

Michael Stonebreaker

from United States, December 2018

"Great Experience!"

From the time I arrived until I left, it was a wonderful experience. Great instructors, who took the time to explain every move and exercise. Great food and the other students were a pleasure to meet. A family atmosphere!

Michael Larson

from United States, November 2018

"Chi Kung Instructor Training"

I really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about myself and how I can use Chi Kung/Kung Fu to optimize my experience here on planet Earth and I am excited to share that with others where I live. Master Iain is accessible and accommodating and carries himself very well (like you'd expect from someone who has earned the title master) and his instructors were patient and willing to assist in anyway.

Pai has a great vibe and not too far from retreat.


from Indonesia, October 2018

the atmosphere and the schedule

Unaiti Jaime

from Thailand, September 2018

"I'm coming back"


The location is amazing with a very zen energy, surrounded by green and a breath taking view.

The food is amazing, healthy, very tasty and they grow all there...organic!

The instructors are amazing, skilled, patient, respectfull, always willing to support and give valuable tips to improve and NO, it's not a military camp, wish was the best for me. It's very disciplined without being in a military way.

Mariola Zak

from Poland, July 2018

"Powerfull place"

It is better than I expected, I dont know what is the reason_ -place?very calm swith the vew on mity mountain, atmosphere -very friendly, and patient instructors,very good meal...I returned so relaxed and much more stronger than I was before.

Ricardo Sasaki

from Brazil, June 2018

"Above my expectations"

The retreat was above my expectations. The teachers are well trained, compassive, caring. We have plenty of time to learn and review. The teachers clearly show their interest in being helpful. Healthy environment.

James Gill

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Wonderful adventure"

Loved the location, the training and the food were great (I'm vegan and there was plenty to keep me going)


from Germany, March 2018

"Low budget way of life"

People were skilled and friendly.

Tamas Varga

from Hungary, January 2018

"Amazing place beautiful people, quality training"

Well i just had an amazing time there the ppl where super nice and the training is high quality i would recommend it to anyone.

Nelson Hernandez

from United States, November 2017

"Nam yang Kung fu "

Location and instruction

Testimonials (4)

Zander S

TripAdvisor website

We were only able to join Nam Yang for 2 days, and it was 100% worth it. The classes were well-taught, we received personalized attention from all of the instructors, and learned an incredible amount in just two days. If you able to join for at least a week, I would highly recommend doing so, but even a day or two will forever change your perspective on kung fu, martial arts, and the way the human body moves. Thanks you to all of our instructors!

Richard Outhwaite Singapore

TripAdvisor website

We randomly decided to spend a few days at Nam Yang retreat, having had no previous martial arts experience.

The classes were excellent, a nice mix of physical training, fighting and weapon techniques with some chi gong, stretching and meditation. The classes were suitable for people of all fitness levels and martial arts experience.

Food is delicious and very healthy, a lot of it grown on the retreat too.

Having never seen any Kung Fu in real life, Master Ian is truly inspiring. Amazing technique, flexibility and all round wise Zen master!

We booked to come back and spend at least 2 weeks here after. Something different that you won't regret!

a traveler Australia

TripAdvisor website

I had no martial arts experience and stayed at Nam Yang for 2 weeks in February 2017. I had a private room which was basic yet comfortable and the food was extremely nutritious, low fat and filling with a clear display of freshness and taste.

I am 41 years old, overweight and have not been overly active for the past 10 years as my employment has become more managerial as apposed to physical aswell as wrong diet and lifestyle choices.

Throughout the 2 weeks I felt more energetic, flexible, stronger both physically and mentally as each day went by. Over the 2 weeks I lost 7kgs and gained muscle and flexibility.

The training was interesting and could be as demanding as each individual could handle fitness wise. In saying this I would recommend Nam Yang to anybody regardless of physical ability or age to be of benefit to both body and mind.

The instructors were at different levels but all we're professional and displayed 100% dedication, patience and skill in their delivery of all lessons, training and knowledge to all students.

Overall Nam Yang is a professional outfit and is a true credit to Master Ian for his knowledge, motivation, training procedures and the foresight for setting up Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in such a beautiful and appropriate location.

The only mistake I made was not staying longer, but plan on returning sooner rather than later as the experiences I received there we're both memorable and life changing.

Fernando Barata Russo

Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat Facebook page

My wife and I spent almost a month at the retreat. An amazing experience. Highly recommended even if you are a complete beginner like us.

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