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5 Meditation Styles Suitable For Beginners

by Elaine Clara Mah

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Now that you’ve decided to embark on a journey of meditation, it’s time to choose a method of meditation that is best for you. There are many meditation techniques that you can try out, but sometimes the abundance of options can be overwhelming especially if you’re a beginner. 

To help you choose the best meditation style for you, the team at BookMeditationRetreats.com has rounded up the best 5 meditation styles that you should practice!


Guided Meditation

If you’re very new to the idea of meditation and don’t know where to start, then guided meditation is for you. As the name suggests, guided meditation happens when you meditate through the guidance of a trained practitioner or teacher. You guide usually comes in the form of text, sound recording or video. In guided meditation, your teacher will help you focus your mind on a visual, an image or even sound. Guided meditation is commonly seen as a modern way to meditate and comes in handy for professionals who are always on the go. There are even guided meditation apps around to help you along!




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Zazen, or Zen meditation, has its origins in Buddhism. It is extremely simple and precise in practice. Zazen means, “seated Zen” or “seated meditation”, where the idea is to simply just sit and observe without any thoughts, judgments or discrimination. As the name suggests, this type of meditation pays quite a bit of attention to the way you sit, with many recommending the half-lotus or full-lotus sitting position, although other ways of sitting are acceptable so long as you maintain an upright body posture and your chin tucked slightly in. In Zazen, the practitioner is asked to keep their eyes open in a downcast gaze.



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Vipassana means insight meditation, where practitioners learn to see things in their original nature or “as they really are”. In Vipassana, practitioners sit in silence and are asked to be a spectator of the world and themselves. The goal of Vipassana is non-reaction – that is, non-reaction towards any experiences that others or we ourselves might experience, whether good or bad. Vipassana can be practiced on its own or connected to a specific spiritual belief. Those wanting a fuller experience can also try a Vipassana retreat, which is becoming increasingly popular.


Sound Meditation

While much of meditation means to be entirely silent, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have sound to guide you along. The use of soothing sounds helps to calm the mind and reduce anxiety, easing the practitioner into a meditative state. There are different types of sound meditation available, with the most notable being Primordial Sound Meditation popularized by Deepak Chopra. Other sound meditation includes sound baths and Nada Yoga. A more general sound meditation practice is to meditate to special meditation music. There’s plenty of meditation music available for you to choose, from YouTube videos to meditation music apps!



Image credit: Pixabay

Mindfulness meditation is perhaps the most common form of meditation in the West. Mindfulness meditation finds its roots in Buddhism and has influenced other meditation practice such as Vipassana. Mindfulness teaches the practitioner to simply be aware of everything within them and outside of them. As purely an observer, the practitioner should practice acceptance to everything without judgment or extreme emotion. The appeal of mindfulness meditation stems from its very open nature - in that it is not necessary to believe in a specific religion or spiritual belief to practice. 

Ready to try your hand at meditation? The best way to delve into the matter is through a retreat! Find the best meditation retreat for you today!

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