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The Essential Principles of Lifelong Motivation

by Sophia Smith

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If you look up the word ‘motivation’ in a dictionary it is described as ‘reason or reasons for acting in a particular way’. Essentially, motivation is the driving force behind everything we do in life, and the part that states ‘in a particular way’ implies that we can be motivated to make both actions that have a positive and negative outcome. 

Of course, as human beings, we’re not immune to making bad decisions and no person is entirely good or evil, positive and negative. We are, however, raised to know the difference between right and wrong and hence strive towards staying on the good side.

When it comes to motivation, we need to push ourselves towards personal greatness.

Having said all that, we’re aware that motivation is not something you obtain once and it’s permanently yours.

We have a fragile and liable side so we need to continuously work on maintaining the same or even achieve higher levels of motivation. Only by implementing the principles that we will discuss in this article can we hope to have lifelong happiness, well-being and just a very balanced good life overall. So, let’s see what these lessons are and hopefully, we can stick to them.

The Pursuit of Health and Fitness
healthy food  

In theory, we all want to lead quality lifestyles that include eating foods that are beneficial for our body, energy levels, mood and even appearance. The same applies to exercise – yes, we all want to be physically active, and some of us even purchase quality exercise clothing, gear up and wait for that elusive Monday that never arrives. But, most of us struggle to keep this promise to self.

So, how does one keep the ‘hype’ up when you’re motivation battery is running low? 

Luckily, psychologists and as well as economists have come up with tips that actually help keep you motivated for the long haul and the list of tips includes rewarding yourself. An extrinsic reward is so powerful because your brain can latch on to it and make the link that the behavior is worthwhile. It increases the odds of the routine becoming a habit.

Other tips include signing a contract, a pledge of sorts to friends, and a technique called ‘mental contrasting’. The fourth one is to find your exercise squad as, when you’re in a group of people, the socializing element will keep your motivation spark alive, not to mention the mutual encouragement. 

Wellness and Serenity
woman meditating by the ocean  

Our body may be healthy and as great an impact this has on our wellbeing, internal wellness is something that we also need to maintain. In the face of stress,  it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and like you’re not up to the challenge. 

While there is no magic cure for the lack of this kind of motivation, meditation has proven to have immense benefits on the mind as well as the body. It helps keep anxiety at bay, helps to achieve inner peace and simply be happy in the skin that you live in.

It will also do wonders for that inner drive. So, meditate every morning, start the day off on a positive note, and in time, it will help you achieve great goals, but also face tough times and failures with much more grace. It will help keep the mind sharp and keep you going even when life gives you lemons. 

Fighting the Stress

happy working person
One of the factors that can completely shatter motivation is ‘burn out’ that comes from either feeling stuck or as a result of being under a tremendous amount of stress. Work stress is also infamously known as the culprit behind adrenal fatigue, but there are medical experts that claim that adrenal fatigue isn’t actually real and that if you are experiencing symptoms commonly associated with the term, there are other factors to blame, like poor sleep habits, diet, and alcohol consumption.  

While it’s difficult to determine whether this condition is real or not, we know that stress is real and that it can make us feel worn out. So, how does one beat it and continue to beat it in order to strive in the workplace but also be happy in the home environment? This one is easy – aside from meditation, and even yoga, turn to your interests, your happy places. For some it’s a relaxing bath, for others it’s a good book. There are people who find cooking soothing or going for a massage.

The point is, do the things that fill you with joy as frequently as you can, and along with all other principles, you will always cancel stress out and bring serenity and motivation in. 

Surrounded by Love
happy couple

There is absolutely nothing that can beat a strong support system. If you have a great family, amazing friends who always lift you up, make it your goal to spend as much time as humanly possible enveloped in their energy and their love for you.

Ultimately, that is what gets us through everything – knowing that we are loved and that even when we’re failing, there will be a safety net made out of loving and supportive people that will help us bounce right up.

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