However there is a step before meditation and that is silence and withdrawal or prathyara in Sanskrit.

So we are now all aware of the benefits of silence and meditation and like exercise many of us are unable to find that space for ourselves of quiet reflection in silence and meditation.

Ask yourself in which moments were you most happier and there will be a resounding theme in silence, lovers look speechless in love, the awe in birth of a baby, tears of joy all arising from a blissful state of silence, and yet we never give ourselves permission to be silent and just reflect with no agenda no planning just emptying out and still with our own selves, allowing a flow and rebalancing from within.

We cannot hear our own self sabotaging beliefs & values,  low self esteem habits, it requires a perspective that is able to witness ourselves and this can only arise from silence witnessing. Our response to life have become habitual and its autopilot actions can only be observed from silence and meditation.
“Only in quiet waters things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is a clear perception of our life and the world Any situation that you find yourself in, is an outward reflection of your inner state of beingness so silence is a necessary way of clearing the muddy water of our minds thinking habits' Shakti ananda”.

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