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4 Nourishing Rituals for your Body and Spirit

by Sophia Smith

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As our time is consumed by our jobs and other obligations, there isn’t much of it left for us to take care of ourselves. And, as we keep losing touch with what’s inside us, this lack of self-care can also take a toll on our bodies.

All of this can ruin our relationships with other people because we can only be useful and attentive to others when we tend to ourselves with love and care. One good way to improve our overall well-being is by establishing some habits in order to nourish our body and soul. So, to help get you started, here are 4 easy rituals that will help nourish your body and soul. 

4. Use your morning wisely

morning rituals

Reaching for your phone the moment you open your eyes in the morning is rarely a good idea. Reading emails, news and checking your social media accounts for the latest gossip throws you right in the middle of other people’s problems, worries and needs, which can cause panic and stress.

So, instead of grabbing your phone, tablet or laptop, use these early morning hours to relax and gather positive energy for the rest of your day. Things, like having a healthy breakfast, listening to calming music or simply having a peaceful and loving conversation with your partner, can help you set the right tone for the day ahead of you.

Another thing you can do when you wake up is drinking a lukewarm glass of lemon water, which can encourage body and skin detoxification, as well as good digestion. These small, but satisfying rituals can improve your mood and make you cheerful throughout hours that follow.

3. Stay healthy and fit

healthy woman

No matter how successful you want to be professionally, you have to make sure you don’t lose your health while reaching your goals. Caring for your mind and body has to come first, before anything else. In order to maintain good physical and mental health, you should make your meals healthy and balanced and be physically active.

Choosing seasonal food that’s rich in nutrients, but low on calories and food that’s prepared fresh, from scratch is a great place to start. Practicing yoga, tai chi, hiking or cycling in the countryside can do wonders for both your body and mind since one cannot be fully healthy without the other.

You can even combine your physical exercise with certain things you like and that make you happy, such as dancing or roller-skating, but make sure you make a habit out of it and turn it into a ritual.

Whether you want to lift your energy levels after a hard day’s work, or at six in the morning, while everybody else is asleep, doing something as simple as putting on your comfortable Nike shoes and going for a run in your nearby park is essential for maintaining good overall health.

2. Practice mindfulness


Being mindful simply means focusing your attention on the here and the now. It can reduce stress, make you happier and calmer. You might have noticed that mindfulness is a common topic among the millennials, which is quite logical when you think about it. This is a generation of people who are under huge amounts of stress, who work a lot, live fast and spend huge amounts of their energy on their daily tasks and commitments. As such, they are a group of people who desperately need to find a way to reach a balance in their lives. They know how much they had to work for their free time, which is why they value it and are turning to physical exercise, but also meditation and mental self-care.

There are several techniques for mindfulness practice, all of which lead towards alertness and relaxation. You can sit silently and concentrate on a mantra or your own breathing, you can pay attention to any bodily sensations, accepting them and letting them pass, or allow yourself to make peace with all your emotions, positive and negative.

Also, having a choice in how you react to people and situations around you, whether you accept them, change them, or simply turn away from them is priceless, since it gives you a certain feeling of liberation and mental strength. Embrace mindfulness rituals and return to them every day to keep your own inner peace and acceptance of the world.

1. Cherish your solitude

nourishing rituals

Being around other people can lift your spirits, ease your worries and make your problems seem smaller. However, you should also be able to be alone and enjoy it. You can use your alone time to read a good book, to have a cup of coffee or tea and make friends with your own thoughts, or to bring some order to your surroundings. Have a bubble bath, light some scented candles and play some music you like. Even if you watch a film or take an afternoon nap, being alone should never be a bad thing, but rather an opportunity to create new rituals to keep your mind and body in order.

Nourishing your body and spirit is easy if you form good habits and stick to them. So, find time for yourself and maintain your physical and mental stability through carefully established rituals.

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