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BookMeditationRetreats.com’s Top 30 Favorite Wellness Blogs

by Elaine Clara Mah

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The Internet is a place of abundant knowledge when searching for all things meditation. But with quality knowledge also comes unnecessary information that we’d wished someone would sieve out.

At BookMeditationRetreats.com, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to scour the web and curate the best of the best in wellness. After careful search, we’ve narrowed our list down to our 30 favorite wellness blogs that will provide you with wonderful information on holistic living and help you on your journey to a better life!


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Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or just beginning to dabble with the idea, AnmolMehta is where you’ll find just about everything you need to know on meditation. The website is home to the most comprehensive meditation and yoga resources that are free and accessible to everyone! Whether it is an article you are searching for, videos, e-books or even MP3 files, you can find them at AnmolMehta. If you’re just starting out in meditation, AnmolMehta’s ongoing meditation series on Mastery of Meditation and Yoga is a really good place to start!


Sharon Salzberg


Image credit: Sharon Salzberg

Sharon’s traumatic childhood exposed her early to the power of meditation as a way to overcome personal suffering. Sharon shares her wisdom through her podcasts and writings. Sharon’s writing challenges the mind to rethink perspectives and show us how truly, meditation impacts our everyday lives. Sharon utilizes different mediums to share with us the power of meditation. Our favorite? An animation on How Meditation Empowers Us. This interactive animation is a great one to watch with the kids!


Live and Dare


Image credit: Live and Dare

Live and Dare is a meditation blog created by Giovanni Dienstmann whose meditation experiences began when he was a teenager. Giovanni has meditated for over 16 years, studied different meditation practices and has altogether amassed over 7000 meditation hours under his belt. Through his blog, Giovanni shares the teachings of meditation in a way that is easily read and understood by modern, 21st-century individuals. Giovanni’s practical tips to meditation include a guide to choosing a meditation cushion, chair or bench which will help you find the best way to sit still!


About Meditation


About Meditation features a team of individuals who are passionate about meditation and its role in leading a meaningful life. This one-stop site has everything including podcasts, meditation quizzes, free meditation courses as well as guided meditation series. About Meditation is easy to navigate and features insightful yet easily digestible resources that will surely take you a step further in your meditation journey. If you’re struggling to make meditation a daily practice, About Meditation’s single advice may be the best you’ve heard yet!


Mindful Muscle


The mastermind behind Mindful Muscle, Chris, practices Kundalini yoga and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Chris is also a meditation teacher who studied consciousness, psychology, and Buddhism at the university. For Chris, living mindfully means to be deeply connected to one’s own presence through a refined awareness. He shares this concept through his various articles covering everything from how to deal with anxiety to how to see stress from a positive light. Our favorite read is Sleep Meditation!


My Body + Soul


Image credit: My Body + Soul

For us, meditation forms a part of a journey to a holistic well-being. Which is why we have also included My Body and Soul to this mix! My Body and Soul believes in embodying health, happiness, and wellbeing through goals, inspiration and community support. The website offers tips not only on the subject of meditation, but also on nutrition, fitness and health. Here, as you learn how to take care of your mind through meditation, you also learn how to take care of your body through proper diet and adequate exercise.


Tiny Buddha


Tiny Buddha is a community sharing stories about happiness, love, relationships, mindfulness and spirituality. Run by Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha shares posts, tips and insights that is geared at helping us navigate our complex lives. At Tiny Buddha, you become part of a readership of over 3 million readers. As the name suggests, while the posts you find on the website has roots in Buddhism, the site is not about religion. As Lori says, “It’s about ideas that make sense and make a big difference when applied.


Sam Harris


Looking for a scientific perspective on how the world works and how we should live our lives? Sam Harris’ blog is the resource for you. This author of five New York Times bestseller books writes about neuroscience, moral philosophy as well as meditation. Sam has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and a degree in philosophy, which allows him to understand the world from both ends of the spectrum. Sam also hosts regular podcast sessions featuring mind-boggling topics like robots, and Artificial Intelligence. Our favorite one is Why Meditate?


Goodlife ZEN


Image credit: Goodlife ZEN

Goodlife ZEN is dedicated to helping you make the most out of life and develop your full potential. Helmed by Mary Jaksch, an authorized Zen master, Goodlife ZEN runs with the belief that an individual’s only limitation is the mind and change lies in developing spirituality. The website shares practical inspiration through a range of topics including happiness, personal growth, wellbeing and productivity and invites readers to find creative ways to make their wildest dreams come true!


Peace Revolution


As its name suggests, Peace Revolution is all about peace. The website chronicles the Peace Revolution group whose aim is to spread peace worldwide. Aside from that, the site also explores meditation topics such as mindfulness and self-development. Their posts are often succinct and to the point, making them a very enjoyable read. Do check out their article on 3 Traits of Highly Mindful People and incorporate into your daily lives!




Image credit: Mindful.org

Mindful is a one-stop center for insight, information and inspiration to live a holistic mindful life.  The website supports individual who are interested in mindful living through posts on personal stories, practical advice and relevant news that appeal to meditators of all levels. Through this website, readers will receive expert advices from leaders in the field of mindfulness and meditation on effective techniques of mindful living as well as understand the benefits behind it. Other than the website, Mindful also runs a bi-monthly Mindful magazine as well as a MindfulDirect video that will guide and inspire you on your journey to mindfulness!


The Daily Meditation


Are you just starting out meditation and thinking about making it a permanent part of your life? Then TheDailyMeditation.com is the website for you! TheDailyMeditation.com is a complete online guide to all meditation and spiritual techniques to help you lead a healthy holistic life. The website offers the best introductory courses to meditation techniques from different schools including Buddhism, Zen meditation and yoga meditation. Written by meditation teacher Paul Harrison, TheDailyMeditation.com has an engaging social media community of Facebook and Twitter.


Meditation Oasis


Image credit: Meditation Oasis

Mary and Richard Maddux shared their 30 over years of meditation practice in a series of guided meditations and music. Through Meditation Oasis’ podcast, CDs and apps, Mary and Richard teach based on universal meditation traditions that are compatible with individuals from all walks of life. Meditation Oasis also provides a blog platform where they share articles on meditation that will surely complement your own practice. What we love about Meditation Oasis’ approach is that they share guided meditations for different phases in life. Our favorite is their guided meditation for sleep, because don’t we all need to have better sleep!


The Mindfulness Meditation Institute


The Mindfulness Meditation Institute has a wide range of resources that will help you learn about meditation quickly and more effectively. The Mindfulness Meditation’s teaching is straightforward and easy to grasp, thus making your learning experience enjoyable. For those of you who are interested in practicing mindfulness in the workplace, do check out their resources on the subject!




Image credit: Davidji

Are you constantly stressed? Perhaps it’s time to read Davidji’s posts on the subject! Davidji is an internationally recognized stress-management expert and a meditator who has more than 12 years under his belt as a meditation teacher. Davidji is also known as the pioneer of the now famous 21-day meditation process. He shares real world and practical application of meditation theories on his blog that will help you to distress and continually make conscious choices in life. Join Davidji as a spiritual warrior!


Karan Bajaj


Karan Bajaj is a bestselling novelist and yogi who lives in Mumbai. Karan came to practice meditation after his mother died from cancer and has been practicing for five years now. Karan also spent a year living in a secluded forest ashram in India practicing Vipassana meditation and Hatha yoga. He shares on his blog the insights he has discovered in his own meditation practice and life in general. Karan’s writings are relatable and inspirational at the same time. We particularly enjoyed his entry on How to Become A Master of Time Forever.




Image credit: BexLife

Rebekah Borucki, or Bex, believes that the secret to happiness lies within yourself. Her no-nonsense and down-to-earth nature helps nail the point that personal happiness does not come in the form of expensive pills or quick fixes, but in simple, sustainable everyday things that we often take for granted. Bex lives the happy life and lets you peek into it through her YouTube videos and musings on her blog. Our favorite post? Her 1-minute meditation for stress!


The Conscious Life


Beyond meditation, The Conscious Life teaches you to take a holistic approach to living – by addressing the root cause of your problems. The blog focuses quite a bit on food and enlightens its readers on the healing benefits of food. This clean and simple website is easy to navigate and contains plenty of information and findings based on the author, Wee Peng Ho’s research. True to his concept of holistic living, Wee also shares plenty of resources on meditation.


Mindfulness Exercises


Mindfulness Exercises helps you enhance your meditation practice by offering a large (and we do mean large) selection of meditation resources, free at your fingertips. What is unique about the website is that it approaches meditation in every form. If you just need to pen your thoughts, the site has a series of mindfulness worksheets that will help you make sense of your feelings. There are also a series of videos and audios for guided meditation categorized into different areas of concerns such as addiction, anxiety or pain. If you are a leader at your workplace, do check out Mindful Leadership to find out how you can work better!


Tranquil Me


Image credit: Tranquil Me

If you’ve heard of the Tranquil Me meditation app, you will love this blog space! Tranquil Me is authored by Kathryn Remati, creator of the popular app with the same name. As a meditation instructor and writer, Kathryn shares her knowledge and experience on meditation eloquently on her blog. She breaks the barriers of meditation and instead argues  that meditating with others is better and more powerful than doing it alone. Kathryn’s ultimate goal is to spread peace and she is achieving just that through her app and blog!


Lifestyle Meditation


Based in Canada, Lifestyle Meditation is a dedicated meditation studio space, looking to provide tools for integration meditation into everyday life. For those based outside of Canada, the website also has a blog platform, where practitioners are able to gain insight into the team’s techniques and tools for a more effective meditation practice. The blog explores a broad range of topics including happiness, family and enlightenment. If you, like many, are struggling with meditation, Mandy from Lifestyle Meditation can tell you why.


Everyday Mindfulness


The team at Everyday Mindfulness aims to break down the barriers  of mindfulness and mindful living through their writing and sharing on the blog. As its name suggest, Everyday Mindfulness encourages practitioners to practice being mindful daily, particularly because mindfulness is a normal and simple process that anyone can undertake. While it may be challenging in the beginning, the process of mindfulness becomes easier over time and then evolves naturally into a habit. The blog supports your quest into mindful living through practical posts as well as through a strong community within which you can share your ideas, discuss your challenges and pen down your observations.

Positive Health Wellness


Image credit: Positive Health Wellness

Are you looking to live a more positive, healthier and happier life? If so, this is the blog for you! Positive Health Wellness seeks to achieve a happier life through all aspects – food, fitness and mindfulness. The blog is a one-stop site for anyone whose overarching goal is being positive, healthy and well. Through the blog, you will learn how to cook well, increase your fitness levels and manage stress through recipes, tips and videos! An interesting read we found on the blog? How to trick your brain into craving healthy food!


Simple Mindfulness


Through Simple Mindfulness, its author Paige Burkes hopes to inspire you to explore new and mindful ways of being that will help you lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Through her writings, Paige aims to show you that happiness comes from within and that your thoughts and actions affect your world. Paige shares with you her own journey so that you learn from her mistakes and her successes, making your journey towards happiness a smoother one. If you’re inspired to start meditating today, check out Paige’s guide to meditation.


The Balanced Blonde


The Balanced Blonde is all about living a balanced life. Focused on  practical wellness living, Jordan Younger – the author behind this chic blog – is fashion forward, yet mindful. She is the creator of a health-inspired conscious clothing line as well as the author of her memoir Breaking Vegan. On her blog, you will find snippets of her life and personal tried-and-tested tips on healthy living. We particularly enjoyed her Panchakarma article, where she shares her experience on a 5-day Panchakarma diet.


Love Meditating


Image credit: Love Meditating

If you’re looking for an active community that supports each other through life and towards achieving wellness, LoveMeditating may be the blog for you. The website focuses on helping readers by providing easily digestible tips and tricks on all things meditation, stress, anxiety and yoga. LoveMeditating also reviews wellness products that are available in the market to help you make a more informed choice! Make home meditation enjoyable and relaxing with this great tip shared by the team at LoveMeditating!


Living Pretty, Naturally


If you’re tired of wasting copious amounts of money  on beauty products, why not try to approach beauty in a more conscious, holistic and mindful way? As Kate of Living Pretty, Naturally stresses, natural beauty radiates as we pay attention to nourish the body from within. On her blog, you will find handy tips on natural home products, beauty-enhancing recipes and natural cosmetics! She also covers topics on yoga and travel and keeps you updated on ingredients to avoid!


The Fox & She


Image credit: The Fox & She

Aside from searching for happiness through meditation, one should also live a fulfilling and authentic life – and this authenticity can come from the little things such as the way you dress to the big things like thought-provoking questions about life. On her blog, Blair shares with you all this and more! After suffering from health problems for nearly a decade, Blair is passionate about living healthily and choosing joy and positivity each day. Her passion is translated into her writings, as she shares personal tips on wellness and fashion.


Wandering For Wellness


What does wellness mean to you? For Jia, it means feeling well, healthy and accepting your body for what it is despite its imperfections. Jia encourages you to celebrate yourselves and enjoy the finer things in life as you embark on your wellness journey. Jia’s blog is a culmination of the different things that make up wellness. She explores the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of wellness in search for solutions to achieving peace and balance. Her blog features inspiring stories of everyday people on their journey to wellness. We particularly enjoyed the post on working towards a post-baby body!


Om and The City


Image credit: Om & The City

Love yoga and all things lifestyle? Then you’ll love Jules’ blog! This certified yoga instructor hopes to inspire you to be the fiercest, happiest and healthiest versions of yourself daily through her blog writings. And we’re happy to report that she does just that! Jules explores everything from how to mindfully jumpstart your day to keeping your new year’s resolution. Her blog is relatable and down-to-earth, perfect for the reader who’s looking to inject some inspiration into her life! Don’t miss out on Jule’s 10 life truths, because boy are they true!

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