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Simple Tips to Overcome BurnOut

by Michael Morelli

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No matter how you love your work or how much passion you have for one thing, there will always be a time when you will feel burned out.

This is normal, especially if you have been in the same situation for a very long time without putting your mental health first. People who are working for the same company for many years and those who are doing the same job all their lives are the ones who experience burnout. But, what is exactly is burnout? Well, it is more than just long hours put into the daily grind and its consequences often spill over into every area of life—including your home, work, and social life. This silent killer is often the result of prolonged, continuous stress, which causes a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion. 

Here is a list of simple tips that can help you beat this feeling:

Prioritize Self-Care
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Aside from pampering yourself with healthy superfood, there are other ways to care for your body and total wellness. If you are going to look at your day, you will realize that you have been doing a lot of things for the company where you work, for your family and for your friends.

That is actually great because you know that you do not just live for yourself. However, you also have to think about your own wellness. Ask yourself if you are giving yourself the love and the care that you are ready to give to the other people around you. It is not selfish to think about yourself. Think about it this way, you will not be able to love and care for other people if you are not going to give yourself the same love and care that you need.


Clear Your Mind
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There will be moments when you would feel like you can no longer contain the pressure and the stress is so high. These are the moments when you need to stop for a while and just clear your mind. There are different ways you can do this. For some people, traveling to another place and visiting wonderful spots can help. It gives them the freedom that they cannot achieve whenever they are in the same place where the pressure starts.

Another thing that you can do is to just sit and rest. You can just meditate and let your mind drift to another phase where your problems are not present. Sometimes, we need to free ourselves from the worries of the day. Problems will persist so you should at least give your mind a break from all the trouble you think are happening around you. Stop and clear your mind.


Spend More Time With Family
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There is something about family that can just make you forget about your stressful day. If you feel tired because you have worked so hard and it has been a very stressful day with you, try bonding with the kids in front of the television or getting together with family over dinner. Or if you have time during the weekends, you can also try spending time outdoors with them.

This will surely give you time to go back to your childhood where there are no worries and things seem to be lighter. As adults, we need to be with kids because it is through them that we learn the importance of fun and enjoyment in the middle of this busy life.


Reduce exposure to job stressors
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There are a lot of job stressors around you. Sometimes, these are the things that you need to confront every day. Other times, these are the people who are swarming around you. No matter what your job stressors are, you need to reduce your exposure to them. If you think seeing a certain person will not make you feel good the whole day, you can try to just focus on your work and maintain your privacy. If you are not used to working in a cluttered area, you should also start organizing your stuff.

Most of the things that cause stress are the inconveniences that are brought by our own actions. So start thinking of your stress triggers and eliminate them from your life. There are people, habits and even things that can easily drain your spirit and will make you feel tired all the time. It is now time to free yourself from them before you even find yourself totally burned out and unable to fix things anymore.


Seek Out Connections
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It is not a secret that all people need connection with other people around them to stay sane. You cannot carry the weight of the world alone. If you feel like you can no longer carry your problems, it would be helpful to have a good friend who will listen. Aside from the regular friends who are always there for you, there are other people who should be part of your network. Having a good mentor is very helpful. If you are starting a career and you are striving to get to the next level, you might need someone to pull you up.

Choose the ones who have already achieved the goals that you want to achieve and follow their lead. And the most important thing is a spiritual connection. Meditate, pray and ask for guidance. This is a very refreshing act especially if you feel like the whole universe is already conspiring against you.

You will realize at the end of the day that it is not enough to have healthy diet plans to be healthy, happy and successful. It is more than that. After all, your success in life depends on the different areas of your lifestyle. Take care of your emotional health as much as you take care of your physical body.

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