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Letting Go of the Past : 5 Ways to Get Unstuck & Finally Move On

“Everyone’s got a past. But the past does not equal the future – unless you live there.”

– Tony Robbins 

We all have past mistakes that we would rather not rehash. Yet for many of us, the past acts as an anchor that weighs us down, often leaving us feeling stuck and powerless. 

5 Highly Successful People Who Meditate & Why You Should Too!

Meditation has brought about success for those who have been diligent to practice it. The benefits of meditation, which include increased focus, clarity and calm in times of stress, have made it possible for many to achieve their goals in life.

6 Mind Blowing Facts About Meditation

As a yoga teacher and a rookie meditator, I’ve tried to convince many others on the benefit of meditation and urged them to give it a try. Many are receptive to the idea, but many still want to see the cold, hard facts – the scientific proofs that meditation is actually good for you.

5 Steps Towards True Meditation

As a yogi, meditation has come up quite a bit in my practice over the years. My teacher has advocated for at least 1 hour of meditation time in a day, where in that hour I learn to still my mind, chant mantras and quiet the world outside so that the inner self will emerge. 

How to Improve Your Memory: 7 Tips and Exercises to Sharpen Your Memory

A healthy brain is absolutely vital for good brain function and to fight off mental illnesses. The best way to attain it is by increasing blood flow to the brain.

With improved blood flow, you can see a rapid improvement in executive functions such as focus, cognition and acuity, willpower, better control over emotions, and most important of all, sharpened short and long-term memory. 

The Power of Choice - Habits for Happiness

Choice. It is a powerful word, one that places its commander at the helm of the ship. We often hear people say: “I do not have a choice.” “I have to do this.” “I have to do that.” These statements are dangerous because they plant the seeds for so much stress in our world.

The Essential Principles of Lifelong Motivation

If you look up the word ‘motivation’ in a dictionary it is described as ‘reason or reasons for acting in a particular way’. Essentially, motivation is the driving force behind everything we do in life, and the part that states ‘in a particular way’ implies that we can be motivated to make both actions that have a positive and negative outcome. 

How Writing Improves Your Brain & Helps You Heal

Humans are the only living beings on the earth who can express their thoughts in the form of writing. Call it an evolutionary success of the higher primates or an act of adaptation, the complex human brains show remarkable feature in terms of superiority in the animal kingdom.

6 Benefits of Yoga Meditation for a Healthy Brain

The ultra-modern world of today is marred by distractions. Our mind and body constantly run a race to meet our needs and desires. Working nonstop is the need of the hour and, if we don’t do so, our survival becomes endangered.

The 5 Key Elementals for Achieving Nirvana

Yoga is a gripping activity due to its various benefits, which we are able to experience in our day-to-day life. Yoga is also something that you can perform anywhere, be it your home or some remote open location, mainly because it needs no equipment.

The Science of Silence

Silence is golden. Practicing silence is a powerful way to see ourselves more clearly and to observe the relationship between our inner and outer worlds with greater understanding. Time spent in intentional silence can go a long way toward revealing the architecture of our hearts and unfolding a life full of fulfillment and purpose.

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