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Relieve Winter Congestion With Meditation

by Hazrienne Feisal

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Winter months can be considered as the cold and flu season for certain people who look at these months with a sense of dread. An occasional cold is a natural part to develop your immune system. However, congestion could be a struggle if you have sinus problems. The good news is that meditation can relieve winter congestion.

It’s easy to hate this season if you spend it with a painful face, scared of sinus congestion and feeling your whole head and ears all plugged up. And if you add the freezing temperature and lack of daylight, you don’t even want to think about doing some yoga and meditation.

How do you shift these symptoms and thoughts so that you can be the best out of these three months?


Know The Healing Power of Your Mind


meditating in a deck

Yoga teaches us that the mind is an incredibly powerful tool that can live in this body. Western medicine is very well acquainted with the idea that the mind can make us sick, the idea of psychosomatic illness.

But what the Western world is not as familiar with is the idea that the mind can make us well too, and that's where yoga and meditation come in to show us first hand the mind's capacity to radically change the body. Meditation helps us to find that state of optimal vitality and wellness through harnessing the power of the mind.


Healing With The Power of Your Chants


meditation for sinus

Homemade natural remedies can relieve the sinus, but a more fun way to do it is by chanting! With mantra meditation, that is. One of the popular most popular mantras, Om, is a simple sound considered to have a vibration and rhythmic pronunciation. It can have a relaxing effect on the body and calms the mind.

By chanting "Om" during your meditation practice, you will create sound vibrations, which encourage the air to move back and forth between the sinus membranes and nasal passages. This will allow your sinuses to drain properly from the air movements that connect your nose to your sinuses.

All you have to do is to close your mouth and use your tongue to the upper palate so that you can really feel the vibration to the most of in the head. Look for the right tone by coming from low to high tones and place your finger on top of the sinuses and when you started to feel the vibration the most in you and your finger it means that you have found the right tone.

Another way to make this more effective is by placing both of your index or middle finger at the two small holes called the upper and lower puncta, located at the corner of your eyes near the nose. Put a little pressure on these areas and use your thumb to close both of your ears so that it will create more vibrations inside the system.

breathing technique for sinus


Healing With the Power of Your Breath


Studies have shown that humming can help to ventilate and open up your sinuses by increasing the nitric oxide levels - a molecule that our body produces to help its 50 trillion cells to communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout your entire body. Basically, it can help our body improve our sleep quality, reduce inflammation, fight off bacteria and increase our immune system.

Slowly take as deep a breath as you can and start the humming sound with both of your eyes and ears closed. You can repeat this as many times as you like but I would suggest doing at least 10 to 12 times and this will clear up a lot of internal vibrations inside.

Once you have done this, put your thumb on the right side of your nose blocking out the right nostril and start inhaling deeply through your left nostril. At the top of your inhalation, close the left nostril with your ring finger and release the right nostril and exhale through this nostril.

breathing technique

Another efficient method is Nadi Shodhana or Alternate Nostril Breathing. It is a Pranayama breathing technique that can balance the nadis, or channels of energy throughout the body, and harmonizes both of your hemispheres of the brain that release stress and anxiety.

You can repeat this method up to 10 full cycles and gradually increase it once you have gained experience in channeling the air throughout your body in a concentrated flow.

Practicing your breathing using this technique can be a simple way to bring awareness and harmony to your life. Keep practicing it many times during this cold season and it will help you move throughout your day with balance, grace, and equanimity. And most importantly, without congestion!

Through the power of the mind and through the steady rhythmic breathing you can restart the healthy movement of the skull bones that's going to help flush the sinuses free.

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