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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Morning Routine

by Sophia Smith

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Being abruptly awaken by your alarm clock can make it difficult to start your day with optimism. Add to this the lack of time and having to rush to get ready, the first minutes of your day can become very stressful.

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However, it doesn’t have to be this way. By setting your alarm clock a bit earlier and creating a morning routine that you’ll actually enjoy, waking up and preparing for your day can become more pleasurable and can set a much better tone for what awaits you. Take a look at these five tips for making the most of your morning routine.

5. Tend to your body
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Not leaving yourself enough time to actually wake up before you get pulled into the turmoil of your day is the worst thing you can do. Setting your alarm clock half an hour earlier gives you the opportunity to do something that will energize you as soon as you get out of bed.

Take a cold or a contrast shower to improve your circulation, have a glass of lukewarm lemon water, use some natural skin products for your body and face and do a quick exercise routine. If you take time to make yourself feel good once you’re awake, you’ll feel better throughout your whole day as well.

4. Nourish your mind
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After awakening your body, do the same to your mind. The goal is to feel as good mentally as you do physically, so instead of having your coffee to go, take time to drink it at home and top it off with some meditation. By combining these two, your mind will be stimulated in just the right way to deal with anything your day might bring.

Other things that could animate you in the morning include listening to your favorite music or, if you’re in a relationship, having a nice, soothing conversation with your partner.

You should avoid looking at your phone or laptop as soon as you open your eyes since social networks and emails will throw you straight into the loop of other people’s cares, needs, and opinions. Your morning should be all about you, your thoughts and wellbeing, not anybody else’s.

3.Have a proper breakfast
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The first meal you have in the morning should prepare you for all your daily tasks, so it’s essential that you opt for the foods which will positively affect your performance and energy levels. Have some whole grain toast with eggs, oatmeal with nuts and seeds, or a breakfast smoothie with various berries, citruses, and fresh vegetables. The trick is to maximize your nutritional intake, without unnecessary calories.

Learn what vitamins and minerals you can and can’t get from your food and adjust your diet in accordance with that. For example, since you’re very unlikely to get enough magnesium from your food, find the best magnesium supplements for you and use them. This mineral is crucial for normal muscle and body function, plus it can help you with chronic back or neck pain. Knowing what your body requires to be at its best will help you maintain your wellness and give you the strength and stamina to deal with anything that comes your way.

2. Prepare the evening before
Morning rituals

One way to prevent stress and starting your day off on the wrong foot is to do some preparing before you go to bed in the evening. You can begin with the practical things, such as picking out your outfit and combining it with the perfect shoes and a bag. And when it comes to the bag, make sure it’s filled with the things you’ll need, so that you don’t forget something important, like your wallet or your subway pass. It could also be helpful to make a schedule with all your tasks, chores and activities for the day.

When you’re done with the practical, move to things that might make your morning more pleasant. For example, take some time every night to find a nice inspirational quote that could mentally empower you. Write it on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you’ll surely see it in the morning so that it can motivate you and have you at the top of your game all day.

1. Do something that makes you smile

The best way not to be grumpy in the morning is to smile a couple of times before you leave your home. It might seem difficult, but it’s actually simpler than you can imagine. Just think about the things that excite you. Not the big life events, like getting a promotion or buying a new house, but the little things that make you shine.

So, mix in some of your favorite fruit into your granola, put on those earrings you love so much or switch from your regular perfume to that new bottle, just for today. Think about all the things and people in your life you’re grateful for and you’ll have a protective bubble of positive energy around you till you come back home and can do it all over again.

Once you realize that there could be more to your mornings than jumping out of bed and in a panic, you’ll be able to take pleasure from them. And when that happens, you’ll be happier, more productive and you’ll notice the good things around you more easily.

 A healthy body and a healthy mind are one and the same. Go on a meditation and detox retreat and start reaping the rewards of mindful living!

Sophia has contributed to a number of publications including Cause Artist, How to Simplify, Carousel, Whytt Magazine, Eco Warrior Princess and Secret GardenYou can find out more about her writing by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Google +

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