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5 Things to Quit to Stay Healthy

by Jessica Stafford

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When we’re young, we tend to ignore the significance of leading a balanced life.

Our body is able to withstand an immense amount of physical and mental pressure. Being able to cope with all the mounting stress, we feel that our body has some kind of superpower and it does not need any extra attention.

But, with age, it starts withering, and then the ignorance of our youth starts showing. A careless and carefree youth drains us more easily, both mentally and physically, in our mid-thirties and the years beyond that.

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Life doesn’t stop with youth, but it starts with it. So, it is vital that you start taking care of this precious gift from an early age.

If you want to grow old gracefully, live smartly now.

1. Stop with the excuses

We often tend to live in a make-believe world. Though we know we all will grow old someday and the body will not be in a condition to take the stress that it receives during our young age, we tend to excuse ourselves from it.

In spite of knowing that not maintaining a healthy and balanced life will harm us, we purposefully close our eyes to it.

The first step towards healthy living is to stop making excuses for yourself. Accept that your body and mind are like machines and that if you do not take care of them, they will depreciate at a much faster rate.

Exercise is an essential aspect of life, and yet we find a million reasons not to do it regularly. In spite of knowing that half an hour's exercise a day will benefit us in numerous ways, we tend to ignore it and blame it on our busy schedule.

Life will become more hectic as responsibilities will increase with age and we need to prepare our body for all the struggles, and thus we need to start leading a healthy, more balanced life from today.

2. Stop self-defeating thoughts

Self-criticism and low esteem are very common self-defeating thoughts that hold people back. The way someone thinks has a very large impact on how that person behaves and interacts with himself and the world. So, how can you break this barrier of negative thoughts?

  • Know your needs

Figure out your needs and what do you want to be happy. However, you should be logical here. Do not demand something way beyond your reach. Of course, you can reach their when you think and grow step by step.

  • Do good even when you are down

People's actions are always a reflection of how they feel and what they are going through. So, to beat this self-defeating thought of doing the things out of your current situation, try to do always good when even you are not feeling right. Eventually, this will give you a positive boost.

  • Don't choke yourself

Often, people take their work and life for granted. They always go after the things with an "I have to" attitude. This leads to a situation when you feel choked. So, try to remind yourself that nothing is guaranteed and rather than "I have to", develop a thought process of "I get to".

3. Stop Binge-Watching TV

Watching TV is not something to be very alarmed of. We all like a little escape at some point. However, being hooked to the fictional characters on screen can lead to developing ideas of life and relationships that are not really healthy. (Looking at you 500 Days of Summer and Twilight) 

You start thinking and comparing your life with unrealistic characters, and that may lead to depression. Aside from the emotional drawbacks, binge-watching TV habit can cause a person to become less productive. So, rather than hooking yourself to the TV, treat yourself to a digital detox. Go out for a walk, listen to music, go for any outdoor sports or any other activities that will connect you with the real world.

4. Try to avoid staying up too late

Staying up till late in the night for parting or even studying can also lead to a few health-related issues. Like the other factors, it will not reflect at a young age, but its repercussions will be felt as you grow old.

If you think back, you might feel that during the teenage days you could spend more than 72 hours without sleeping but in your 30s the same stamina doesn't persist.

Your body craves rest, so why stretch yourself unnecessarily? The old proverb very rightfully says, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." If you go early to the bed, you get an extended period of sleep which in return provides you with better cognitive functionalities, you feel more productive, more energetic and you will be less stressed.

5. Avoid Mindless Eating

The dangers of careless eating are not hidden from any of us but we tend to overlook it. There are many awareness campaigns, and prominent celebs actively participating in these to raise their voice against unhealthy eating habits.

Mindless eating can cause obesity, stomach related issues, high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart-related issues. It also kills the appetite for healthy food.

So, it is vital that you abstain from unhealthy food and be mindful of the food you put into your body.

Staying healthy and eating the right food will give you with both mental and physical strength. So, promise yourself to quit all your bad habits and lead a good life.

Need a jump start to a healthier, more balanced life? Go on a meditation and detox retreat to bring your body back to life! 

Jessica is an advocate for healthy, organic living and you can find her at discovercharcoaltoothpaste.org 

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