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Live a Happy, Healthy and Harmonious Life with Meditation

by Manmohan Singh

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We all strive for a lucrative career, luxury, and comfort so that we can lead a happy and fulfilled life. We leave no stone unturned to amass the wealth and materialistic goods for living an opulent life. Many of us believe that money and career growth bring peace and contentment. However, in reality, this is a fallacy. Worldly pleasures might make a life hassle-free but these do not result in long-lasting peace. In this article, we will unearth the deep secrets of meditation to increase happiness and personal growth.

True Happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized by pleasant emotions that arise from deep within. Only when we walk the path of ‘self-acceptance’ and rest with the idea of ‘letting go’, can we embrace ‘Inner Peace’.

This state of inner peace empowers us to retain a happy and harmonious attitude and behavior towards the daily struggles and stress. It is a path that gives us an opportunity to explore ourselves fully, to transcend our own limitations, and makes us realize that within us lies the capability to control our emotions and responses. With self-peace and contentment, we are the universe, we are rich beyond our imagination.

Unlock Inner Peace and find the internal light with the healing technique of Meditation. The ancient discipline of meditation is a method of quieting the mental chatter and gaining consciousness which is different from the waking state. It is the process of fathoming all layers of the self and eventually connecting with the center of wisdom within. Scientifically, the meditation practices affect the areas of the brain and mold the responses in fantastic ways:

  • Lateral Prefrontal Cortex: The practices activate this part of the brain that allows you to make decisions from a more logical, rational, and balanced perspective.
  • Medial Prefrontal Cortex: Meditation modulates the “Me center of the brain”-- the medial prefrontal cortex and decreases the tendency of the mind to take things personally.
  • Beta waves: Meditation increases Alpha brain waves which stimulate creativity and minimizes depression.

Meditation Techniques:

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1. Mindfulness Meditation: The basic principle of Mindfulness meditation is to keep the mind focused in the present moment. It is a technique of staying here and now and enjoying the present moment with full attention. Sit comfortably and focus on the breath and experience a calmness unfolding.

2. Zen Meditation: The technique to practice this meditation is to sit in concentration. Count on the breaths and keep the mind fully focused. The goal is to observe one’s thoughts without judgment. A form of meditation that requires discipline and practice.

3. Transcendental Meditation: Developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and popularized by the Beatles band when they studied this technique under the guidance of Mahesh Yogi in Rishikesh during the 60’s and 70’s. This technique involves reciting a holy mantra.

4. Vipassana Meditation: Vipassana Meditation is a technique to perceive things as they are. This is an ancient practice taught for treating illness, based on self-observation. By becoming aware of the variants of mind, a person can gain mastery over the brain and body.

5. Mantra Meditation: Chanting of sacred sounds is a delightful way of focusing the mind on a particular goal. The vibrations of the sound positively affect the body, mind, and soul of a practitioner.

Benefits of Meditation:

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1. Tranquilizes the Brain: We cannot eliminate all the stressors in our lives but we can minimize the negative effects of stress on our health and well-being. Stress hormones affect responsive actions, attention, and trigger the sympathetic nervous system which contributes to increased heart rate and high blood pressure. Meditation increases our ability to calm ourselves, the release of happy hormones and the metabolic processes.

2. Access to Inner Wisdom: When we are excited or stressed, our brain waves are high and we use more of the physical part of the brain. Meditation relaxes our mind, resulting in lower brain waves. It is a mind where reality takes place before becoming physical.

3. Spiritual Wisdom: Meditate often to transform your health, to open your heart, and to gain spiritual wisdom. Spiritual wisdom is about unearthing who you really are and applying the knowledge in your daily life.

4. Better Concentration: Meditation is the most powerful concentration enhancement technique. While meditating, watch your breath. This teaches you to focus the mind on one thing at a time. As you focus on your breath, it slows down along with the brain and moves you into a peaceful state of being.

5. Personal Transformation: Meditation can bring about a personal transformation. As you meditate consistently, you delve deeper into your true consciousness, you learn to accept the authentic you, and eventually fall in love with self.

Meditate for a happy, healthy, and harmonious life. Meditate to enrich yourself to lead to a more fulfilled life.


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