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The 5 Best Places to Peacefully Meditate in Your Own Home

by Nick

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Meditation is synonymous to peace, self-reflection, and relaxation. It’s your time away from the daily turmoil created by worldly factors like work pressure, traffic, family issues, etc. In general, meditation has been illustrated as a practice commonly performed in vast, open spaces away from the hustle and bustle of the city – usually in a lush park or a beautiful beach. Though parks and beaches do make an ideal place for meditation, one doesn’t really have to ’give up’ should they fail to find such spots.

The simple yet powerful meditation practice can be performed anywhere you find adequate space for yourself to lie down and breathe! As long as your postures are well defined and your breathing is poised and focused, the location doesn’t really matter.

The great thing about meditation is that it doesn’t require weights or other equipment (usually found in gyms) and hence you can take them wherever you want to.

So, free yourself from the pressure of seeking an idyllic destination to begin your practice. And to help you, here, I’m sharing some of the places within your own home that can be transformed into a Zen meditation ‘room’ :


1. The Garden/ The Backyard

meditation in the garden

As I mentioned earlier, nothing can beat the presence of Mother Nature. More oxygen, more breezes, chilly shade, that’s all you need. Plush gardens or even patchy signs of greenery are soothing to the eyes and quite welcoming, too. All you need to do is to find a place to spread open your mat (trimmed grass should be perfect). But even if the garden is not very well maintained, your focus on the final result is all that matters. 


2. The Study

meditation in the study

Instead of staring blankly at walls, wondering what your next exams or work-related projects hold for you; invest that tiny bit of time in studying your inner self. There’s hardly any instructors out there who’d give you such priceless advice. Keeping humor aside, it is much important for students or for anyone who is going through a period of book work to take some time off the texts and meditate.

The session will help the individual in improving their focus towards studies and to bring in the much-needed calmness before heading to the exam. Also, the fact that the study is usually located in isolated areas with tightened doors to eliminate external noise brings in more concentration. Coupled with soothing music, you will have successfully transformed this space into your go-to meditation room. 


3. (The Area Around) The Swimming Pool

meditation around the pool

Should you be blessed with an in-house swimming pool, you’d be interested to know that its surrounding area can also be used for an exhilarating meditation session. The pleasing sound of flowing water can be used as an advantage that is usually associated with waves lapping on seashores or the gushing of rivers, at a much lower intensity, of course.

You can couple your session with a post-meditation swim for the perfect physical and mental workout! 

4. The Bedroom

As you probably already know,  your bedroom is one of the most ideal locations for a refreshing and uninterrupted session. It’s a private and secluded place, with minimum interruptions. You can take your privacy to the next level by hanging a DIY ‘Do Not Disturb’ tag on your doorknob. It also serves as another way to create an environment of curiosity at home!

Moreover, if you are planning to take meditation in your bedroom quite seriously, you can even decorate your room with wallpapers and accessories that will induce a positive feeling. Place a few home-friendly plants and garner your bedroom with a rich aroma that helps you keep your mind away from the stress existing outside your very own ‘sanctuary’.

5. The Car


Meditating in the car

Image credit: Newyorkcitynewlyweds.blogspot.co.uk

While your car is certainly not part of the house, chances are, your car can be found parked in the garage or driveway – and therefore, is located in the vicinity of your home.

Think of it as a practical retreat where you can easily access – somewhere you can go to meditate away from those you share your living quarters with. I recommend using the back seat as your ‘mat’. Here, you can pull off some of the easy-to-do exercises like the ones which require extensive breathing sessions and minimum body stretch. Soon enough, you will be able to achieve zen in your car even when you find yourself stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic!

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