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Here's Why Millennials Should Embrace Mindfulness Meditation

by Harsh

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Millennials have joined the mad rush to compete with time. We’ve reached a point in society where the fast life is highly valued and being busy is praised, but being still and appreciating the present moment is just as important. 

We’re so busy that we just can't seem to stop, no matter what time it is on our watches. This unnatural pace is the root of many issues, but mindfulness meditation can set things in the right order again.

Meditation is much more than sitting cross-legged while doing some breathing exercises. It is a way of transforming the mind to be better equipped to handle the stressors and strains of day-to-day life. 

With mindfulness meditation, you’ll learn how to stay in touch with the present moment and attain a sort of detachment that will improve your concentration. 

So, if you are looking for reasons to slow down a little then look no further! Here’s why millennials should embrace meditation.

Meditation and Millennials

young woman meditating

Meditation has several positive effects that can help make the lives of millennials so much easier. No, it does not help you develop superhuman powers, but it will definitely calm your senses, help keep your body healthy and your mind clear and focused.

This calming effect will allow you to enjoy the present, and also bring about a balance between your mental and physical wellbeing. But, yes, you do need to take some time out of your busy schedule to practice meditation.

Being Mindful Increases Concentration

woman meditating

Now, more than ever, switching your mobile to “do not disturb” has become an important part of overall wellness. As we become more and more dependent on tech for work, entertainment, and current events, people spend more time on their smartphones than with their friends.

Modern society is significantly more dependent on the use of technology. All of the information in the world sits right in the palm of our hands but we just don’t have the concentration to take it all in anymore. This lack of concentration can be attributed to overuse of technology.

Over-exposure to technology allows people to multi-task which reduces their attention span and leads to split concentration. It does not seem like a massive problem in the beginning. But if steps are not taken, then it can produce negative effects.

Mindfulness meditation techniques will help you to combat this. It will not only increase your concentration power but will also develop your overall productivity. This is something that all millennials can use!

Get the Upper Hand on Stress and Anxiety

relaxed man

We get it, you have a lot on your plate. Sometimes it becomes rather tricky to juggle professional and personal life with equal competence. The pressure of meeting professional deadlines and the expectations of family members can cause tremendous stress and anxiety.

Under such situations, it is difficult to have a blank mind and practice regular meditation but it is here that the importance of mindful-meditation comes to the forefront. This meditation technique teaches you to stay in the present and deal with the issues, without losing your calm.

By focusing your attention on one task at a time, you will have the power to solve it competently. Once you finish that, you can switch on to the next one. This smooth transition will allow you to complete the work at hand, without disrupting the mental and physical harmony.

Increased Motivation for Achieving Goals

team goals

Athletes, CEOs of giant corporate organizations, movie stars, and scientists, all practice some sort of meditation. Ever wondered why? They have to follow hectic schedules, which leaves very little time to relax. Meditation allows relaxation to the body as well as the mind. But that is not all.

Millennials have a lot to achieve, and they have to complete it now. They are competing to keep pace with time. Focus, determination, planning and hard work allow individuals to achieve their final goals. Successful people need to keep their mind stable at all times. They cannot let disturbance get the better of them.

Mindfulness meditation helps in this process. Both setting and achieving goals become easy once you devote time to work on the betterment of your concentration. Enhanced concentration will assist millennials to attain their aims.

An Overall Healthy Living

 cheerful people

Last but not the least, this meditation technique has opened ways for millennials to enjoy a better life. If you can keep anxiety, negativity, and stress under control, then you will stay happy and content from within. The outside environment will not disturb the calm within.

A lack of tranquility urges millennials to indulge in unhealthy eating habits. Tendencies to smoke and consume alcohol are on the rise among millennials. Inner peace and self-balance will keep one away from these habits as well, thereby promoting overall healthy living.

People all over the world are readily taking up this innovative meditation technique. When so many people are raving about its positive effects, then it must have done something right. Something that can offer calmness to the “ever-busy” millennial is worth the shot. Taking the help of an expert will produce better results. Otherwise, going on a mindful meditation retreat will definitely help get you in the right frame of mind. 

Feel like you just don't have the time for a breakaway? Then a weekend meditation retreat is a perfect way to kick-start a new lifestyle! 

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