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How Meditation Will Boost Your Sex Life (6 Ways It Improves Your Intimacy)

by Dwayne Austin

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In most cases, people tend to think that meditation is just a procedure of clearing the mind from stressful thoughts. However, it is essential to understand that meditation goes well beyond that and among its abundant benefits, there’s an improved sex life!

Meditation is often a solo procedure whose primary objective is helping you make the much-needed self-mindfulness of your life. Studies have shown that the practice is one of the most effective natural ways to increase stamina, which, consequently, boosts your sex life.

Many people might think that achieving enjoyable sex is just an unlike benefit of meditation, but the truth is that mindfulness is much more beneficial than anything else when you’re with your partner in bed. Meditation has for years been associated with monks and asceticism, which explains why it has taken long before people understand its effects on sex.

Don’t believe me? Here are 6 ways that explain how meditation will help you enjoy more those intimate moments:


1. Meditation Improves Your Energy


energy for sex


In most cases, sexual partners use fatigue as an excuse for not wanting to engage in sexual activity. Therefore, if you have been feeling that exhaustion causes you not to feel like engaging in sex, then you are not alone as this is one of the most common reasons why couples do not enjoy making love as they once did.

A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation reveals that one in every married or cohabiting people in America are often too tired to engage in sex as they are so sleep deprived. However, meditation is a deeper body rest than sleep that helps you feel more awake and full of energy. This is because high energy and a great mood are all you need to achieve a more satisfying sexual encounter with your partner.


2. Meditation Improves Your Concentration


concentration in sex


Most people tend to remain trapped in past or future cycles due to an overdeveloped left-brain. This is because the left-brain is the one that is in charge of rehearsing the future and reviewing the past. Being trapped in the past or future prevents you from focusing on the present activity, which makes it hard for you to achieve an orgasm.

On the other hand, the right brain deals with the present moment awareness, which means that is the part of the brain where meditation takes place. Studies have shown that the longer we meditate, the more we can attain more brain cohesion. This helps create a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Therefore, meditating regularly improves your awareness, attention and your computing ability for any task that you are currently undertaking. Improved concentration is also important in enhancing your relationship, as no partner likes a distracted lover.


3. Meditation Overcomes Stress 


man meditating in the sunset


When you decrease your stress levels, the total opposite happens to your sexual desire. Recent studies have also shown that increased cortisol levels (stress hormone) prevents female orgasms and contribute to erectile dysfunction as they lead to low testosterone in the body. Besides, women do not feel sexually aroused when they are stressed out and incapable of achieving orgasm after exceeding a certain amount of cortisol levels.

This explains why there has always been a relaxing ritual before sex in almost every civilization. This is because of the more relaxed, the more you are going to enjoy the sexual activity and the easier it is for you to achieve orgasm. Moreover, increased stress levels cause the body to release adrenaline that leads to constriction of your blood vessels causing poor erections.

Meditation helps you get out of the frustration mood and relax for more satisfying sex life.


4. Meditation Improves Your Mirror Neuron Functioning


concentration sex


According to most scientists, meditation helps in enhancing your mirror neurons, which are the ones that make you more intuitive. This allows you to sense what your sexual partner is feeling and motivates you to do more to satisfy him or her.

In addition, the act of being far more intuitive and relaxed makes you a more generous lover who is willing to do what it takes to please your partner. It also increases the capacity for compassion and empathy, which gives a deeper connection.


5. Meditation Enables You to Enjoy Sex Beyond Orgasm


sex life


Experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm is one of the beautiful things, but that is only one part of sexual experience. Studies have shown that meditation helps in slowing things down to allow you to enjoy every sensation while having sex.

This mindfulness creates a more intimate connection and builds a stronger emotional bond. Most people tend to have a goal-oriented manner approach by thinking that sex is only about having an orgasm. However, meditation allows you to approach sex in a non-goal oriented manner that enables us to enjoy every bit of the experience by slowing things down.


6. Meditation Improves Your Confidence


happy couple


Finally, being unable to think beyond your weaknesses can negatively affect your sexual performance, lower your libido and decrease your sex desire. Meditation helps you find the happiness that exists in you that makes you feel good about yourself and encourages you to avoid seeking external fulfillment. And be sure that a relationship of any two fulfilled partners delivers the much-needed emotional balance that enhances your sex life.




Overall, meditation offers one of the most effective natural ways to increase stamina, which boosts your overall sex life. It improves the connection between you, yourself, your surroundings and your partner; you become more open and receptive to all amazing things in your life (such as sex). And it lets helps you express your love in a more mindful way.

Now you know it. Who needs supplements, pills or other external things to improve your sex life when there’s meditation!?

Want to spend a few days with your partner doing meditation? Go on a meditation retreat for couples and gain a deeper connection with your loved one!

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