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8 Meditation Techniques to Invigorate and Refresh Your Mind & Body

by George Minton

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For many people, the stresses and strains of day-to-day life can be quite hard to overcome. However, if you feel like you are unable to maintain balance over a challenging life situation, meditation could really help to solve that issue. 

Without a doubt, meditation is among the single most powerful tools that you could use to help find some much-needed mental rest and clarity.

Meditation, though, can be hard to do for those who are new to its techniques.

In a bid to help with that problem, we recommend that you look to try out the following eight meditation techniques. Each one provides an illuminating way to look after body, mind and spirit whilst delivering a huge sense of serenity.

So where should you begin when it comes to learning the techniques that we suggest?

Start off by taking a look at the below ideas.

These are among the most powerful techniques that you could use to help retreat the body and to start allowing for a greater sense of spiritual and physical well-being.

Sound like a good idea? Here are some of the most popular meditation techniques that you can benefit from:


1. Breathing Meditation

breathing meditation retreats

Breathing meditation is among the most powerful tools that you can use, and all it requires is for you to find a happy, quiet place. Somewhere that allows you to relax and find peace within body, mind and spirit.

To carry out breathing meditation, you need only find a comfortable sitting position on the floor.

Once you do that, allow yourself to just concentrate on your breathing: nothing more, nothing less. Just follow the breaths that you take: before long, your mind will empty itself of all the congestion and clutter, making it hard to find clarity in life.


2. Mantra Meditation

Similar to the above-mentioned technique, you merely need to find your own mantra to make this kind of meditation work.

The mantra is different for everyone: working with a meditative expert could help you to find out what your own mantra is.

Some people find that all it takes is to make a small noise or something similar. You might find that you might only need to hum along or to have a small sentence or phrase that you say over in your mind

Whatever your mantra is, repeat it over and over until it’s all you consider.


3. Walking Meditation

walking meditation vacation

The art of walking meditation requires only the desire to walk and a safe happy place to do so. You simply set off in a direction, and all you do is take part in watching the world go around you and allow your mind to rest, recover and free itself from the stresses that you feel.

Before long, you should begin to feel a sense of genuine relief from your meditation as you simply walk around. It could be walking around outdoors, or you could be going for a simple walk back and forth – wherever you choose, walking meditation is very useful. Just remember to stay hydrated to keep your mind focused.


4. Binaural Beats Meditation

One of the best ways to find a spot of spiritual serenity is to use binaural beats.

You can find many binaural beats lists on YouTube, or you can find apps on your smart device if you so choose.

Either way, you simply need to assume a position similar to your standard breathing meditation, and then just enjoy the sound of the binaural beats.

Soon, by concentrating on the beats, you’ll begin to find a less cluttered mind and a less radical train of thought, allowing for much-heightened concentration overall.


5. Concentration Meditation

concentration meditation vacation

This particular style of meditation simply follows the art of concentrating on one thing in particular and making it your sole focus for a certain period of time.

Some will choose to concentrate on a single tile on the floor, others may choose an abstract piece of artwork. Some of us will simply choose the sky. Whatever the focus of said concentration though, maintain it.

Being able to follow that single concentrated thought allows us to very quickly and easily empty the mind of all of the other thoughts holding us back and making it hard for us to find the answers we require.


6. Focused Attention Meditation

One of the best things about focused attention meditation is that you will spend a lot of time just enjoying following the focus of something specific.

It’s about turning off the running commentary in our minds and just staying focused on that one particular topic. 

It’s immense for clearing the mind and making it easier to just focus on something that involves the senses: a sight, a sound, a smell, whatever helps your mind to relax.


7. Effortless Meditation

While this will often take some time to reach in terms of meditative skill, effortless meditation is perfect for setting the mind back and just helping to find a sense of inner peace and comfort.

To do this right, all that you need to do is invest some time and some effort into the art of grasping effortless meditation.

Start off by removing any kind of distraction in the mind, and then just allows yourself to be more focused. However, unlike other forms of meditation, effortless meditation does not require you to latch onto or stick to one particular thought.


8. Open Meditation

open meditation retreats

Open meditation is all about simply being more aware of all the items and spaces around you – its’ extremely broad in scope and can be just about anything that you want it to be.

For most who use open meditation, the benefit comes from being able to find a sense of self whilst still acknowledging your nearby surroundings.

While by no means easy, as it can become simple to get distracted and find yourself in everything around you, this often works well as a form of meditation for those who find it hard to lock onto anything in particular.


The Bottom Line

The main thing to remember is that there is no set or given method of meditation which is ‘right’ – there is only the meditation that works for you personally.

Keep that in mind, and you should find it easier to allow yourself to regress to a more comfortable, positive and optimistic state of mind physically and mentally.

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