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Using Numerology with your Meditation Practice

by Jeffrey Ito

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Meditation has, for centuries, been used as a tool for healing and getting to know oneself inside and out. Today it is primarily used as a tool to answer the tough questions in life. Questions like, “Who am I?”, and “Why am I here?”

Apart from the mental clarity and enhanced decision-making abilities brought about by meditation, lower blood pressure, decreased stress levels, a longer lifespan, and a greater understanding of the mind-body connection, are all beneficial side effects that stand to be gained through regular meditation practices.

Meditation has proven its success when it comes to self-discipline and self-mastery. Meditators often display traits of a strong will, self-control, and determination, developed through their practice.

The addition of numerology to meditation will provide even greater clarity, guidance, and direction to your practice, providing insights into how to best focus your energy and efforts. Along with meditation, numerology can help us to better understand our unique and individual personalities, enabling us to better balance our strengths and weaknesses to effectively mold our personality.

Personal Aspects
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A person’s Personal Aspects are one of the tools used in Numerology and are also known as planes of expression, or the building blocks of your personality. They provide an insight and representation into the construct of your personality, highlighting the mental, physical, emotional, and intuitive aspects of your being.

Your personal aspects revealed through numerology show you the areas of your personality that are the strongest, as well as those areas that may need a little extra attention. They will help you to better understand the way that you work, love, communicate, relate to others and express yourself, clearing the way for you to embrace all your natural talents and abilities.

Developing strong and more intimate relationships is a noteworthy area that is developed through this new understanding, along with a strong conviction of your passion, place, and purpose in this life. Your personal aspects can also be used to gain insight into areas of your life that you are not excelling in and should be.

Tapping into this deeper level of self-awareness brings its own rewards and riches, guiding us on the correct path for this journey with a deep understanding of who we are.

Using Numerology for Meditation

Understanding, cherishing, and most importantly accepting our bodies, minds, and spirits are effective potentials brought about through meditation. Tapping into your true potential and really getting to know yourself will help to stoke your creative fires and ignite your innermost desires.

This, after all, is what numerology gets to the bottom of. Helping you to find out more about who you actually are.

It has been researched and proven that meditation is a great contributor to one’s overall well-being, both at the physical and psychological levels. The result of these studies has revealed that the regular incorporation of meditation into your daily life will calm and expand the mind, reduce stress and increase your personal productivity while helping you to better understand yourself.

The use and incorporation of numerology, namely your Personal Aspects, into these meditative practices is the ideal way to help you focus your meditation efforts. The results of this additionally focused meditation will help you to embrace all that is you, at every level and fiber of your being. It is who you are, and what you have been blessed with.

Finding ways and means to work with these aspects of your life, through the use of numerology for meditation, will help to bring about alignment in other aspects or areas of your life that may feel out of sync.

This will help to bring you better balanced and a more centered approach to situations you face in your life. Get a closer look at how you can use numerology for meditation to achieve clarity, guidance and a sense of awareness in your life purpose at Numerology Name Calculator.

Using the information that is brought forth through the use of numerology for the purposes of meditation can help you go deeper inside yourself and help you to better settle the confusion that you may experience from time to time.

While some people live in their heads, and some exclusively in their hearts, we all have different challenges to face in this life and the tools to manage them properly. The better we get to know and understand ourselves, the happier we will be with who we are, why we are here, and the situations that we find ourselves in.

Numerology and meditation are both powerful tools for personal growth and development, and when used in conjunction with each other, can provide us with some much-needed clarity and direction in these times of chaos and disorder. 

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