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Post Election Blues: 5 Meditation Tips to Manage Stress and Anxiety

by Elaine Clara Mah

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For many of us, the shock of the recent US Presidential results has left us in a state of stress and anxiety over the uncertainty of the future. While we can’t control what happens next, we can certainly learn to better manage our anxieties. 

Meditation is an extremely powerful tool to help with stress, and to make it easier, the team at BookMeditationRetreats.com is sharing 5 practical meditation tips to restore your state of peace and calm.


Start the day right

Keep in mind that how you start your morning will frame your outlook for the rest of the day. As you wake up, take a few minutes to just reflect in silence. Close your eyes and observe the soft hums of your breath. Observe the rise and fall of your chest as you breath in and out. A few minutes of this is good enough to reset your mind and allow yourself some peace and quiet before you let the noise of the world in.


Find the root of your stress

The key to acceptance of what bothers you is to first know what it is. Try to take a moment to observe yourself and find out what triggers your anxieties. Once you’ve discovered them, don’t try to suppress it. Instead, apply a meditation technique of simply allowing these thoughts to happen but just be a spectator of it. Separate yourself from your thoughts and simply be an observer looking in. This way, you will learn to acknowledge what bothers you but also learn to let go of them.


Be mindful, always

It is easy to ask someone to be mindful. But what is mindfulness? To put it simply, being mindful is to acknowledge that we can already be happy in the present moment. Happiness isn’t in the future, nor was it in the past. Happiness is in the here and the now. To be mindful is to be here, body and mind. When you are aware of each inhale and exhale, focusing on this present moment, you are mindful. The very basic idea of being mindful is to bring awareness to your breath. Practice it often, if not all the time. To help you practice, pick a cue that would remind you to be mindful. It can be a type of flower, a type of food or a type of color. It could also be a type of practice. Yoga, for one, is considered a great practice to deal with stress. The idea is that when you see the object, you automatically remember to practice mindfulness. So pick something you see often!


Turn the negative into positive

Every time you find yourself in a state of anxiety, reframe that negative aspect into something positive. To put it plain and simple, think happy thoughts. When you think positive thoughts, you would immediately change the outlook of your life to a more optimistic one. If the election results made you unhappy, choose one aspect of your life that made you happy. Perhaps the sound of your dog’s bark made you happy today. Or the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen evoked joy. Turn a negative moment into a positive one to help manage the anxiety.


Sit still for 3 minutes

Woman sitting in meditation. www.BookMeditationRetreats.com

While it is true that the longer you sit in meditation, the better, the reality of our busy lives is that we simply find it difficult to allocate even a good 10 minutes to being silent. Our advice is to start by sitting still and being silent for three minutes. Find a quiet corner to just sit, close your eyes and breath. Allow your thoughts to come through but don’t react to them. Sometimes, three minutes is all it takes to reset your mind and help overcome stress and anxiety!

Meditation is an effective tool to combat anxiety. Deepen your understanding of the meditation practice through a meditation retreat!

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