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Top 10 Rest and Relaxation Travel Destinations

by Barbara Green

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What is your meaning of a relaxing holiday? For some, it's lying back, drenching up the sun and disregarding life's anxieties and strains. For others, it's traveling to new destinations; and for some more people, staying at home is the most relaxing thing in the world. 

Regardless of whether you are planning a family holiday, a romantic break or a city escape, there are some places where you can always relax and loosen up. That is the reason why we've scoured the world to present to you the 10 most laidback destinations around the globe! 




relaxing holiday maldives

The Maldives is considered by many to be the most relaxing travel destination out there. The Maldives is an ideal place to make tracks in the opposite direction from city life. Boasting unparalleled beaches, where clear waters meet powder-delicate white sands, you can spend the day having fun dousing up the sun.

Heal your psyche, body, and soul in the Maldives with your loved ones relaxing at a resort. Or for those looking for a shot of adrenaline, this Indian Ocean heaven offers an abundance of watersports, including surfing, snorkeling, angling, and fishing.




thailand relaxing holiday

From Bangkok to the islands of Phuket, Ko Samui, and Koh Phangan, it's hard not to feel at peace in Thailand. From lovely beaches, peaceful Buddhist sanctuaries, lip-smacking foods, splendid shopping and world-class spas, Thailand meets all holiday requirements to have a fantastic relaxing getaway. 




relaxing in marbella

Image credit: Michael Vadon

This favored destination may have its wild side, but at the same time, it's fantastic to have some downtime. Embracing the southern bank of mainland Spain, Marbella brags beautiful harbors, sandy beaches and verdant greenery – the ideal formula for any relaxing escape. Besides, with a lot of tapas bars dotting the ocean front, you won't battle to locate some incredible nourishment with an unmistakable Mediterranean flavor. 




algarve relaxing

How about a meditation retreat in the Algarve? If your idea of relaxation is being hugged by the sun, ocean, and sand, then this is the place you want to be at. Lethargic evenings can be spent basking in the sun on one of Algarve's shoreline inlets or treating yourself to fresh sardines by the beach stands. Also, if you want to make sure that your trip is safe for the environment, you'll be happy to know that there are a lot of eco-friendly attractions waiting for you! 



relaxing in amsterdam

Famous for its laidback environment, you'll find relaxation comes naturally on a city break to Amsterdam. Take as much time as necessary exploring the city's exhibition halls, but know that there are many ways to relax in nature like loading off on a channel pontoon journey.

We'd likewise suggest studying the Jordan territory of the city by bike, as you can cycle at a lackadaisical pace along the quiet waterway, and meander through minimal side lanes with entrancing looks of city life before withdrawing to one of Amsterdam's numerous comfortable bars for a nightcap. 



resting in bali

Image credit: Thomas Depenbusch

If you like the sound of excellent beaches, flavorful nourishment and excellent culture, look no farther than Bali. Abide away the hours sunbathing in the excellent Nusa Dua or move inland to Ubud, the innovative capital of this Indonesian archipelago where you'll be able to explore the neighborhood markets and deal with local people offering handmade expressions and artworks. 



chilling in tenerife

A standout amongst the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Antigua is an aphorism for rest. This gem of an island overflows a laidback vibe that you're sure to discover irresistible, especially in case you are taking a couple's holiday or romantic break.

The island capital of St John's is unquestionably justified regardless of a long walk; around the colonial architecture and beautiful harbor, there's a lot of sights to take in. 



meditation retreat in tenerife

As the most well-known island in the Canaries, Tenerife may not instantly spring to mind when you think of relaxing holidays. In any case, with a wealth of beaches to loosen up in addition to the island's laidback climate, you can't resist the urge to feel at home in Tenerife.

A trek up Mount Teide – Tenerife's dynamic fountain of liquid magma – offers the chance to get away from everything and have a memorable experience.




meditation in dubai

Transcending high rises, radiant beaches and shopping centers on tap, Dubai has something that'll completely transform the meaning of a relaxing holiday. With so many resorts and 5-star hotels, if you want a relaxing luxurious holiday, there’s no better place than Dubai.

But if you are one of those people who prefer to rest their minds by doing outdoor activities, the offer in Dubai is just excellent. For instance, there are waterparks, safaris and notwithstanding skiing tours that make the United Arab Emirates a one-of-a-kind destination.



meditating in budapest

If you’re looking to crush it in looking for a destination for relaxation, a city break to lovely Budapest could possess all the necessary qualities. The relaxing River Danube separates the capital of Hungary and likewise brags a fable-like a palace, hot spas in addition to phenomenal sustenance including the national dish of delicious goulash made with warming paprika. And not just that, the city's metro framework is anything but complicated to explore and local people are very inviting.

Last thoughts

Chances are any vacation you might take will relax you to a certain degree. Just by leaving work and the typical routine, you can get away from the worries of your regular day to day life. That said, there are several destinations like the ones above that are known for their emphasis on wellbeing, health, and obviously, relaxation.

Don’t have much money to travel and relax right now? Don’t you worry, there are many affordable meditation retreats available!

Barbara is a guest author from Sleeptitan.com

*Featured image credit: Evan Forester

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