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5 Simple Yet Effective Lifestyle Changes for A Happier, Healthier and Successful Life

by Suzanne Winchester

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The way we approach our life is reflected in our lifestyles. Whatever we eat, drink, speak, or decide greatly influences the quality and direction of our lives. As we age, the ramifications of our lifestyle activities, more often than not, start appearing. We either are able to maintain our vitality or develop life-threatening illnesses. 

If any of these have ringed a distant bell, then it’s about time you made a fresh start with a changed lifestyle to unleash your full potential. While it’s true that it isn’t a walk in the park to suddenly change habits that have been ingrained for long but, a clear disposition and a gradual change in lifestyle with the help of a powerful meditation practice will certainly improve your odds of success. 


tips to a happier life


If you want to make a positive turn in your life, then the following simple lifestyle changes will definitely help you achieve that:


Practice Mindfulness


In today’s fast-paced world with an increasingly competitive environment, people are suffering from high levels of stress, which is taking a toll in their lives. To counter this, it is important for you to be present in every moment and appreciate it. Mindfulness is essentially the process of focusing your attention on the present moment, which has been found to be a key element in happiness.

When you practice mindfulness, you basically practice the art of creating space for yourself. This space allows you to calmly think, breathe, talk and react. Increasing your capacity for mindfulness helps you savor the pleasures of life as they occur. The most crucial impact of being mindful in your life is that by focusing on here and now, you are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past.


(Genuinely) Connect With People


genuine group connection


Striking a good relationship with others and connecting with them sincerely is one of the most important factors for achieving happiness. It is a fact that people with stronger relationships are happier, healthier and have longer lives as compared to those who don’t. People usually lose touch with their friends and family because they get caught up with work and other priorities.

Therefore, make time for people who matter to you and celebrate meaningful occasions and holidays (e.g: Thanksgiving). Invite your close friends over for dinner by sending them thanksgiving printable cards. A close relationship with friends and family is a strong basis for love and support in your life, which in turn may help to elevate your feelings of self-worth and a sense of belonging.


Take Care of Your Body


water sport


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. It is not just a cliché but a fact of life as well. Mind, body, and soul work in tandem and their effective collaboration results in a happier and healthier person. A healthy body plays a vital role in uplifting your mood, which in turn is crucial in lifting you out of depression.

To take care of your body, you don’t have to go through heavy workout sessions or run marathons. There are simple things that you can do to boost your well-being – take regular morning walks, practice yoga, drink more water, eat healthily, unplug from technology, and get enough sleep. Be aware and take note of which healthy activities lift your mood, and make an effort to do them more often. 


Choose to Stay positive  & Believe in Yourself


stay positive


Being able to stay positive during adversities is a rare but rewarding quality. Many studies have shown that optimistic people are physically and psychologically healthier than pessimists. It is a simple reasoning – positive thinking leads to a positive attitude, which in turn helps you live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Staying positive boosts your motivation, which helps you achieve your goals quicker and easier. As a matter of fact, in the absence of a positive attitude, your mind tends to wander until it finds a threat. Furthermore, having an unwavering belief in yourself and your abilities boosts your self-esteem. Believing that you are a valuable person (cause you are) and have something to offer (cause you do).


Find Your Why!


believe in yourself


Motivation is essentially an urge stemming out of internal or external factors, which makes you continually interested and committed to achieving your goal. More practically, many experts believe that motivation is a form of behavior and impulse to react towards challenging situations. All individuals have goals whatever they may be, but the more pertinent thing is to figure out why we have these goals.

Knowing your why is the first step to becoming motivated to create a life you enjoy living. To derive your motivation, you need to have a vision, which acts like a compass and provides you with an initiative in deciding which direction to go.

The reins of your life are always in your hands and it is your call to decide which direction you want to take your life. You only need to have a little bit of willpower and make gradual changes in your lifestyle. 


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