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8 Ways to Cope with Stress when Working Away from Home

by Jennifer Ranking

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Today’s workplace environment has taken on a dramatic change for the better. The age of the “Digital Nomad” has come and many millennials are ditching the average 9-5 routine for careers that give way for more flexibility and freedom.

Thanks to the perfectly filtered Instagram and Facebook lives of many digital nomads, the ability to travel the world while working has quickly become the dream of many. The internet is filled with many guides on the benefits of this lifestyle, but, as with anything else, there are a few challenges that come with the digital nomad territory. 

When you’re working away from home regularly, it can become stressful and tiring. You don’t get the comfort of coming home to your loved ones and traveling can really take it out of you. Clothes are being dumped in and out of your suitcase and you may be switching from hotel room to hotel room.

It’s good to create an atmosphere as homely as possible when you’re away, so here are some tips for getting you through what may seem a bit of a difficult period away from home.

Be organized and prepared before you leave
woman working at a desk

One thing that can be extremely stressful is leaving home and then forgetting or doing something that you needed for the trip. Anything from passports to important documentation, just make sure they’re in check. If you’re traveling to the UK or America, you may need to check with immigration specialists to secure a work visa. There are many immigration lawyers London based, or wherever you’re from. Not doing so could lead to consequences for both you or your employer. Keep an itinerary of what’s required for the trip before you start to pack everything.

Keep close contact with your loved ones
People holding wooden heart

With the advancement in technology, it’s now easier than ever to see and speak to loved ones even when you’re in completely different parts of the world. A simple phone call doesn’t go amiss but you can even go one step further and do video calls so it feels like you’re basically in the same room. When the family’s all sitting around the table for dinner, get them on facetime and discuss each other’s day. Discuss tv programs on the telly if you’re able to watch it at the same time. Any little moment you have that can include your loved ones, make the most of it.

Stick to the routine you have at home

Although you might be in a different environment, sticking to the same routine you have at home and making the time for reflection and meditation will help you to be more relaxed and at ease no matter where in the world you are.

So, if your usual routine is having a shower when you get in, eating and then reading a book before you go to bed, do the exact same thing when you’re away from home. Just because you’re away from home it doesn’t mean your whole routine needs to change.

Engage with your fellow co-workers
adults enjoying dinner together

If you have a group of workers as part of the trip, it’s likely you’re all in the same boat and not the only one working away from home. If that’s the case, it should be easy to socialize with them by going for a coffee or grabbing something to eat somewhere. It’ll help ease you into the process of being away from home as it can be a healthy distraction from thinking about it.

Stop yourself from being homesick

It can be difficult to prevent homesickness whilst you’re away, especially if you tend to miss home often. There are a few things you can try though that may help you feel a bit more comfortable such as spending time in nature, meditation and yoga.

You want to try and make sure that where you stay feels as much like home as possible so why not pack a few things from back home that’ll help you to fit in a bit better. Bring family photos to keep in your accommodation or a familiar item that reminds you of back home like a blanket. Just try to make your surroundings as close to home as possible.

woman running

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. If you’re feeling down from working away get into the local gym and lift a few weights or join a yoga class. Alternatively, you could just explore the outdoors.

When working away from home you’re likely to be visiting a place you’ve never been before, so in your spare time away from work why not do a bit of exploring of the city or the local area, you’re staying at. Even if it’s just a stroll to take in some sights.


Just talk

Sharing how you feel can normally be the best remedy when you’re not in a great place. If you’re just not dealing well with working away from home just talk to someone about it, whether it’s a work colleague or a loved one. It can be comforting to express how you feel to someone else because they may even feel the same way as you. If so, there’s bound to be things that they do to cope with working away from home too so you’re unlikely to be alone.

Have some time to yourself
Man in countryside

The comforts of home can be great, but sometimes it can also be extremely stressful. Working away is one way you can move away from the chaos and chill out. There’s no one else to think about but yourself so why not enjoy an extra 15 minutes in the bath, or use the time to just do something you’d enjoy such as keeping a journal of your travels. 


Although working and traveling is a great way to discover yourself and the world, it’s the inner journey that really counts. So why not head on a quick meditation retreat to rediscover and recharge your mind and body. 

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