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nOMad always at OM shares new experiences with people on and off the mat so they can live their life with more joy, gratitude, confidence, and connection.

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I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I truly enjoyed our retreat. Sam and Steph made it special in more ways than I could ever list! This trip was a gift to ourselves to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and my birthday and it really was magical thanks to Sam and Steph.

This week opened our eyes to the spiritual teachings of yoga which is something we plan on bringing back to our kids. Big take away for us!

Nosara is beautiful and so are the two amazing instructors that guided us throughout the week (both inside and out). So many new perspectives and mantras were gifted to me; I was even able to send love to an unpleasant woman on the plane on my return. I think the vibe of the week and the wonderful people who all opened up to one another allowed for me to respond in such a way so I'm grateful for that.

I was a little intimidated going since I am fairly new to yoga. I've practiced here and there over the years but never more than a few weeks in a row so I felt like a real newbie going into this. But being there, S&S [Samantha and Stephanie] made the practices so wonderful and accommodating to everyone. I never felt out of place or underprepared for one second. I felt strong and focused and like I got exactly what I needed. I even learned that I can do a headstand and a pretty good crow pose! Such fun!

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