Olympia, Yoga & Sailing Retreats

London, United Kingdom

Olympia, Yoga & Sailing Retreats offers yoga holidays and workshops that will help develop a greater awareness of the art of yoga.

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  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    I really enjoyed sailing to the different islands. All of the beaches that we went to were amazing. Being out on the sea in Greece was very relaxing, it was much needed. Olympia was wonderful in every way. She was a great yoga instructor and chef! She really went out of her way to help before, during, and after the retreat.

    People who attend the retreats need to be asked more questions before going. They need to be ready physically and mentally for a week of yoga and being at sea.

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    • Noonie London

      Olympia Yoga website

      It has been lovely in Lentas, beautiful sea, great music. Being a ‘yogi’ does not come naturally to me, I am stiff and not acrobatic but the yoga with Peter has done wonders.

    • Fidel New York

      Olympia Yoga website

      This retreat has been a magical experience, the landscape is majestic and on top of this natural beauty you have an insightful, thorough and kind yoga teacher, Peter Clifford. This experience had been enhancing and fulfilling, can’t wait to come back next year.

    • Rachel New York

      Olympia Yoga website

      Peter’s teachings are extraordinary and he fills in the classes with great information. The place is spectacular, secluded and peaceful, the food is amazing; it has been a great experience.

    • Kirstin Austria

      Olympia Yoga website

      The yoga retreat with Peter Clifford in Crete had a combination of the perfect location, healthy, fresh and local food and Peter’s teaching that touches your heart. We should really go there.

    • Paresa London

      Olympia Yoga website

      As somebody that does not do a lot of yoga regularly, I found Peter’s classes to be enjoyable, full of great information about your daily life. Nice stretches, breathing exercises that I found very accessible.

      The sea is wonderful in Lentas, so I combined yoga and a great holiday; the location is one of the best I have seen, you have the constant sound of the sea. The organization has been great and the addition of live music was a very nice feature. It has been an amazing week.

    • Giorgia London

      Olympia Yoga website

      The place is beautiful and the view breathtaking. You have all the calm and silence you need.

      Anahata yoga is a wonderful practice and during this week we were able to learn a lot and quite deeply. Peter is an amazing teacher, he is patient and professional but also really funny; the class was always fun!

      I would recommend this experience to everybody who wants to have a different “holiday” more deep and spiritual. I came back changed and I am really happy about it.

    • Alex London

      Olympia Yoga website

      I loved the uninterrupted views of the night sky from my room , the organisation and the food was extremely good. It was an incredible week,much gratitude.

    • Vasilis London

      Olympia Yoga website

      Lentas proved itself to be quite a remarkable place with its breath taking views and secluded beaches. Yiannis with his family at the Levinthos were great hosts and did a great service to the renowned reputation for Cretan hospitality and amazing cuisine. I was lucky enough to stay at one of apartments which had uninterrupted views of the sea. Clean and we’ll presented, it certainly exceeded my expectations.

      I’d not heard of Anahata Yoga before the trip and was excited to be trying something new. Peter’s reputation preceded him with the many good things I had heard prior to the trip and there were certainly no disappointments. In fact, as the week went on I found the depth of practice only enhanced the experience. Peter’s kind and gentle way encouraged us all to appreciate a compassion for ourselves that on the one hand alleviated the expectation to compete with anyone, including the self. On the other hand I feel we all had the experience of being taken beyond our own perceived capabilities, whatever our level before going. Peter’s experience is truly unquestionable and his life stories will have you sitting on the edge of your yoga mat at times and chuckling at others with his amiable sense of humor.

      The evenings were a great way to end the day with music and dance for those who wished to stay up and enjoy it. Olympia did a great job of coordinating the trip especially in giving the opportunity to take as little or as much as you wanted from what was on offer.

      The retreat became a journey of body, mind, music and friendships. It was all there if you wanted it and could certainly have been much more for those who wished it so. I very much look forward to going again next year and spending valuable time with my Anahata siblings.

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