OM Holistic Retreat shares yogic and spiritual lifestyle experience.

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Anurag Sharma

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Nawaz Kazmi

from Netherlands, July 2019

"If you are looking for a WOW experience... GO"

This retreat was amazing! I have some experience with yoga and meditation, and the retreat was perfect. Babu knows exactly how to cater to your needs. If you are experienced, he challenges you to take it further. If you are inexperienced, he makes sure you get the basics right and push you to the next level. Everything was so chill and I have learned a lot. I liked the lectures as well, because I have learned about topics I didn't know a lot about. Now I know that Tantra is about way more than it is know for and I even learned about ancient Hawaiian meditations and techniques. Babu is very determined and serious, but laid back at the same time. I learned and enjoyed so much, it was more than I hoped for. As a special bonus, watching the turtles during sunrise and dolphins during sunset made it even more worth it.

Sally Hett

from United States, June 2019

"Exceeded all expectations!"

Babu is genuine and knowledgable, authentically sharing his wisdom and story, creating a safe space to learn and go inward.

Also the food was the best of my life, thanks Rafa!!

The retreat takes you to a part of the coast you wouldn't otherwise go and it's pure paradise, really!