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Bristol, United Kingdom

Omkari Yoga offers professional and inspiring yoga practices, classes, workshops, and retreats for all in South West UK and overseas.

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  • Rowan Miller United Kingdom

    Omkari Yoga Facebook page

    I now regularly go to Debbie's class in Easton Community Centre on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Debbie is the best yoga teacher I have ever come across. She has a vast knowledge of the practice of hatha yoga and how bodies work.nIt is the best combination. Debbie is so in tune with how our bodies work that she is able to keep you safe and teach you to stretch yourself. I also love the spiritual element that Debbie brings. I feel completely different after the class. Debbie allows me to escape from my fast and sometimes stressful life. She understands how important it is to be present and grounded and her yoga classes are one of the best resources I have found for a happier, healthier mind, body and soul.

  • Yazmiina Bella United Kingdom

    Omkari Yoga Facebook page, edited

    I participated in a few yoga classes during my stay at the Sandele Eco-retreat in The Gambia. First time doing yoga and it was an amazing experience and feeling. In addition to this, it has helped within the first session reveal a chronic leg and knee pain I have had for more than 3 years. I believe the stretches helped reveals my muscle tension as I suffer from piriformis syndrome and a tight IT band. Definitely would recommend and a big thank you to Debbie for this!

  • Gill United Kingdom

    Omkari Yoga Facebook page

    Thank you, Debbie, for your inspired teachings. Enjoy sharing your skill and knowledge at the forthcoming retreat.

  • Maika United Kingdom

    Omkari Yoga Facebook page

    Debbie, you are an inspiring and motivational teacher. Since I've met her not only have I increased my yoga practice but I have also started exploring aspects that were previously not emphasised in my yoga practice. In your sessions the physical and spiritual practices are always linked, I really enjoy your classes. You're creative, not two sessions are the same. You're good at picking up everybody's mood to design a session that fits the general mood of the class. Anyway your presence and your voice is lovely. I love you and your yoga classes. I've learned a lot and hope to keep learning. Love you Debbie Omkari

  • Dawn United Kingdom

    Omkari Yoga Facebook page

    I love your classes Debbie! I always feel more grounded, relaxed and sane afterwards and you seem to instinctively know just the right amount of physical challenge we need to balance the emotional and physical relaxation and release. Loved the chimes this week too. Thanks so much, for my favourite part of the week.

  • Tiane United Kingdom

    Omkari Yoga Facebook page

    I use yoga to manage chronic pain, and will try to get to as many classes of Debbie's I can in the week. Her classes are consistently helpful, challenging and relaxing on every level and her music is diverse and a pleasure to listen too, her chants close each lesson beautifully too. In fact if one could get Debbie's class on prescription, the NHS would save a packet on meds not used. I would encourage anyone to try one of theses classes. Thanks every time Debbie.

  • Dee United Kingdom

    Omkari Yoga website

    Thanks so much again for the workshop. It was great. I am so glad I was lucky enough to get the last available place at the last minute. A special thanks for helping me to break through my fear of using the headstand stool. It was really fun.

  • Cheri United Kingdom

    Omkari Yoga website

    I learnt loads and really enjoyed it. The preparation poses were really good and I understand the principles better which has given me more confidence. Let me know if you run any other workshops.

  • Clare United Kingdom

    Omkari Yoga website

    I just wanted to thank you for Wednesday's fantastic class. It had been more than a year since I had done any yoga and I found your style both easy to follow and enjoyable. Will definitely be coming back for more!

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