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San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

Omm Retreats offers yoga experiences around the world, to reconnect and inspire inner balance, and enjoy places with a sense of community.

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Good 2.5/10

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Rafael Cervantes

Born in Mexico, Rafael decided in 1997 to pursue his full time passion, the practice and study of Tibetan Buddhism. After a few years of meditation, he started to study Jivamukti yoga. He became a certified Jivamukti teacher in 2003 (300 hours) and received advanced certifications in 2007. Since then, he has become involved in Jivamukti teacher training as a mentor and translator, and as a Sanskrit Teacher in India, Mexico, and the USA. He thinks it must be in his genes, he is a healer. Although he is based in Mexico City, he travels often, giving sessions on yoga, Buddhism, and healing.

Janet DeNeefe

Janet was born in Melbourne, Australia. She met a Balinese man from Ubud in 1984, and without much thought, moved to this charming hillside town and threw herself into a new life. She and her family are the proud owners of Casa Luna and Indus restaurants, and more recently, Bar Luna. She also runs The Casa Luna Cooking School where happy tourists and others are taught the secrets of Balinese cooking.

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  • Xavier Carayon Colombia

    July 2017, BookMeditationRetreats

    Les cours de yoga. La prof était très sympa et connaissait son approche.

    Faites attention, l’organisateur a un gout prononcé pour les dollars.

    Il a voulu me faire payer deux fois la chambre parce que j'étais un homme et qu'il n'y avait pas d'autres homme pour partager la chambre.

    Il s'avère que l’hôtel affichait le prix des chambres sur son site web et que le prix qu'il m'a demandé de payer en plus une fois que j'ai eu payé le prix demandé, revenait à me faire payer deux fois la chambre Il m'a précisé qu'il ne faisait pas assez de marge sur moi. Quand j'ai eu compris l'arnaque et que je le lui ai dit, il m'a précisé " tu payes ou tu t'en vas".

    Un délicieux personnage, vraiment.

    Testimonials 21

    • Karlita González

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Me encantó la manera de llevar el retiro en el que participé, sin duda volvería a tomar un retiro con Omm Retreats, lo recomiendo ampliamente, son experiencias que tienen que vivirse!

    • Cindy

      Omm Retreats website

      Thank you Federico and Cynthia again for the most fantastic yoga experience. We miss getting up each day for meditation and yoga and all your smiling faces. We miss you all and hope to one day meet again. The pictures are wonderful, thank you Federico for sending them so quickly. Namaste!

    • Reyes

      Omm Retreats website

      Hola Federico y maestra Cynthia: Agradezco sus atenciones y el cuidado que tuvieron para organizar este retiro; qued maravillada del lugar en donde se llev a cabo, es un lugar paradisiaco. En estos das aprend y disfrut muchsimo; siento que logramos conformar un grupo maravilloso donde nos tratamos como si hiciera mucho tiempo que nos conocamos. Muchas gracias, Federico, por tu sencillez y carisma. Extrao a cada uno de ustedes y les mando un fraternal y calurosisimo abrazo.

    • Miguel A. Ortega Subires

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Omm Retreats is your perfect partner to help you combining Yoga, nature and excellent company... unforgettable experience!

    • Athanasios Megarisiotis

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      As defined by Mahatma Gandhi for Albert Einstein about the meaning of Namasté:

      "I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides; I honor the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us."

      In this sense, thank you OmmRetreats for bringing people together from all nations, all continents, all ages, all colors, all sexes. cause we are all different. but at the end we realize that we are ONE. we merge into THE ONE.

      Thank you Yoga

      Thank you Omm Retreats

    • Bettina Münch

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Wonderful retreat with great yoga teachers, beautiful spot, healty food, fantastic organisation and amazing people form all over the world - very, very inspiring. I´m loving it!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marta Puig

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      They are absolutely fantastic!! I had the best experience in my life!! I really recommend it to anyone!!!

    • Federico Orozco

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Amazing Yoga Retreats, they can be a deep ride that offers as much as you are ready to take. It can help you to create new healthy habits & take your awareness to another plane.

    • Mary Ann Detoito

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      It's amazing place I like it !!

    • Pia Philippines

      Omm Retreats website

      I always go with my instinct and Im always glad I do. This has been one of the MOST beautiful experiences I have had in my travels. Everything just blended in harmoniously. My mind, body and soul were altogether calmed, soothed and healed in the presence of wonderful people. Inolvidable!

    • Jorge Grandini Mexico

      Omm Retreats website

      One of the best trips of my life, certainly would do again a retreat with Omm Retreats: the place, the people, yoga sessions and the activities made my trip an amazing experience. Excellent organization. Namaste!

    • Pini Garcia Mexico

      Omm Retreats website

      An unforgettable journey, a lifetime experience! Super organization, incredibly magical place, excellent service, delicious food, outstanding facilities, the best teacher of yoga and the best friends I happen to find! Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Pancho Spain

      Omm Retreats website

      This was one of the greatest trips I have ever made, full of interesting places, people, food, beaches, mayan traditions and of course our yoga sessions!! All the best!

    • Monica Gonzalez

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Una experiencia inigualable y recuerdos para siempre. Gente maravillosa y claro, combinando con yoga todo es mejor!! Gracias omm retreats por por esta experiencia!!! �

    • Gabriela Navarro

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Ubud, Bali un lugar mágico para practicar yoga, con grandes maestros , conociendo nuevos amigos , muchos lugares por descubrir y amar la naturaleza .. gracias Omm retreats , cuenta conmigo para repetir otra experiencia!

    • Laurence De Nancy

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Fan número 1! Gracias Fede y Rafa por el retiro de Bali! Una experiencia inolvidable, gran coordinación, perfecta mezcla de yoga y actividades, equipo de personas maravillosas. � Nos vemos en el próximo!

    • Patrizia PB

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Wow, qué hermosa experiencia el retiro de Mayo en Holbox!!!! Superó con mucho mis expectativas (y eso que éstas eran bastante altas)... Federico, un líder carismático, siempre atento, accesible, increíblemente amable y sonriente!

      Julieta, una excelente maestra de yoga que supo guiarnos para dar nuestro mejor esfuerzo, pero respetando nuestro cuerpo...

      Las compañeras del retiro, geniales!!!!

      Definitivamente, este será el primero de muchos viajes con Ommretreats!!!

    • Sonia Audiffred Salinas

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      De lo mejor en su tipo, lo volvería a tomar encantada y aparte el lugar es un paraíso

    • Piero Trespuntocero

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Ho conosciuto Omm Retreats circa un anno fa, e leggendo le recensioni dei precedenti ritiri yoga mi aveva subito colpito la genuinità dei gruppi che si formavano e l'attenzione nel scegliere i resort migliori.

      Ho partecipato all'ultimo ritiro ed ho confermato le mie impressioni. L'hotel era immerso nel verde, l'organizzazione impeccabile ed il gruppo sembrava appositamente selezionato per creare quella sintonia necessaria per riequilibrarsi con se stessi ed il mondo.

      Esperienza decisamente positiva! Grazie Omm Retreats.

    • Kathya Gomez

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Excelente experiencia de vida¡¡¡ Me encanto la organización, la atención y el paisaje increíble... Una maravillosa oportunidad de estar en contacto conmigo y con el universo.... GRACIAS¡¡¡

    • Ma. Paloma Padilla Duque

      Omm Retreats Facebook page

      Ha sido una de mis mejores experiencias!!!!! Fue un parte aguas en mi vida!!! Muy recomendable para los que quieran volver a encontrarse consigo mismos!!

      Y la atención tan personal que te dan de verdad por lo menos a donde yo había ido ( y he tenido la fortuna de ir a varios de otros lugares) no había sido tan cuidada!!!!!

      Son de esos regalos que te da la vida!!!

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