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Ompulence Yoga Retreat organizes yoga retreats and yoga festivals (Sivananda tradition) in Bali, Portugal, and Thailand.

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Theresa Wong Singapore

Ompulence Yoga Retreat website

Carol (Saraswati) and Arjuna make a great team as retreat leaders – they are warm-hearted, funny and genuine, and solid in their yoga practice. The result was a retreat that was a wonderful mix of contemplative, physically challenging, restful and joyful.

Gabriel Tan Singapore

Ompulence Yoga Retreat website

I had been practising yoga for only 6 months before I joined Ompulence’s retreat, through a friend’s recommendation. So I had absolutely no idea what to expect!

Saraswati (Carol) is caring, nurturing and maternal. She helped me to practise the asanas appropriately. I have back problems but she made the practice very safe for me. The other teacher is Arjuna from Portugal. He is like our father figure at the retreat!

The programme is very well balanced. I will recommend this retreat as a good start for anyone who wants a holistic understanding of yoga. It is not just asanas, as practised in the commercial studios. We also spend time on breathing exercises, meditation and chanting. Saraswati draws from the Buddhist tradition and Arjuna draws from the Christian tradition. I am a Catholic but here we are, chanting in Sanskrit and Hindi! So they are not forcing any religious tradition on the participants. Rather, I found that these practices helped me to enrich my own religious experience.

The way the asanas are practised gives a lot of scope to individual needs. Options are proposed for beginners and more advanced variations are proposed for those who have a deeper practice of the asanas. So everyone was sufficiently challenged. But more importantly, I found that the retreat helped me to release a lot of negative energy, accumulated from the stresses and challenges of urban life. I emerged from the retreat, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Last but not least, the beautiful resort, the excellent vegetarian food and the wonderful in house spa helped to make this a relaxing retreat as well!

Bing Yao Singapore

Ompulence Yoga Retreat website

I am relatively new to yoga and this was my first retreat experience. However,I felt immediately comfortable with the teachers and fellow yogis. The group energy was great! Saraswati was kind and gentle in guiding us in the daily yoga sessions. She made timely adjustment to my postures for the Asanas and through her patient coaching I felt that it motivated me to deepen my budding practice. Arjuna was great too! He often made jokes which made everyone laughed and lightened the mood. He also provided a spiritual element to the practice as he conducted Satsangs and silent walks.

I particularly enjoyed the morning meditation walks out in the beautiful rustic Chiangmai countryside. The lush green fields and fresh air made the walks enjoyable. I was fully present in the moment and felt peaceful and calm. This sense of stillness followed me throughout the course of the retreat.

The venue of the retreat was perfect, a beautiful resort nestled in the countryside of Chiangmai providing great service. The highlight of the day was always the sumptuous vegetarian dinner at the end of the day. Although we are suppose to eat mindfully, some of us ate pretty quickly as the food was just too good and we were just too hungry after our evening yoga session.

But most importantly, from the retreat, I truly felt a sense of joy and companionship from being in a group which I have not felt for a long time. Besides finding our peace through meditations and yoga sessions, the day to day moments of interaction were equally important to me. As we shared our motivations, life stories, obstacles and achievements, I realized I have found a community.

This retreat was truly enriching and timely for me as I am currently also in the midst of self-discovery and charting my next step in life. I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of the retreat and meeting this lovey group of people.

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