Padma Hare Yoga e Terapias

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Padma Hare Yoga e Terapias offers yoga, spiritual retreats, yoga teacher training, and workshops in Brazil.

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26 Days 200-Hour Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Brazil

Available in September, March & September

Speaks English

from US$2,078

Excellent 10/10

Based on 2 reviews
from US$2,078
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26 days / 25 nights

Excellent 10/10

Based on 2 reviews

Testimonials 6

  • Honoré Doddy France

    BookYoga Retreats website

    Merci! Thanks for sharing your passion with us. Thanks for being so supportive and fully accepting of who we are.

    Thanks for being my friends... Real friends

    See you soon! Namaste

  • Carina and George Germany

    BookYoga Retreats website

    Dear Rebeca, dear Leo,

    We thank you both for this beautiful journey we shared together. This was a place of joy, friendship, and love! Though we will separate now, we will stay connected in our memories and hearts! Namaste

  • Bronwen South Africa

    BookYoga Retreats website

    Rebeca Yogi and Leo Philosopher,

    also my teachers, my healers, my leaders. When I think about why this course was chosen for me I do not look far for the answer. You have both been so gentle with me - exactly what I needed to regain the confidence I had lost and to remember that I do have knowledge (despite the fact that I haven't used it for years) and I do have something to offer! I look so forward to continuing this yoga journey of mine. Thank you for lighting the flame, for waking my brain, for enlightening my soul - even if you vehicles for me to receive.

    Thank you for your patience with me, for answering mu endless questions and humoring my inquiring mind. Namaste

  • Lexi Demos United States

    BookYoga Retreats website

    Amazing! I can't believe this was your first intensive course! It was a truly beautiful and empowering experience!

    You both are so knowledgeable of the yogic lifestyle, and your personalities and teaching styles complimented one another!

    I could not be more thrilled to have had the opportunity to study yoga in this location, and with you both as amazing instructors! Namaste

  • Paula O'neil Ireland

    BookYoga Retreats website

    This course is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in yoga. Firstly having two passionate teachers who look after the students so well and make sure they leave with as much knowledge as possible!! I can't thank you enough for giving me this experience and your patience to help me grow as a person, what I got from this course is life changing in many ways!! Lots of love to you guys and best of luck.

  • Anouk Kelles Switzerland

    BookYoga Retreats website

    Rebeca and Leo are the best yoga teacher trainers you can hope for! They're knowledgeable, caring, patient and always in a good mood. They brought me what I was looking for and I'm grateful for that. I've learned a lot with them! Thank you so much!

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