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Buckinghamshire , United Kingdom

Phenix Yoga is a yoga center that specializes in teaching yoga training programs, pregnancy, postnatal, and therapy programs.

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from US$1,221
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Jeff Phenix

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 (Yoga)

Jeff is a leading UK teacher, teaching at Triyoga and the Life Centre, training teachers on Triyoga’s teacher training course and teaching the regular UK and international retreats. Jeff is very experienced at teaching students of all levels and the depth of his experience, playful approach, ability to challenge students to safely push their boundaries and his love of meditation, will give you the perfect opportunity to deepen your practice both physically and internally.

Testimonials 9

  • Zeina

    Phenix Yoga website

    Attending your retreat Jeff was one of these life’s great “Aha moments! ” – I came in with no expectations but some great personal objectives…And all it took was less than a week for effects beyond expectations, topped with a renewed, serene and confident outlook. Thanks to your cheeky combination of fun, creativity, professionalism, and “edge exploration”, you sublty lead us to outdo ourselves. Jeff, thank you again for the amazing energy and passion you put into your teaching. It surely was worth every minute. Lucky Triyoga students! So looking forward to your next retreat!

  • Heidi

    Phenix Yoga website

    You are an amazing yoga teacher Jeff. I just experienced the most inspirational, creative, vibrant and deeply transformational yoga retreat with you. I feel wonderful, energised and inspired on my journey yoga; to go more deeply into my own daily practice and experiment aspects of my teaching practice with renewed confidence.

  • Sarah

    Phenix Yoga website

    Deciding to go to India for the first time, on my own to a retreat where I didn’t know anyone else turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made! My week in Goa with you (at Bamboo) really was one of the best experiences of my life. I escaped my routine, met and talked to like-minded yogis who were all so welcoming and open and really went deep into my own practice. Not only did it reaffirm my love for yoga but reminded me how important it is to take time out for myself. Jeff you inspired me so much with your warmth as well as your humor and your knowledge, range of inspirational readings and creating beautiful practices is something I will really treasure.

  • John Catton

    Phenix Yoga website

    I’m an average bloke in his late 50’s, likes walking, gardening and beekeeping, but not very supple with unforgiving hamstrings. I have also suffered from sciatica for some years despite exercises suggested by my doctor, the only real relief came from Ibuprofen! I took up yoga with Jeff about a year ago. Whilst not being able to contort my body as others in the class do, I was stretching parts of my body other exercises didn’t reach and within weeks my sciatic pains lifted. It’s good to have the discipline of a weekly class and can honestly say I now sleep better and my body is less tense, though I still can’t touch my toes!”

  • Leo Lourdes

    Phenix Yoga website

    We had a fantastic time. If you are thinking about going on a yoga retreat, he is one of the best teachers in London!’

  • Maria and Andrew Baranowski

    Phenix Yoga website

    We both wished to thank you for such an amazing week of yoga. Your generosity of time, knowledge and spirituality made it a very special week with a huge learning curve through a very deep practice. So many aspects of yoga were covered and we both really appreciated that. It was also a really fun week – having the children there was lovely too and they added a special fun aspect to the holiday in a way that only children can. The group, the venue and friendships made or deepened also made the week very special.

  • Lucy Edge

    Phenix Yoga website

    Jeffs yoga classes are the best in town, he combines knowledge, having studied extensively with the worlds best Indian and American teachers, with sensitivity and grace, and a real understanding of how to move minds and bodies into stillness. As one of the worlds worst meditators I can honestly say that I have got closer to that point of profound silence in Jeffs classes than I have with the many yoga teachers of India with whom I have studied. He is the genuine article, a gifted teacher deeply committed to the ancient yoga teachings. He wants to infect everyone with his enthusiasm, but he is very cool and never stuffs it down your throat. I have dropped out of many yoga classes in my time but I cant imagine ever doing so with Jeff. He rocks.

  • Christy Tiney

    Phenix Yoga website

    Your classes bring everything that yoga promises to deliver. Your knowledge of the theory and history of yoga informs our yoga practice without it being too serious and earnest. Without yoga, I really think life would be harder. It keeps me sane mainly because of its stress relieving properties, I always leave your classes with a feeling of peaceful positive calm. I get a great sense of accomplishment every week. I can definitely feel the improvement after if Ive had a break from yoga. I used to get backache and they have disappeared since taking up yoga.Your classes are friendly and you dont take yourself or the practice too seriously (by that I mean you take it seriously, but youre not serious). A great class, that Ive enjoyed attending weekly for over two years.

  • Mike Cooke

    Phenix Yoga website

    After a lifetime of abusing my body, fencing and skiing, I have had a number of operations and was suffering a major loss of range in my knees which was restricting my daily mobility as well as my sporting practice. Fortunately, my work was offering in house yoga run by Jeff. He has been an inspirational teacher who has sympathetically assisted me in achieving full mobility. Moreover I feel so much better. Practicing yoga with Jeff has been truly beneficial but more than anything it has been fun.

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