Like the mythical phoenix that rose from the flames, you too can reinvent your health through body and mind with yoga, meditation, and mindful action.

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Yoga Sanjay website

“Amazing experience. Thank you! Perfect opportunity to feel, heal and connect to myself and get the inner guidance.”

Kate Marshall Victoria, Australia.

Phoneix yoga studios facebook page

"Bloody love it! Beautiful studio and lovely people.

Sanjay is Ashtanga trained (my new favourite practice) and with his help I've been able to fix postures that I've been holding incorrectly. I love how he differentiates the class to suit individual needs and all levels are catered for. In the past year I have developed increased strength and flexibility.

I've recently been attending Anna's classes regularly which are fantastic; she differentiates for individual needs encouraging you to try new things (but also to listen to your body).

I love that we get to have fun doing yoga. It's a real community, make sure you stay for a tea and a chat at the end!"

Emine G Victoria, Australia.

Phoneix yoga studios facebook page

Gorgeous, clean yoga studio. I get a sense of relaxation just walking through the front door. All the instructors are wonderful and they each have their own unique style of teaching. Highly recommend to anyone.