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Playa Viva is a place where you and your family will enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Mexico in the guilt-free luxury of an eco-conscious resort.

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The seven day retreat at Playa Viva in Mexico was a profoundly deep and gratifying experience for me. Jennifer and Ausra were an incredible team, who created such an inviting and safe space and guided us through always inspiring daily sessions of yoga and meditation, making the inner journey remarkably enriching and memorable. At the end, I found myself longing for more of the newfound calmness and clarity within.


Playa Viva website

The place was spectacular and the food was fresh and delicious. Ausra and Jen led us smoothly to four days of silence. They prepared us with insightful guidances and were always available to support us in case we need it. Just a few days into the retreat, my body felt much lighter and my mind more connected to everything around. This retreat has brought me strength and clarity in my life.

A traveler California

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The first sight of the beach and the casita we would be staying in at Playa Viva for the next five nights was enough to make us forget the fact that it had taken us 24 hours to get there from our home in San Francisco.

There are only 12 casitas on the property and we were told that capacity was around 50 people. There were never more than 25 people during our stay. The white sand beach stretches north and south along the Pacific for miles in either direction. And unlike the overcrowded conditions we encountered in Puerto Vallarta; there were no peddlers, people asking if you wanted your hair braided or anyone other than resort guests.

This eco resort is centered around yoga and a spiritual recharging. We enjoyed free yoga every morning at 8:30. Many of our fellow guests were members of two different yoga retreats and had more rigorous schedules.

Other than the set meal times (all meals buffet style, delicious and healthy), the only other appointments we had were massage times. We had a total of 7 massages given by yoga teachers and loved each one. The connection between yoga and massage makes for knowledgeable and incisive sessions.

There are many other activities offered by the resort from scuba diving to visiting chocolate makers. We never left the resort.

You can see the spectacular architecture in the attached shots. The location and facilities are first rate and pale only in comparison to the people who work here. Everyone was friendly and great at their jobs, Shout out to Julia, the manager and Johnnie the bartender/jack of all trades. Have one of Johnnie's special basil margaritas, you won't be sorry.

Before our trip, Zihuatanejo was known only as Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins' dream destination in "The Shawshank Redemption." After spending time down there we now understand...

A traveler New York

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I booked a solo trip to Playa Viva for a yoga retreat through International Yoga. I was excited to escape the Chicago winter (I went in January) and take a week to zen out.

It was about about a 35-40 minute cab ride from the airport, but the cab fare was covered by the hotel. I just tipped the driver. It was an amazing sight upon arrival and I kept finding more and more jewels throughout the week.

Considering this is what they might call "Glam-ping," I was very, very, very concerned about bugs, scorpions particularly, so I wore my headlamp and had my hotel-issued blacklight with me everywhere I went after the sun went down. The other guests found it hilarious, but I was gonna spot the bugs before they spotted me! But I never had any bug encounters. The girls next door did though, something huge flew into their mosquito net as they were sleeping. I guess they didn't have it closed well enough.

Overall, the resort was beautiful, the staff and other guests were all nice. The beach was secluded and amazing. We saw whales from the pool. The turtles didn't hatch while I was there, so no news on that from me.

The FOOD. omg. THE FOOD. Every. Single. Meal was just amazing. There was fresh fish, octopus, tacos, barbacoa, horchata, fruit-infused water, and I had a couple of margaritas. I tend to not be very adventures with new foods, but I was like Pavlov's dog, salivating every time they rang the "Food's ready!" bell. And I don't know if it was the 3 hours of yoga every day or the amazing healthy food, but I lost 4 pounds ON VACATION.

The only bad thing that happened was the SUPER VIVID nightmares I had maybe 3 out of the 6 nights I was there. Other guests were having nightmares too and our yoga teacher told us it was our minds purging everything that we're used to thinking about.

I highly recommend Playa Viva to everyone! And one of my friends actually took my recommendation and she loved it there as well.

If you go, send me a bag of Playa Viva sea salt. I'm running low. :-)

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