Pure Body Balance Retreat

South West, United Kingdom

Pure Body Balance Retreat aims to help the adventurous achieve health and happiness through yoga retreats, movement, nutrition, meditation, creative arts, and therapy.

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    • Alison G.

      BookYogaRetreats website

      A Journey to Wellbeing – well it certainly did what it said on the tin! I feel like I have been restarted and the amount of comments I have had since I have been back about looking well has been amazing. It is what the retreat has done for me on the inside; a chance to recharge, take stock and make a plan to move forwards. The package had something for everyone and I loved it all. The quality and content of the teaching was pitched just right. Being the oldest in the group I was a little concerned that I would not be able to keep up! However I was able to try different styles of Yoga and Tai Chi to find a practice which suited me as an individual and develop that further on the retreat and when I got home. I had the time to try new experiences such as a bodywork treatment from Adrian, journaling, making dream boards and I found the time spent on the life coaching discussions and workbook ultimately very empowering as it concentrated my thoughts on ‘what I want out of life’.

      I felt very privileged to be part of this magical experience and share Karen and Adrian’s first retreat in a fabulous setting with great food and staff to look after us. This couple gave their all to make it an unforgettable retreat and I will definitely book another retreat with them in the future.

    • Michael C.

      BookYogaRetreats website

      Karen and Adrian created a peaceful space where all our worries were taken care of. This break from the concerns of everyday life left us more open to the experiences and lessons of the retreat. Now that we've returned we can see where it's important to change our live to help create some of that peace at home.

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    • Tom United Kingdom

      Pure Body Balance Retreat website

      When I first contacted Karen my body was a complete wreck. I had been experiencing digestive pain, bloating, loose bowels, backache, insomnia and fatigue for quite some time. This had impacted on my family, my work and all my sporting activities.

    • Zoe United Kingdom

      Pure Body Balance Retreats

      Having had back problems in my mid thirties I was advised by my doctor to come off pills and seek alternative methods. Pilates was suggested to me and I started a few classes but found that I couldn't do the main floor exercises. A friend mentioned she had been working with Adrian and suggested I look into it..

    • Joe United Kingdom

      Pure Body Balance Retreat website

      For the last 20 years I have suffered from depression going from councillor to councillor and trying different kinds of medication but nothing seemed to work. I then heard Adrian from Pure Body Balance on BBC Radio and I have to say I was extremely sceptical about food solving my depression.

    • Jason United Kingdom

      Pure Body Balance Retreat website

      In the last two years, Adrian has given me such valuable information with Nutrition and how to support my riding with correct nutrition. Also we have worked on specific Mountain Biking conditioning to keep me injury free and to increase my strength, stamina, power and speed whether I'm riding enduro or downhill and I can say so far

    • Sara United Kingdom

      Pure Body Balance Retreat website

      I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and was in a huge amount of physical pain with my joints - in fact my whole body hurt and many of my limbs were swollen. The retreat helped me recover.

    • Ian United Kingdom

      Pure Body Balance Retreat website

      Thanks to the programmes designed by Adrian at Pure Body Balance I have rekindled my passion for mountain biking and can now go faster and ride for longer than I have ever been able to before..

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