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Rasa Retreat is a bespoke all-inclusive active homestay that invites you to nourish your soul.

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Duane Sykes

from United States, September 2018

"Majestic Retreat"

Everything about my experience was amazing! From the careful, precise and knowledgeable instruction of Tahir, to the accommodations, planning, beautiful excursions and the attention to detail of Pawan and the entire team at Rasa retreat.

Liz Greenfield

from United States, July 2018

"Unimaginable experience "

The teacher, Tahir, was incredibly knowledgeable, funny and wonderful. My yoga practice improved more in the past 10 days than it has in the past 10 years. He pushed me physically in just the right way and often massaged me when I needed it. We frequently did yoga in a beautiful location in nature. The team who accompanied us made sure that every last detail was attended to.

Sara Collura

from Italy, June 2018

"best experience ever"

I am just back after 1 week staying at Rasa. Amazing team, amazing food. I felt like home.

Very well planned all the stay at Rasa, i have had the opportunity to really undertsand and live Kashmir culture.

Srinagar offers a lot of place to visit, a mix of different religions, and mixture of culture. The city is beatiful, with mountains, lake and river.

I have also had the opportunity to know local people, that is one of the things i miss more, together with Rasa team.

I really suggest Rasa. Best experience ever

Jan Laman

from Guatemala, June 2018

"Total Kashmir experience!"

The owner of Rasa Retreats, Pawan, takes care of every little detail! I didn’t go just for the yoga. The hiking and cultural experiences were the best. We met a lot of wonderful people thanks to Pawan. We stayed in a houseboat one night, which I would suggest. One night we were surprised with a local band and dancer! Awesome! I learned a lot about Kashmir!


from Great Britain, February 2018

- Amazing service

- Amazing food!

- Great balance of sight seeing, yoga, relaxing etc.

- Very organised trip

Louise Dumbleton

from United States, February 2018

"amazing retreat"

amazing service and yoga

Sam Duske

from Hong Kong, February 2018

"A Lovely Relaxing Stay"

Nice and peaceful

Great food & hospitality

Fab yoga at sunrise & sunset

Included tour to Spice Farm & hike to Temple

Excellent WiFi

Adam Kligfeld

from Great Britain, January 2018

"An exquisite, meaningul and unforgettaqble retreat."

As a Jewish rabbi seeking to deepen my understanding of the practice of meditation, and incorporating principles of yoga into my personal regimen, I chose this retreat somewhat blindly. And it could not have been more meaningful or impact-making. The hospitality was warm and gracious. The instruction was serious, gentle and patient. The extra outings gave us a real taste of the local flavor and culture. And the entire experience was one of spiritual incubation. I have nothing but the highest regard for Pawan, for Rasa Retreat, and for all the staff and faculty involved.


from Sweden, January 2018

"Best retreat "

Everything from the airport-pick-up to yoga , hiking and food was just perfect!

Kornel Polgar

from United States, January 2018

"Great place for the soul and body "

Exceptional attention to details and guests’ needs. Delicious meals and friendly staff.


from India, January 2018

"SImply the Best"

I knew immediately that Rasa Retreat would be one of the top travel experiences I've had and the kind of place I won't shut up to my friends about to encourage them to go. I was so right. I went as a solo female traveler, and from the first day I felt a part of the family. The other guests at the house and I formed an amazing instant bond.

Everything was simply excellent: the yoga, excursions, FOOD, cooking classes, accommodation, massage, shopping experience and of course the retreat dog, Coco. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for my Rasa experience and can only hope to return one day to Goa or Kashmir.

Jonathan Gilad

from Israel, December 2017

"The most perfect retreat."

Pawan and the Rasa family created the most wonderful, warm and caring experience for my wife and myself. After 1 week, it was very difficult to say good bye to this serene and extraordinarily welcoming home. Everything was customized to our preferences and exceeded all expectations. From the food, to the yoga, excursions, cooking classes, to celebrating my birthday. We also made great friendships with the other guests. And the accommodation was absolutely 1st class. We hope to return either to Goa or to Pawan's Kashmir summer retreat.

Antri Antoniou

from Cyprus, November 2017

"Fully yogic experience "

That owners were so friendly and caring

Nigel Thompson

from United States, April 2017

"A wonderful experience"

Pawan and his staff are some of the most friendly and accommodating people I have ever stayed with. I highly recommend Rasa Retreat.

Pawan is happy to do almost anything for the happiness of his guests.

The Rasa house is very nice inside and my room upstairs was very big with a huge bathroom and private deck - ideal for some mediation or just reading.

Each day Pawan provides a card with the schedule for the day. A typical day might begin at 6:30 or so with some hot chai. Yoga on the beach is usually at 7:30 followed by breakfast at the house. Excursions were after breakfast or after lunch. The afternoon is time for some alone time or a massage. I spent my time meditating or reading on the deck.

The morning yoga sessions at 7:30 are mostly on the beach about 1 km away. Pawan’s staff drive the guests to the beach where you arrive to find mats set up on the firm sand with towels, bottled water and a flower on each towel. Our instructor, Joseph was wonderful. His classes were a nice mixture of Hatha and Ashtanga. He is very good at freeing the joints at the start of each session, varying the asanas each time, and ending with a really good guided body scan meditation during savasana. It is incredibly wonderful to do yoga to the sounds of the waves from the Arabian sea as they wash onto the shore. I also had one evening yoga session just before sunset which was delightful. On the few days when I was the only guest Joseph tailored the class to my level (and a bit beyond). It was good to be pushed a little and have my posture adjusted as I worked on a pose.

The beach is very, very long and was almost deserted in places when I was there in March/April. The sand at the top of the beach is nice to walk on. Nearer the water it packs down hard enough to run on in shoes without leaving much of a print. I found it a bit of a slog running in the heat and humidity. It was cooler running in the mornings at first light before yoga but the day heated up pretty fast. I also ran on the beach one evening but it was still too hot and humid to work very hard even as the sun was setting.

Pawan’s dog Coco is an interesting addition to the house crew. She loves to be petted but growls at you while you’re doing it. She has quite the personality.

The food at the house is outstanding. There is great variety and I found all of it very tasty. Pawan was happy to accommodate my vegetarian needs. Pawan makes sure that any leftover food is either eaten by his team or goes to the neighbors. Nothing is wasted which is good because we were often served a lot more food than we could eat. We also had several cooking lessons which were a lot of fun. I have been making what I’d call Indian food for many years but it was wonderful to actually cook real Indian food in India.

During my six day stay I went on several excursions and a shopping trip. We (the guests) were driven everywhere we needed to go, even if that was on individual shopping trips. On my shopping trip Agnelo, Pawan’s driver, made sure I didn’t get lost amongst the many t-shirt sellers and once he waited while I got my change as the vendors seem to need to wander off to get that - I think in the hope that you will give up waiting and leave.

Probably the best excursion we went on was one evening to a small beach where we walked down a cliff path past many monkeys. We swam in the very warm sea and played volleyball on the beach until after sunset. Pawan’s team provided a nice picnic while we were there. It was great to play volleyball with his crew (who are all much younger and far better than me).

The staff will do your laundry if you ask. I found this very helpful as I’d already been in India a few days before going to the retreat and clothes get damp every day from the humidity.

The weather during my stay, which started in March and ended in April, was hot (85 - 90F) and humid. The Rasa house and bedrooms have A/C and it was nice to be able to sleep in the cool.

I find it hard to express just how wonderful the whole experience was. Pawan and his team might well be the nicest, most accommodating hosts on the planet. They made me feel more than welcome; they made me feel part of their extended family.

Sian Townley

from United Arab Emirates, March 2017

"The best decision I ever made"

Everything. I didn't have to worry about anything. Pawan and his team literally have everything sorted out for you.

Piru Borrero

from Spain, July 2018

"Best I did in my life"

Ive travelled a lot, and I have never, ever saw something like this.Love is around you all the time and in each step you take.. when the moment arrives, you don’t want to leave Rasa. Pawan is one of the best people i’ve ever met in my life, and has an incredible team, in an incredible place, and there’s no words for describing this level of wellness. Incredible. I’ve learned a lot of things with them, and Kashmir is a paradise. I absolutely love each one of them, and only hope being able to do it again, the sooner I can. A life experience

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TripAdvisor Website

A great week!

When I got there, everything was beyond my expectation.

First of all : The team. They are all great! They'll take care of you like no other, they are open-minded and you can talk with them. They are funny but also cultivated.

The retreat is a peaceful and beautiful place. Probably also because of the region: Cachemire is awesome, wild, colorful, rich... brief, a lovely place.

The meals were varied and delicious, such a good culinary week. Thanks again to the cooker.

I really enjoyed the activities and the visits, hiking, meeting locals, nomadics, having conversation with them, being invited to have a meal in a family house. There were well organised, which was really appreciable.

I could not finish this note without talking about the yoga. I thank a lot the teacher for his patience, his teaching skills, the places where we practiced... I was sooo rusty when I arrived, he helped me unlock my whole body.

This retreat really deserves a 10/10 grade!

Anne-Cécile R

Rasa Retreat Website

I spent 8 days at Rasa in Kashmir, Srinagar where I truly enjoyed myself from the 1st to the last moment.

The Rasa team takes extremely well and dedicated care of you and makes all possible for you to have a perfect time.

The yoga coaching from Tahir was absolutely excellent, Tahir spent such an attention to your yoga expectations and takes you to a level you wouldn’t imagine you could reach.

Also the quality of the cooking is really worth to mention.

The Rasa team is always listening to your wishes and are eager to make you discovering the Kashmiri culture.

A Traveler

Rasa Retreat Website

The beautiful Kashmir location is used when it is the hot, rainy season further south. This is near the Himalayas and very beautiful. The only thing more beautiful are the people of Kashmir and the people who work at and run the resort. Pawan, who has lived in the USA and has perfect English, takes care of every little detail. Nothing is too great to ask of him. This is a very good place to go if you are interested in having a vacation that will entail anything you want. I went for the yoga, but to me this was not what I ended up liking the most. The hiking was great and we had many cultural and historical experiences. We were invited into the homes of people and met people that were so awesome! This is a great place to go for single women, if you want to feel safe. We were always very well taken-cared of and even pampered. The current place has three very large bedrooms with attached bath. The gardens are beautiful. You can go on hikes right out the door or travel to places higher up in the mountains. You can do as much yoga as you want or choose other activities, of which there are plenty. One of our group members had asked for music and we didn’t think we would get to listen to any musicians, because it was Ramadan. However, we had the best night ever when some relatives of one of the guys came and played and sang and danced for an evening. This was the highlight to me. I learned a lot about Kashmir and it will always hold a special place in my heart. The chef was absolutely amazing and he catered to our specific needs. I would go there just for the food! At Rasa, you can choose what you want to do and where you want to go and everything will be taken care of.


Tripadvisor website

#team rasa I can very confidently say is by far the best in what they cater to.This trip was planned for my parents (senior citizens ) so we wanted something with extra care and comfort for them, given their limitations in mobility ,food ,and also exploring a place.Trip with team rasa was initially taken by my sister and her family in April 2018 and they were more than satisfied with them so we took this opportunity and booked a trip for my parents immediately in the next month may 2018 (we got lucky they get booked pretty ). Well my parents are back and they still seem to praise Pawan (head) and his boys who more than just taking care of them made their entire trip so beautiful. They had planned an itenary before hand and was sent to us ,also the food menu was discussed and planned as per my parents personal taste and we given a huge variety in every meal they had !. They covered almost all the things to do in kasmir shikara rides ,various gardens , Pahalgam, Gulmarg and also ended with a high tea at Taj Vivanta in Srinagar which my parents really enjoyed. They added a personal touch in every thing they did from making sweet little notes for my parents to personalised cards ...they definelty delivered more than what was promised to us and went an extra mile (from the heart ).Also the trip was prepaid and my parents didn't have to spend anything extra during their trip (team took care of each and everything !) which was fantastic. One important point they accompany you from the start of the trip till then end of it , incase of any unforeseen situations arises you be rest assured they will take good care of you. If you are planning a trip to Kashmir trust me look nowhere ...you can't find better than this. Cheers to #teamrasa!


Tripadvisor website

Choosing to go to Kashmir is amongst the best decisions we took this year. However, choosing to go with Rasa is what made it the BEST! Pawan and his outstanding team @ Rasa made our vacation truly memorable from the word go! Right from the really welcome at the airport, the prep for the itinerary, food, optimizing our schedules to put tastes, weather and security situation ...everything was AWESOME & thoroughly professional. Pawan truly delights guests with handcrafted itinerary, picks the best places to eat, shop, see and becomes your real best buddy for the family by the end of the vacation. We experienced Kashmir like a local accompanied at every step of the journey & treks by Firdaus & Sajid that made us feel really at home inspite of the relatively tense situation at Srinagar during our stay in May. Kashmir is breathtakingly beautiful. Don't listen to what the papers say ... Just go out there and enjoy the prisitine beauty and God's gift to nature. If you chose to go there, look no further than Team Rasa as they are THE BEST HomeStay experts in India.

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