Reiki Yogam Retreats

Varkala Beach Kerala & Himalayan Mountains, India

Reiki Yogam Retreats offer reiki, yoga, and Ayurveda as an intensive holistic refinement program.

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  • Jenny Sweden

    Reiki Yogam website

    I warmly recommend Reiki Grand Master Dr Aji Kumar in Munnar, South India, due to his honest, respectful and empathic approach as a teacher with a lot of warmth and humor. When you first see him, you will experience how he radiates peace and compassion. With his extensive knowledge and experience in teaching and healing according to the traditional Usui System, Aji will make sure to attune you and thereby connect you to the natural healing source. The feedback from him is great and constructive, with a wish to see you succeed as a healer.

  • Kate United States

    Reiki Yogam website

    Aji, thank you for your presence, your energy and your teaching. This was a powerful and wonderful experience. Today during the attunement session, I had beautiful vision of the chakras color illuminating up and down. Towards the end, you did something with your hands and I felt the divine mother enter me-my mooladhara chakra ahook and then I almost laughed out loud with joy. Thank you. Thanks Reiki.

  • Avigayil Israel

    Reiki Yogam website

    Amazing experience! We took the yoga and Reiki course during trekking and camping, and it was very special. The atmosphere, the energy of the nature and the top of all the teacher Aji. We had a very deep and strong experience that definitely we will cherish forever. Aji thank you very much for your ability to give so much, for be there for us and most of all who you are.

  • Eeva Greece

    Reiki Yogam website

    This Reiki course with Aji is the most beautiful and amazing practice I have ever done, after yoga. I feel full of love and peace. During the Initiation through Master Aji, I saw Buddha in a prayer poster as golden colour as me. I felt energy at top of my head like vibrating, opening or something like that. I feel like cry again for this magic gift God gives me. Thank you Master Aji you helped me so much!

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