6 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Nazare, Portugal

  • Casa Nirvana, Silver Coast, Nazare, Leiria, Oeste, Portugal

6 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Nazare, Portugal

  • Casa Nirvana, Silver Coast, Nazare, Leiria, Oeste, Portugal

Yoga Retreat Portugal

Viviane and Walter have chosen this place to share their passion for healthy eating, nature, yoga, and meditation with others. The ocean can be heard day and night and the yoga and meditation sessions take place by the pool or at the beach. Guests will also have plenty of time to explore the surrounding towns, monasteries, beaches, and the town of Fatima. In short, an intense experience to pamper yourself inside-out.


  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Extra group activities like hiking, visiting a monastery, etc.
  • Time to explore surrounding towns or beaches
  • Vegetarian breakfast or brunch and dinner
  • 5 nights accommodations
  • 6 days with instruction
  • English
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Accommodations will be in a shared room that has two or three single beds and private bathrooms.

Relax in Portugal looks to bring clients a unique yoga experience through which they can find happiness and a deeper inner balance. The brainchild of Walter and Viviane, the happily married couple has created a powerful and intimate heaven in their house where clients will relax, eat Vivianes delicious vegetarian food and work towards their physical, and mental wellness through yoga sessions and meditation.

  • Group hiking trips
  • Visit to the monastery

The Tradewinds Condominium is five kilometers from Nazar and five kilometers from San Martino do Porto. This place has a unique energy by the proximity of the ocean and the surrounding nature reserve. Located right by the ocean, this house has been chosen because of its positive energies and ideal location. While you will be able to access the garden and pool areas in the condominium, you will only be a short walk away from unspoiled sandy beaches and crystalline waters to clear your mind and take your breath away.

  • Massage
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Swimming
  • Balcony
  • Beach nearby
  • Dining area
  • Garden

Vegetarian breakfast or brunch and dinner will be served in this retreat.

  • Explore the beach
  • Take group walks
  • Swimming
  • Visits to the monastery
  • Deep tissue massage (45 EUR for 60 minutes)
  • Relaxation massage (45 EUR for 60 minutes)
  • 5 nights accommodations
  • Bed and bath linen
  • Daily yoga sessions
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Vegetarian breakfast or lunch and dinner
  • Flights and transports
  • Insurance
  • Spa treatments

Arrival by plane

The closest airport is Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS).


  • Lisbon, 120 kilometers - 65 minutes

Verified BookMeditationRetreats.com reviews

  • D
    Review by Anonymous

    Heerlijke yogavakantie

    PROS Pros: Enorm genoten! Fijne kamers en bedden. Heerlijke plek om tot rust te komen. Voortreffelijk eten. De yoga was super. Wat een warm ontvangen. Mega dank Viviane en Walter, ik heb enorm genoten!! Groeten Dorien

    Organizer response: Thanks Dorien. It always makes Viviane and myself happy to read participants had a good time and feel relaxed afterwards, full of fresh ideas. Do keep up your positive intentions (made during the retreat) throughout your busy working life. Lots of love, Walter

    2017-Sep-10 20:28:31

  • Review by Olga from Italy

    "I would highly recommend this retreat to anybody who is looking for relaxing and positive life changing experience. It is unbelievable how much transformation can happen in just 5 days. Walter is absolutely the best yoga teacher I have ever encountered after several years of searching and trying in New York, Myanmar and Rome. This experience was everything I hoped for and actually much, much more. These few days, thanks to Walter, opened my eyes, heart and senses to feel finally connected with myself and helped me to find my way back to inner peace and love that are always there no matter what happens outside. Walter's holistic approach to yoga as a way of living made me fall in love with yoga and understand how important it is to maintain a balance in everything, especially between mind and body if you want sustainable results. In my case, in those few days of retreat my very much increased flexibility, much stronger back, my increased ability to master my breathing, my mind and to accept what is beyond my control took me to a totally different level of experience of being in the now, aware and relaxed. I believe on few other occasions in my life I felt so blissfully happy, balanced and in peace with everything, including myself, as I was during and after this retreat. The beauty of the location was breathtaking with the ocean that you can see and hear day and night from the house (unless is a very foggy morning then you can only hear it :)). I have never been a morning person, normally quite lazy during my vacations, and when booking the retreat I had my doubts that I would want to attend two yoga classes a day, especially those on early mornings, or those in the evenings if I had an intense active day outside exploring the surroundings as I planned. To my amazement, I found myself awake and full of energy without alarm clock around 7-7.30 in the morning no matter how active the previous day was (including sometimes running 12-15 km up and down hilly roads, among other daily activities), and actually very much looking forward to our yoga classes with Walter both in the mornings and in the evenings. Our everyday yoga experience which I do not really want to call classes or sessions as it was much more (always fun and never boring), yoga and guided meditation on the beach in front of the powerful ocean where you can sense the energy of waves, Walter's special massage that he learned from ancient traditions in Africa and Asia, his highly personalized approach and attention, love and ability to see a whole person rather than a "student" or a "client", combined with delicious vegetarian cooking of Walter's wife, Vivian, always prepared with love, and her sense of humour, all of these made this experience very special. Thank you from my heart Walter and Vivian, you made this experience unforgettable. Me and my friend were actually sad to pack and to leave, despite an exciting weekend in Lisbon to look forward to before our final departures, as it felt like leaving a close family behind. You have a special place in my heart and I did walk away with a lot of tools and inspiration for going forward (including a bit of homework on "letting go" application in real life :)). And just to finish, several years ago in a public speaking course in NY University taken after work hours, I somehow remembered so well after all these years, just three sentences of the entire speech text chosen by one of my classmates for his final speech in front of a large audience that stayed in my mind, but I think I never fully grasped their true meaning until my experience during this retreat: "our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us". Thank you Walter and Vivian for this enlightening experience and I hope that one day I meet you again be it in Portugal, Belgium or who knows, may be somewhere else. "

    BookYogaRetreats, edited


  • Review by Elena from Sweden
    10 out of 10

    "Yoga retreat with Walter was the highlight of my summer. It is a unique experience - yoga exercises, meditation, beautiful setting in a nice house by the ocean - all blends in and I could not have asked for a better introduction to yoga. As a beginner, I was nervous initially that I will either have trouble with complex exercises or will get tired or bored. But after five days of the retreat my only regret was that it ended too soon. Walter is an amazing teacher, he makes exercises fun and adjusts his approach depending on a student. I could not believe how much I improved after such a short time and poses that seemed impossible for me, became effortless. But the retreat is so much more than just exercises. Meditation by the beautiful blue ocean, delicious vegetarian food cooked by Viviane, fun conversations in the evening - I came to the retreat exhausted after a busy work period and left it a whole new person - re-energized, relaxed and happy to have met Walter and Viviane, who taught me so much both about yoga and about being wise and facing challenges of life. Two hours classes in the morning and in the evening were so much fun that the time just flew by and the time between the classes was spend on exploring charming little towns near by or on the beach by the ocean. I cannot recommend the retreat enough! Fantastic, amazing experience and I hope to come back soon again!​ "

    Relax in Portugal website, edited

  • Review by Teresa

    "Let me tell you how honored I am with the wonderful gift that were those three days.Coming back to the city, my body was lighter and my mind more peaceful and clear. The bag also felt lighter, although there was so much more inside than what it contained on Friday! It contained what can be reminded by your attitude in life, your great generosity, and the way of being together as a couple after all that time. These make one see things in a better light!Thank you for the cleaver way of introducing yoga and the personalized sessions. That holistic approach clearly demands a lot of involvement from you. Now I'm looking for a teacher here in Brussels, knowing it will be a great luck to find one as good as you, dear Walter, but to keep in mind what you have taught me may help to fill eventual gaps. Thinking of it, yoga could even help people with fibromyalgia and I've suggested to a friend who has it to start practicing.See? You really have made one more enthusiast.From the wise advise you gave me, some of it already being put in practice. And allow me to humbly give you some as well: It seems that everything you do is done in such a thorough way; it's just amazing. Make sure that you don't do more than what is humanly possible.Thank you very specially for that one and half hour experience that should have a different name than massage, because there is so much more to it. I'm still wondering about the chakra associated to the music; suppose it's the green one.And dear Viviane, thank you for the fine cooking which proved that vegetarian can be delicious, and for the wonderful hospitality too. Of course, all these are elements of the one same thing, and maybe the best way to thank you will be to develop what you made me start (which I intend to do), but I want to show that I've greatly appreciated each and all of them. Oh my, this sounds so formal.And you my dear friends, I hope we'll meet soon as well. In the meantime, I wish you all the very best, courage to deal with the old parents and many joys with the children.And if a problem comes on the way, remember, no one is expecting the Spanish inquisition."

    Relax in Portugal website, edited

Nazaré, Portugal

Relax in Portugal offers peaceful houses for self healing and relaxation.

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