Ibiza, Spain

Retreatmysoul offers a week of fun on Ibiza using Jivamukti Yoga, chi gong, meditation, and nutritionally balanced organic food for great energy & health.

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    • Alison Colville


      What a beautiful bunch of people! From the minute I arrived I felt relaxed and welcome, the guys running the retreat were approachable, accommodating and very much part of the retreat with the rest of us which really gave it a personal edge too. Andrea the yoga teacher was wonderful, she inspired me in the theory of yoga, chanting and meditation and pushed me (and my body) to push through all my self-imposed limits and I did things I never dreamed I would do in just a week! There was plenty on offer to chose what you wanted to be involved with and adapted to the weather (unfortunately it rained all week but it really didn't matter in the end). We ran at sunrise, then did some meditation or chi gong, then morning 2/3 hour jivamukti yoga, then free time for a few hours before a more relaxing yoga session in the evening.The food was all vegan and BEAUTIFUL! The girls (and sometimes guys) in the kitchen were amazing, inspiring and tasty recipes for all meals, something new on offer every day and plenty of juices and protein balls to keep you snack happy! Location - well just d.r.e.a.m.y. I've never been to Ibiza and what a beautiful, spiritual, calming island it is. An amazing way of life and attitude out there, and perfect to host a yoga retreat. The villa we stayed in was 20 meters from the beach with the most beautiful view from the back garden which took my breath away. To hear the waves crashing whilst

      doing a morning yoga session/meditation/chi gong was so grounding and peaceful. A lovely pool and sunbathing area (for the one day of sunshine ha!) and a huge dining table for outdoor dining (weather permitting). I made friends for life on this trip and it has completely revived me and launched me forwards, giving me confidence in all areas of my life. I am bursting with inspiration, love and positivity and can't wait until I can go back! If you haven't guessed it, I would highly recommend this retreat.

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    • Paige Shewan

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      In just one week, Retreatmysoul has given me back my balance, strength, and motivation for life! I went on the retreat to relax and unwind which I most certainly did, but I got more than what I expected - new friends, new life experiences, and a whole new love for the world of mind body and soul! Massive thank you to the wonderful team!

    • Hannah Peaty

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      Such an amazing experience with some beautiful people! Converted yogi.

    • Tanya Gilligan

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      Absolutely BRILLIANT week at Retreatmysoul. Fantastic teaching on all levels, incredible food and education, plus immense fun. I can't wait to sign up for the next one!

    • Kathy Parsons Canada

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      I'm a bit of a retreat addict. I've been on over 20 retreats all over the world, and I've even led my own in Cuba. I have to say, this retreat was AMAZING! Top notch.

      The people, the place, the yoga, the food, the people... did I say that already?

      There are many beautiful places around the world, but what makes a retreat so special (in my humble opinion anyway), is the atmosphere and how it makes you feel. Your vibe attracts your tribe as they say. The Retreatmysoul team attracted the best retreat group I have ever had the pleasure to meet! Every single person had something to offer and teach someone else, and not to mention the laughs...oh the laughs!

      Thank you to the incredible teachers, Danny, Adam, and Andrea, the exceptional chef, Lisa Strong, and her hilarious side-kick (Gemma), the expert masseuse Rachel, and the talented and unassuming photographer Steve.

      Andrea's yoga teaching has inspired me in so many ways, and I've finally found a place in Toronto where I can practice Jivamukti (although, it's really not the same without Andrea's energy and sense of humour, and Ibiza's beautiful sky and sea). I've also tracked down a place to practice QiGong (thank you Danny!).

      My only sadness is that I am so far away from my new friends and like-minded souls! But, I know I'll see you all again at another Retreatmysoul adventure in the future. Or, perhaps when you visit Toronto (between the months of May - September would be advisable).

      In summary, it was worth the 15 hour journey to Ibiza. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    • Jan Wyles

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      Well I'm a complete addict to yoga now, and that is all thanks to this retreat. It was a great mixture of challenging yoga practice, complemented with options for other sport or relaxation activities. The food was fantastic and the whole ethos of the retreat was very relaxed. I really enjoyed the trips out watching sunset at Es Vedra and on the beach with the hippy drummers which gave a nice variation to the week. Thanks to Andrea for being an inspirational teacher with wonderful energy and to Adam for creating a relaxed and happy vibe.

    • Paul Masterson

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      Me and my wife started yoga 6 weeks before this retreat and had never meditated and at 50 years of age were both apprehensive to say the least. We shouldn't have been since it was the most amazing week we both have ever experienced. The accommodation was absolutely spot on in a great location, the food by Lisa was amazing, so the environment was set. It was down to the people and this is where it got special.

      The teaching of yoga by Andrea was as Rob said - world class. We had two yoga teachers in the group who were left in awe of her. Adam and Danny were great personalities and equally knowledgeable at their skills from meditation to boxing for those who fancied a blast. It's fair to say your vibe attracts your tribe and Retreatmysouls vibe attracted the most amazing diverse and dynamic tribe I have had the pleasure to spend time with, so I don't overstate it when I say one of the best weeks of our lives.

    • Catherine Masterson

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      I signed up for the yoga retreat rather apprehensively as i had not done a lot of yoga. It was the best thing I have ever done. The meditation food and yoga were better than I could have imagined. The group, all 23 of us, bonded literally immediately. It was the most interesting group of people I have met. It didn't matter what level you were at. Andrea, the yoga teacher, injected enthusiasm and knowledge at the highest level. Lisa did the most amazing food each day and turned up with her lovely smile. Rachel did the most amazing full body massages and Adam and Dan, you are truly amazing wonderful lads. You organized the best retreat including all the trips you arranged for us. I will definitely sign up again. Good luck to you all.

    • Rob Harcout

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      I signed up for May's Retreatmysoul in Ibiza after seeing the post on Facebook. I’d never been on a break of this nature and I couldn’t have imagined what such an incredible experience I was about to encounter. The organization by the team was fantastic and to meet 23 people all on the same vibe was the absolute highlight of my week, the magical trips to Benirras beach, and Es Vedra were the perfect places to enhance the energy in our group to even higher levels.

      Having never practiced Jivamukti before, Andrea was the perfect teacher to lead us as a group, 8 a.m. meditation with Adam was a beautiful way to lead into yoga and the feeling I had on the first morning after we’d warmed up and the music started (Moby - Almost Home) will stay with my forever. I couldn’t stop smiling

      I embraced the vegetarian diet and I have to say Lisa Strong’s food was out of this world. It gave me the fuel required to practice and exercise all week, especially the raw food porridge we ate every morning brunch.

      Post retreat I left feeling totally energized with an amazing group of new friends to take forward in life. Oh, and a total Jivamukti convert. Thanks to the awesome retreatmysoul team. I’ll be seeing you on the next one in September!

    • Rachel Owen

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      When I signed myself up for this retreat, I wasn't too sure what to expect! I can honestly say it has changed the way I view yoga as I previously never found time for it in my routine. Andrea, Danny, and Adam are the most amazing teachers who help all levels to push themselves further whether it be beginner (me!) or advanced. It didn't matter, everyone got the same help and attention. We also practiced Qigong, which I have never done before and enjoyed immensely! The retreat has been an enlightenment for me and I cannot recommend it enough, especially if you are stressed out all of the time. This practice perfectly balances with the other training I do. I now have my yin and yang! I won't hesitate to sign up for the next one and neither should you. Just do it for yourself!

    • Elinor Evans

      Retreatmysoul Facebook page

      Attended the May 2015 retreat in Ibiza and had a fantastic time. The Retreatmysoul team are all truly amazing people and each person in the team ensured that all of the guests got the most out of their time in this special place - whatever they came for. We practiced, yoga, meditation, chi gong, swimming, boxing, circuit training, running and still had plenty of time to explore some tourist sites, get to know each other, have a bit of R&R, dance, party, sing and laugh a lot. The quality of instruction was world class, the food was incredible, the villa was beautiful and the location was magical. If you're hesitating about booking onto this retreat, don't. Just do it. You'll love it.

    • Barbara Hastings-Asatourian United Kingdom

      Yogatrail website

      Andrea's Jivamukti classes in Chorlton are vibrant, exciting, and exhilarating. At the end of her classes, I get a feeling of peace inside which remains a mystery. I feel a great sense of achievement and yet utterly calm at the same time. A great inspirational teacher and provider of opportunities to be with other great teachers too.

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