Road Junky Retreats

Sahara, Morocco

Road Junky Retreat runs meditation and yoga retreats with camping in the sand dunes, storytelling, and music at night in the Sahara Desert, Morocco.

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  • Samdani Shaik United States

    Road Junky Retreat Website

    By the end of this retreat, I had the feeling that everyone was deeply connected with me. The amount of love and caring we shared for a week is something I never experienced before. I now consider the people from retreat as part of my family, and I am sure to reconnect and rekindle our love for each other when we meet next time somewhere on this planet.

  • Angela Briggs United Kingdom

    Road Junky Retreat Website

    I am here with my heart tribe, I thought. I reflected on how far I have travelled in my own personal process and was overwhelmed that I could be part of a warm and loving group of people, a fully fledged heart tribe member I was Am! I have wondered how such a group found its way into one anothers company. Tommy, who organised the retreat, has a radiant heart. Its openness glowed out from him in a way I have never experienced in a human. I wonder if the radiance from his heart acted as a lighthouse welcoming all the other little open hearts onto its island where we were welcomed with love and laughter..

  • Suzanne Dalgleish United Kingdom

    Road Junky Retreat Website

    In the evenings, we sat around the camp fire, sharing stories and poetry, discussing our reality, singing and dancing, sleeping under the full moon. We would climb one of the largest dunes for sunset and I would hang off of one side upside down, resulting in the birth of my tribe name, fruit bat. It is difficult to encapsulate the essence of the sun rising into the earth, with the moon setting into the sky, wisps of clouds like waves of an ocean below. It is for these moments that I realise why I love to travel; I yearn to enjoy all that the world has to offer.

  • Sarah Markussen Denmark

    Road Junky Retreat Website

    Silence is an abstract feeling. I am sitting here on a sand dune all alone, somewhere outside time and space, with no connection to the outside world, there is only here and now. Its a magical feeling to be in contact with nature, on natures principles. Accepting the silence and the emptiness and letting go of the control of life, just adapting to what is real, here and now.

  • Aoife Hegarty

    Road Junky Retreat website

    The retreat allows you the time and space to pause, reflect, be alone, be with others, reconnect, laugh, sing and marvel at nature.For anyone whos wondered what it might have been like to live in a simpler time, this Sahara retreat is for you! In addition, while unplugged from your usual life, youll experience the profound effects of an information detox. Ive been twice and Ill be back.

  • Fabrice Knecht

    Road Junky Retreat website

    Once you are ready, The Road Junky Retreat calls you, you don't have to look for it. For me, after this week daily life with job, kids, friends, house, etc continues, but this retreat taught me to look differently at these things. For a week, all unnecessary things are gone, and that feels good. No money, no advertising, no electronic, no internet, no credit cards, no phone calls, no emails, no bath, no real bed, no noise. Did not miss anything of that. And imagine what I had instead of that! But from time to time here in my daily life I really miss the feeling of not missing anything down there!;

  • James Stevens

    Road Junky Retreat website

    A very positive, spiritually in-tune, warmly-social experience. Taking our watches off for five days was definitely a very good idea! It was immensely refreshing to live purely by the sun and the moon.

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