Root 2 Rise Yoga

California, United States

Root 2 Rise Yoga hosts yoga events, retreats, and classes in the Los Angeles area and internationally.

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    • Suzanne United States

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      Michelle is intuitive and in tune with each of her student's needs. She takes the time and puts forth the effort to create a tranquil space where you can truly let go and either open up to the universe, or focus inward. She will make physical hands-on corrections as needed and help you really achieve your individual fitness goals. I highly recommend her class for beginners and advanced practitioners.

    • Jessica United States

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      Michelle is by far one of the best instructors I've ever had, period. Patient, clear in her explanations and demos, and so encouragingIf you are a beginner like me or a stand on your head super yogi, young or mature, fit or out of shape, I highly encourage you to take one of Michelle's yoga classes.

    • Holly United States

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      Great location, great yoga, great food, endless activities, and an altogether wonderful experience! I also like the fact that we learned something about the local culture too. After this trip, I now understand the definition of Pura Vida as being a life with inner peace because of acceptance and appreciation for what is, and gratitude for the experience.

    • Ann United States

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      I just returned from her retreat in Costa Rica. What a wonderful experience. Doing yoga in incredibly beautiful settings, a lovely place to stay, great activities, and generally lots of fun. I loved that she included local culture in our events, not just tourist activities. It was very well organized and everything was well thought out. I would highly recommend any of her classes or retreats. And you don't have to be a yoga star to benefit--I'm definitely not! It was comfortable and enjoyable for all levels and all ages (we had people from 26 to their 70's!).

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    • Ellen R. CA

      Root 2 Rise Yoga website

      Both locations - Santa Juana and Manuel Antonio - offered true diversity - a taste of rural mountain life and the beauty of the beaches. Your choice of lodgings at both places was also wonderful. Loved that we stayed in our own private and spacious Casitas in the mountains. Loved their large windows which offered a panoramic view of the lush jungle scenery...Our villa in Manuel Antonio was also just as good if not better than a five star hotel. Loved that we had a balcony with a stunning view of the ocean and long and wide enough to hold a yoga class...Also terrific that our villa seemed secluded, but was within walking distance of beaches, cafes, and shops. Also within a stone throw to the bus stop...The meals were also exceptional...the yoga classes are worth the price of admission in themselves.

    • Heidi G. CA

      Root 2 Rise Yoga website

      Just got back from the 2016 Costa Rica Retreat and cannot say enough good things about the experience. Michelle is an amazing woman, and I would not hesitate to travel under her guidance again. She was able to provide a warm, fun loving and educational retreat that made me feel like a part of the community we visited and not just a tourist "using" this beautiful country. I can't wait for next year as I hope to head to Guatemala with her!

    • Eddie Martinez CA

      Root 2 Rise Yoga website

      The small-town quaintness and the villa-living was fabulous. it was great having the option to swim at the villa or go down to the beach. The view was also amazing…

    • Jason B. United States

      Yelp website

      Michelle's yoga classes are awesome and all of her events are very well planned and full of fun activities.

    • June G. United States

      Yelp website

      Michelle is just so awesome. A great teacher. So understanding and caring. A class feels like a medication and an exercise in positivity, mindfulness. and being at peace with myself. I don't understand why anyone would say anything bad about her. I have been doing yoga with Michelle since 2011. Even though I'm very much a beginner, Michelle makes me feel competent and athletic, which no yoga instructor has ever done for me before! The past three years of yoga practice with Michelle has been amazing, and makes me feel like a real yoga practitioner. It's a real breakthrough since I had been doing yoga for about 15 years before that and always felt out of place and incompetent before.

    • Elena A. United States

      Yelp website

      She is amazing, a great teacher, and I love her. I highly recommend her yoga classes and I am very happy attending her class. I wish there was a place where I could go every day. I hope she arranges it soon.

    • Maddison B. United States

      Yelp website

      Fun positive teachers!

    • Bahar Veshagh United Kingdom

      Root 2 Rise Yoga website

      Costa Rica yoga retreat was one of the most enjoyable and most eventful trips of my life. It was an absolutely amazing experience for me, and I will always cherish the memories.

    • Connie Chang

      Root 2 Rise Yoga website

      Costa Rica yoga etreat was one of the most unique and memorable trips for me and my daughter. We had great yoga lessons, enjoyed beautiful places, saw funny monkeys, met great people, ate good food, and had so much fun dancing, singing and laughing. Michelle, your passion, positive energy, patience, calm and caring personality, and creativity made this trip so wonderful. You are professional, and you are the best!

    • Lillian Utsumi

      Root 2 Rise Yoga website

      Thanks for the great retreat! Yoga twice a day was fantastic, even for a newbie like me. Great people, food, and memorable experiences.

    • Jessica L. United States

      Yelp website

      Oh thank Jesus Root 2 Rise has a Yelp page because I can't hold in my excitement about how great she is! I used to take dance classes with Michelle a few years ago. She would occasionally invite me to one of her yoga classes, to which I could never attend. The past few months as I've turned over my new fitness leaf, I decided I wanted to bring yoga into my routine and finally made the time to take one of her classes. I hadn't taken a yoga class in about 10 years so I guess you could call me a pseudo-yoga-virgin.Holy moly. Whoever said yoga isn't a workout or that all you do is lay there and breath, needs to take Michelle's class today. First off, her body is sick! I kept telling myself if yoga does a body that good then I'm sold! Five minutes into my first class, I and the other black man next to me, was sweating torpedo-sized bullets! This wasn't hot yoga either, but boy we were working. Michelle specializes in Vinyasa flow combining Ashtanga and Iyengar. I'm no yogi so I am not too familiar with all the different types, but this was definitely more of a strength-building yoga. The next day, the sides of my back, shoulders, and abs were nice and sore, but in a good way. The way that made it clear I worked my body. As a newbie, I was very much able to keep up and complete the entire class, but challenging enough to thoroughly prove that yoga is a workout!Michelle is by far one of the best instructors I've ever had, period. Patient, clear in her explanations and demos, and so encouraging. I've taken a few more of her classes since and each one has been different but just as fun and challenging. Check her website for her schedule. I know she does weekly classes at LA Fitness and Total Body Women gyms, but I also think she teaches at the YMCA and a few other places. She sometimes also hosts donation-based classes at the park. If you are a beginner like me or a stand on your head super yogi, young or mature, fit or out of shape, I highly encourage you to take one of Michelle's yoga classes. Because of her, I'm motivated to continue my practice!

    • Lu Anne Tiui United States

      Root 2 Rise Yoga website

      I take Michelle's yoga classes during my lunch hour and I look forward to it every week. I always feel more centered, calm and ready to take on the rest of the day! She inspires me to take care of my body and make time for myself so that I am much more pleasant to be around.

    • Richard Valentiono United States

      Root 2 Rise Yoga website

      Our residential patients have chair yoga and a drum circle with Michelle once a month. It's rare to see some of the patients participate so willingly, like a few who do not communicate verbally, but are so engaged in playing their maraccas and instruments. She's gotten our most reserved patients to express themselves through music and body movement. She's very good at making yoga accessible to different ability levels.

    • Erika G Ascencio United States

      Root 2 Rise Yoga website

      Michelle takes the time to set a relaxing environment and provides healthy focal points for us to gain awareness of not only our body but our state of mind as well. Her style is classic and original.

    • David C. United States

      Yelp website

      I was quite impressed. First of all, Michelle Chua, of Root 2 Rise Yoga, is an amazing, sensitive, caring, nurturing, and skilled teacher. Her instruction has had a significantly positive influence on my life and my body. Michelle really tries to work with the individual in order to accommodate any physical challenges or concerns one might have. If you're on the fence about practicing yoga, I hope this will get you off the fence and into one of Michelle's classes.I highly recommend yoga to anyone who may want to try something a little different to keep yourself in good health.It's also been great for my drumming. My technique improves as I improve in my yoga practice. She's also got a Facebook page where you can get more info. I'm definitely a fan!

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