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7 Days Sacred Fire Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Murcia, Spain

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in Spain

Come, experience the joy of yoga, meditation and self-discovery surrounded by the magical beauty of untamed nature in Southern Spain. Re-connect to your body, mind, and spirit by recharging your system with Ashtanga Yoga: Asana (posture), Pranayama (breath control) and Meditation every morning; Unwind with Yin Yoga in the afternoons, plus additional Technique workshops. Join this retreat to reconnect you with your inner world so that you can make contact with the indescribable space that gives you the pure nectar of life though what the transformation can happen.

Meet the instructors

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  • Twice daily meditations
  • Morning and evening yoga sessions
  • Daily workshops on a variety of subjects
  • Yoga platform nestled into the side of the mountain & beautiful meditation log-cabin
  • 6 nights accommodation in beautiful surroundings and eco-friendly
  • Massage and other treatments available on request
  • Daily breakfasts, lunches, dinners, juices
  • Use of beautiful swimming pool

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


6 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
The maximum participants in the group is 11
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  • Spa
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)
  • Dining area
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Internet access
  • Library
  • Outdoor shower

Accommodation is provided in beautifully furnished 5-metre bell tents. Nestled amongst the lemon and orange groves, the bell tents are simple but sumptuous, with electricity and comfortable beds. Each tent can sleep up to three people. Crisp bed linen and pool towels are provided. There are solar hot and cold powered showers facilities. Internet access is available. There is a small shop on site for all those little essentials you might need.


Style of yoga to be taught

Ashtanga Yoga is a structured Vinyasa-style class. There are five Ashtanga asana (pose) series and each student masters each pose of the first series before moving onto the second series. Ashtanga Yoga came to the west through students of Sri Pattabi Jois, the creator of the method.

On this retreat during the morning practice, we are looking at a modified first series. We begin with sun salutations, continue with a series of standing and seated poses, and finish with a closing sequence. The poses are linked by a Vinyasa - the Vinyasa system works with the synchronization of deep rhythmic breathing and movement. The practice is available for everyone and the classes are taught in lead style, so the students can take steps toward learning the poses and the modified sequence during the time of the retreat. The purpose of the Ashtanga practice is purification of the body and mind. By moving powerfully, you will generate a lot of heat and everything extra - physical and mental - will have to get out the way. This practice has a strong sense of purpose and you are forced to focus and grow.

Yin yoga and Panayama will be offered for afternoon classes. The Yin classes are calm, focusing on downward and inward moving energy allowing the student to move though all the layers of self and notice the subtle energy. Yin yoga practice works on the deeper layers of our physical body creating mobility in our joints and the morning yang practice will strengthen the muscles and create flexibility.

Sample daily timetable

  • 07.30 Pranayama or morning meditation
  • 08.00 Morning yoga practice
  • 09.30 Breakfast buffet
  • 11.00 Workshop (practical/theoretical) or free time
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 15.00 Free time
  • 19.00 Evening yoga practice
  • 20.30 Meditation or Yoga Nidra
  • 21.00 Evening meal

This is a sample timetable and may be subject to change. There will be one workshop a day, it may be in the morning or afternoon. There is also the option to visit local markets on Wednesday and Sunday.

​Your Rustic Retreats Journey

This week is all about re-igniting the internal sacred fire, that is burning within each and every one of us. It is believed that the Vinyasa system that works with the synchronization of deep rhythmic breathing and movement, ignites the dormant flame of vital life energy within all of us. By linking the postures it creates a continuous flow of energy that heats up the body, bringing oxygen to the blood, nourishing the glands and internal organs, cleansing and purifying the nervous system, and releasing unwanted toxins through exhalation. This is an energetic and physical shift we will consciously make, to generate and find the heat to purify, reconnect and discover.

In the mornings we will find the structured flow, following a simple meditation. We will hold technique workshops during the afternoon, to look at specific aspects of the practice. Evenings are spent releasing the force though the practice of Yin Yoga and contemplating on the fire you discovered burning during meditation or Yoga Nidra (The Yogic Sleep) practice.

In a nutshell, you are invited to connect to yourself, as the practice of yoga is the mirror of you, the discoveries you can make are endless. We will sweat, will laugh, pour our souls out, experience the magical healer - the Nature - during long walks and share our stories of life with one-another.

Workshop 1 - The Power of the Breath

In this workshop we will learn the powerful and fiery Ujjay breath that guides us in our practice and explore the cleansing techniques of Kriyas and Bandhas. Kriyas are specific sets of exercises including breathing techniques used to cleanse and unlock energy in the body. Bandhas are energy locks in the body and when balanced and activated, they help us to hold balance in our practice and in life generally.

We will learn the Uddiyana Bandha technique and explore the Nauli Kriya (specific internal cleansing technique). These practices involve the purification of the body and have an impact on our internal body as well as activate concentration and body awareness. These are simple practices you can take with you and incorporate in your own morning routine.

Workshop 2 - “Surya Namaskar” (sun salutation) the foundation of the practice

The entire foundation of Ashtanga Yoga is based on the dynamic flow of the sun salutations. The idea of blending breath and movement into a serpentine flow is what sets this system of yoga apart.

We will explore the practice of the Surya Namaskar A and B according to the Ashtanga method, focusing on each block of movement involved in the salutation sequence. We look at aspects of strength, safety and sensations we should feel during the movement, offering alternatives and how to find a flow with application of minimal effort to get from point A to B.

Workshop 3 - Heart opening and back bending

Our body has a natural response to danger - to curl in, protecting our most vulnerable part - our heart space. Back-bends do the very opposite action, opening us up to the world. We are exposing the front and the heart and that takes courage. Back-bends can also release stored emotions, thus the back-bend practice is wonderful to release frustration, fear, joy, etc.. that is stored throughout your body.

The whole journey of yoga is a big heart opening practice - physically, emotionally, spiritually. We will move through a practice of back-bends, hip opening, and subtle core work. Exploring chest, upper back and shoulders to intelligently understand the blocks involved in a back-bend and that it is more than bending your spine.

Workshop 4 - Breathing practice

Minding the breath is central to the practice of yoga. The first thing we do when frightened is to hold our breath, however when the breath becomes even and smooth, the nervous system is purified, resulting in a calm mind and calm body.

Pranayama is seen as a simple action of inhaling and exhaling which we do all the time anyway. We will scratch further from the surface to expand the attention of the actions during inhaling - the lengthening and expanding and exhaling – grounding, steady and stillness.

We will explore 2 breath techniques that we can incorporate to our practice, Skull Shining Breath or Kapalabhati and Nadi Shodhana or Alernate Nostril Breath. It is believed to balance Ida and Pingala Nadis, to balance the right and the left channels that are dancing spirally around the spine, feeding vital energy around the most powerful energy source in your body, the Sushumna or energy channel.” The name for this nadi comes from the Sanskrit prefix su, meaning ‘good’ or ‘virtuous’ and mna, meaning ‘to think’. It is often translated as ‘joyful mind’ or ‘most gracious’ ” Yogapedia

Remember the simple act of breathing has the power to keep us alive.

Workshop 5 - Overcoming the fear of Standing: Headstand

Sirsasana or headstand is known as the king of asana, not only strengthening your whole body, but also calming the brain. Sirsasana helps to relax and strengthen the compression of certain blood vessels in the brain thereby prevent the occurrence of headaches. The pose also directs an enriched oxygenated supply of blood to the brain cells and the billions of cells receive more nourishment, thus helping to keep your brain healthy. So, it is really good for you, done in the right way.

Many of us have a fear of doing a headstand, simply just going upside down is scary! Maybe we have done it before and it didn’t feel good, also we think that putting all the weight of the body on your neck can be daunting. In this workshop we will learn the supported headstand technique, preparation exercises and alternatives or stages to a happy headstand practice.


Margot Malin
Margot is from Estonia. She was brought up walking barefoot through the forest towards the beach in the summer & jumping naked into icy rivers after a sauna during winter. Since a young age she has been expressing herself through movement of body through dance & fitness. After starting to discover the World & moving to London, she gained interest in yoga, hunting to discover something new. She travelled to Bali for the first training for Ashtanga method & Yin Yoga. She regularly travels to London, Bali, & India to learn, train & be forever curious about the wild layers of human experience.


Rustic Retreats is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Espuna Mountains, southern Spain. This beautiful site has so much to offer to so many, they have an organic vegetable garden, fresh mountain spring water, solar power throughout, a beautiful swimming pool, earth-bag dome, stunning yoga platform on the side of the mountain, hammocks, orange and lemon trees, a tailor made pinewood meditation / relaxation cabin with views across the valley, outdoor showers so you can shower under the stars, and so much more. Totally off grid, zero light pollution. Stunning surroundings, beautiful, and simple accommodation are part of the Rustic Retreats charming environment.


Stimulate all your senses whilst you absorb the bright colors, beautiful textures, tantalizing flavors, and sublime aromas of the fresh food served at Rustic Retreats. The chef will create a myriad of fresh, healthy vegetarian meals to tantalize your pallet, all using the ripest, freshest, seasonal ingredients that are locally produced either from their very own organic garden and vegetable patch or from the local market and farmers.

Varieties of fruit are growing freely on the site such as lemons, oranges, almonds, pomegranate, and carob to name but a few. All vegetarian meals are lovingly prepared by a trained chef in the outdoor kitchen and are served 'al fresco' whenever possible. All meals are included in the price. The meals have been so popular with the clients that they are looking at producing a recipe book for next season.

Example menu:

  • Start the day with a fruit smoothie or refreshing mint tea.
  • Breakfast baby spinach omelet, cereals, fruit and French toast.
  • Lunch bell pepper frittata, bean and yogurt salad, and pumpkin bread.
  • Evening meal squash and zucchini casserole with wild rice and lemon tart.


All day snack menu is available but cost is not included in the price. Alcohol is available at a small extra charge.

The following meals are included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The following dietary requirement(s) are served and/or catered for:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Whole food
  • Other dietary requirements on request
If you have special dietary requirements it's a good idea to communicate it to the organiser when making a reservation

Things to do (optional)

  • Play plenty of board games
  • Relax or read books on the hammocks, shaded terrace, and sun loungers
  • Take a dip in the swimming pool
  • Use the outdoor shower block to literally shower under the stars
  • Take a hike in the surrounding mountains
  • Contemplate life in the beautiful wooden meditation cabin

What's included

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • All meals, including daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and juice
  • Bed linen
  • Daily workshops, talks and mountain walks
  • Meditations twice daily
  • Stunning yoga platform nestled into the side of the mountain
  • Towels
  • Use of beautiful swimming pool
  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga practice twice daily

What's not included

  • Airport transfers
  • Flights
  • Alcohol and snack menu (small extra charge)

How to get there

Recommended Airports

Arrival by airplane

Fly into to Alicante, then it's a 2-hour train journey (6 EUR) through the beautiful Spanish countryside down to Totana station where Rustic Retreats will collect you.

Arrival by train

Arrive at Totana station where Rustic Retreats will collect you.

Arrival by taxi

You can get a taxi from the airport which would cost 170 EUR and upwards. Also, there are car hire options at the airport.

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Quality of activity
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7 days / 6 nights
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