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Sacred Springs Mountain Retreat

Sacred Springs Mountain Retreat offers holistic healing retreats with the combination of a spiritual retreat and alternative healing therapies.

Instructors 2

Anjay Skwira

Anjay is a spiritual life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, clarity breathwork practitioner / trainer and aquatic bodyworker with extensive training and certifications in watsu, water dance, healing dance as well as Esalen, Thai, Swedish, tantsu, self-healing, movement education, Anahata yoga. He also specializes in Integrative and Yin yoga and Taoist Chi Gong. In his 20s, Anjay had a near death experience that was his first spiritual awakening. Since then, Anjay has been traveling extensively, lived in India and Africa, and spent a lot a lot of time in various spiritual practices.

Ann West

Dr. Ann is a seasoned relationship coach, holding over 20 years of experience assisting families, couples, and individuals. Her deep desire to learn about the mind and how people think only increased as she studied clinical psychology. Along the way, she discovered a natural calling in the fields of psychology and spirituality, which culminated in her earning a Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology.Under her nurturing guidance, clients can eliminate fears, stay on track with life choices, and release the emotional trauma holding them back.

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Sacred Springs Mountain Retreat website

I arrived tired and tormented. I was looking for a relaxing, restorative, and healthy holiday but my week at Sacred Springs was so much more than that. I am deeply touched and transformed.

a traveler

Sacred Springs Mountain Retreat website

The beauty and stillness of the land are profound. With the support of the staff, I found it relatively easy to drop my personality and bask in the hub and hum of existence. I know I will never go back to being who I thought I was.