Sajeeva Yoga School

Surat Thani, Thailand

Sajeeva Yoga School focuses on progressive methodology for exercises and lifestyle choices, guiding people to discover their own freedom and well-being, being alive to their fullest with yoga

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  • Maro Ver

    Yoga Trail

    I’ve learnt so much about yoga philosophy, anatomy, adjustments as well as deepening my personal practice both mentally and physically. Particularly the one week anatomy lessons made by professional helped me to understand better the body system and improve my adjustments. I would absolutely recommend the YTT for someone that would like to have an overview on several yoga topics and not only in practice.

  • a traveler

    Yoga Trail

    I have done Sa jeeva Yoga first inviting yoga teacher training course 200 hours 27 Feb to 25 March at Myanmar. George is really amazing teacher many experience and many techniques.

  • Lim Siew Mei

    YogaTrail website

    I really had a great and enjoyable time attending your workshop. Excellent environment and atmosphere for a yoga retreat to improve my technique and posture. Hopefully, with more practice, I will make it perfect for better balancing. Lastly, thank you for your patience, George, cheers!

  • Cœlia Pelletier

    YogaTrail website

    I have done my YTT 200h, and a handstand workshop with George. Other than becoming my friend, George is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience. Thanks to him my practice has improved so much. He demonstrated many techniques, explained the reasons of why doing such movements, some theory, some philosophy as well. He is always present to answer questions, with a big smile on his face. I am so grateful for having worked with him, and I can only recommend his skills !

  • Debbie Bird

    YogaTrail website

    George was a part of the teaching team at Vikasa Koh Samui during my 200hrs YTT. I have been fortunate enough to experience him leading classes and assisting with alignment. If my schedule allowed, I wouldn't hesitate to book a private lesson. George is a very talented practitioner who demonstrates and inspires. He is very clear and logical with his sequencing, building a class in such a way that you find yourself improving and going deeper into a pose with each practice. He has also great understanding on spirituality and the philosophy of yoga. I have improved in leaps and bounds in the short time I've spent in his classes. Thank you!

  • Paola Grechi

    YogaTrail website

    I followed George into his yoga classes and he's a very careful and sensitive teacher. For me, a non-native English speaker, was very easy to follow him and deepen my yoga study with enthusiasm, thanks to his clear and detailed teachings. Heartfelt thanks, George.

  • Morgan B

    YogaTrail website

    Very good teacher, his classes are credible and he´s committed to student's growth.

  • Lily Brett

    YogaTrail website

    I have had some private yoga classes with George. He was very patience even though I joked around sometimes. I almost bang my head many times, but it was so much fun and for sure I will come back there sometimes in the future. He is really experienced, professional, truly-truly a nice and friendly person, he is one of my favorites. I would love to learn yoga with him again one day.

  • George Anthony

    YogaTrail website

    Thanks Lily! I just wanted everyone reading that Lily had "almost banged her head" because she took AcroYoga private classes! Inherently, a bit of risk involved, but we had seven fun sessions together without any notable incident or head banging!

  • André Malz

    YogaTrail website

    George is passionate about yoga and his classes are truly an amazing experience, one that has become integral to my practice. I am finally able to push myself harder in his classes through my body breath, my mind supersede my limitations. George´s classes are well thought out, clearly delivered, dynamic, and interesting. He has so much knowledge to share and I am so thankful to deepen my practice with him. I enjoyed every single class with him and I hope to meet him again one day!

  • Heiko Ranger

    YogaTrail website

    I had classes with teachers in many parts of the world. Some good, some not so good, but all different. When I met George in Koh Samui during a week of yoga retreat, I was immediately hooked! Best teacher I ever had. Funny, great in explaining, and demonstrating. Watching him do poses just leaves me breathless and shows what one can do with the body. I was so amazed after that week that I returned again half a year later, which was equally good and won't have been the last time!

  • Yee Chuan Tok

    YogaTrail website

    I have the chance to have George in group and private classes. George is a highly experienced yoga teacher. He transfers his knowledge with great confidence and presence. His class is always very inspiring. He has a big heart and he is a great person.

  • Vananh Vu Vietnam

    YogaTrail website

    George is one of our fantastic teachers at Vikasa YTT in last year. His alignment and adjustment was amazing! My asana improved a lot after the month. George is so inspirational just by being simple and sharing. Last but not least, i adore his flexibility, being able to bend and twist himself incredibly in any directions.

  • Alexandre Afonso Thailand

    YogaTrail website

    I have the privilege to have classes with George every week and he's one of my favorites. He is very calm and relaxed when giving instructions. He makes the students laugh, keep very good energy, and spirit during the practice. He also has a nice website (Sajeeva Yoga School) with good information, tutorials, poses, and events about yoga. I'm very grateful to know him and receive his knowledge. Namaste.

  • Alison China

    YogaTrail website

    I attended three of George's classes at the beautiful Vikasa retreat in Koh Samui. The first class of his that I attended was singing bowls. I went along due to my interest in musical meditation but as George started speaking, I was blown away. I knew right then that I would be waking up early the next day for his yoga class! George is, simply put, an inspirational teacher. He really helped me to focus on self-awareness and the importance of leading a connected, positive, and mindful life. He connected all of this to our yoga practice. I felt confident to challenge myself more and was so proud of my achievements. Thank you, George! Anyone would be incredibly fortunate to attend a class with you!

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